The record of deaths were taken from microfilm and the books of papers,
THE TRIMBLE DEMOCRAT for the years 1980 through 1989.

Everything enclosed in ( parentheses ) was added from another source, burial records, TRIMBLE COUNTY KENTUCKY CEMETERIES, some reference to 1870 census of Trimble County, and some from family research. All notes were added by and not contained in the obituary. Permission to use at the Trimble County Kentucky Genealogy site from the Trimble County Historical Society, Trimble County, Kentucky. I would like to thank them for making this resource available.

NATION, John Thomas, stillborn, 5 Jun 1989, bur. IOOF Bedford. Survived by parents John Allen and Millicent Nation, LaGrange, KY, grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Robert Harmon, John Nation and Sandra Nation, great grandmother Evelyn Harmon.

NEAL, Mary Elizabeth, 82, Florida died 30 Sep 1988, bur. Moffett Cem. Survived by dau Mrs. Mary Jo Essex, son William Neal. Preceded by husband BARNEY NEAL in 1976 and 1 son B. G. Neal.

NEBLETT, Elizabeth, 73, Bedford died 12 Sep 1980, bur. Turners Station. (Born Henry Co. 14 Feb 1907 d/o Frank and Artie Perry Hopkins.) Survived by 1 dau. Mrs. Dorothy Cropper, 1 bro. B. F. Hopkins. Preceded by husband SANFORD NEBLETT.

NEHER, Beulah, (ca 78), Wayne, Mich. died 19 Apr 1982, bur. Westland, Mich. Born Trimble Co. d/o Nathenial and Pearl (Colbert) Ball. She was the eldest of 7 children Survived by husband, GERALD NEHER, son Jerry Neher, 2 step-sons Dick and Ronnie Neher, 3 sis. Ruby Baker; Gladys Dein and Jewell Mills, 3 bro. Joe; Herman and Rhea Ball.

NEWBY, Bobby Gene, 56, Bedford died 21 Mar 1989, bur. IOOF Bedford. Veteran of U.S. Air Force serving in Korea. Born Trimble Co. 3 Jul 1932. Survived by wife CHARLOTTE "Sis" NEWBY, 2 sons Johnny and Joey Newby, 2 dau. Janeen Wise and Martha Stockdale, bro. Wilford B. Newby, 3 sis. Lucille McManis; Wanda Jo Tharp and Judy Bishop. Preceded by parents Joseph Benjamin and Pearl Alexander Newby, 1 sis. Pauline Watkins.

NEWBY, Lee Roy "Mike," 74, Bedford died 30 Jan 1988, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Trimble Co. 16 Feb 1913 s/o Henry and Lillian Stanley Newby.) Survived by 3 sons Roy Lee; Henry and Will Newby, 1 dau. Anna Maria Whitaker, 2 sis. Lena Roberts and Hallie Savage.

NEWBY, Pearl A., 83, Milton died 29 Nov 1986, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Trimble Co. 11 Apr 1903 d/o Marcus D. and Flora Harmon Alexander.) Survived by 2 sons Bob and Wilford Newby, 4 dau. Mrs. Lucille McManis; Mrs. Wanda Jo Teague; Mrs. Pauline Watkins and Mrs. Judy Bishop. Preceded by husband JOE B. NEWBY.

NORVELLE, Lee, 91, Bloomington, IN died 14 Mar 1984, bur. Rose Hill Cem. W.W.I veteran, a former Indiana University Professor. Born Pendleton, KY 25 Jul 1892 s/o Henry and Lou Norville. Preceded by wife DEBORAH W. NORVELLE. Note: Correction, Roy Lee Norvelle's mother was Nettie Wheeler Norvell. Married 9 Sep 1891. Roy Lee was born on Sweetwater in Trimble Co.

NUTGRASS, Jeanette Frances, 74, died 1 Mar 1984, bur. Moffett Com. (Born Trimble Co. 4 May 1909 d/o Lawrence and Ida Fisher Ward.) Survived by 3 sons William Henry; Larry Louis and James D. Nutgrass, 4 dau. Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Larsen; Mrs. Ruthy Mae Alexander; Mrs. Janet Lynn Rogers and Mrs. Peggy Ann Larsen, 3 bro. Olynn; William and Norman Ward. Preceded by husband SAMUEL HENRY NUTGRASS.

NUTGRASS, Sam, 78, Campbellsburg, KY died 12 Jan 1980, bur. Moffett Cem. (Born Spencer Co., KY 8 May 1901 s/o Alonzo and Mammie Greer Nutgrass.) Survived by wife FRANCES WARD NUTGRASS, dau. Peggy Larsen; Mary Elizabeth Larsen; Ruth Alexander and Janet Rogers, sons James; Larry and William Nutgrass, bro. Charles; Walter; A. D. and Clinton Nutgrass. Preceded by 1 dau, 2 infants and 2 sis.

O'NEAL, Brenda Lou, 41, Shepherdsville, KY died 22 Aug 1989, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Trimble Co. 18 Oct 1947.) Survived by mother Mrs. Ruby (Williams) O'Neal, 4 bro. Dale; Frankie; Darrell and Larry O'Neal, 5 sis. Mrs. Mona Rose; Mrs. Arline Gullion; Mrs. Eula B. Clem; Mrs. Nancy Anderson and Mrs. Frances Smith. Preceded by father Raymond O'Neal.

OAKLEY, Vincent Wilbur "Pete," 67, Milton died 25 Feb 1983, bur.Moffett Cem. President of Wood and Oakley Funeral Home, Coroner of Trimble Co. for 18 years. (Born Trimble Co. 28 Feb 1916 s/o Shelby E. and Mary Elizabeth Rowlett Oakley.) Survived by wife WILMA OAKLEY, 1 son Donnie Oakley, dau. Nancy Oakley, sis. Doris Willis.

OBERTATE, Anna, 77, Milton died 17 Jan 1981, bur. Lutheran Cem. (Born 29 May 1903.) d/o Fred and Lena Niehouse Scholey both Born in Germany. Survived by 2 sis. Mrs. Clara Walkenhorst and Mrs. Mary Pulliam. Preceded by husband WILLIAM OBERTATE in 1957, 3 sis, 3 bro.

OGDEN, Mildred, 80, Milton died 20 Dec 1985, bur. Moffett Cem. (Born 27 Jan 1905 d/o Will and Jesse Trout Moreland.) Survived by dau. Mrs. Marilyn Waltz, 1 son Jon Allen Ogden, 1 bro. J. W. Moreland. Preceded by husband KENNETH OGDEN and 1 bro.

OGDEN, Oscar W., 92, Madison, IN died 21 Mar 1980, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Trimble Co. 27 Feb 1888 s/o Joseph and Jenny Wood Ogden.) Survived by son Emmett Ogden, 1 dau. Mrs. Elizabeth Worthington. Preceded by wife (ADDIE HUDSON OGDEN, who died 1971 ) and 1 bro.

OLSEN, Dora Powell, 71, Bedford died 17 Aug 1988, bur. ___________. Native of Estill Co., KY d/o late Robert B. and Bettie Abner Powell. She was a former resident of LaGrange and Louisville. Survived by husband RALPH OLSEN of Bedford, 4 dau. Mrs. Ralph (Betty) Rogers; Mrs. Don (Marilyn) Gray; Mrs. Robert (Charlotte) Newby and Mrs. Geneva Edge, 3 sons Robert C.; Gene and Jimmy Riddle. 2 sis. Mrs. Edgar (Ethel) Powell and Mrs. J.C. (Inez) Bruce, bro. R.S. Powell. Preceded by 2 sis. Mrs. Alpha Puckett and Mrs. Helen Dankhoff, 1 bro. Baskam Powell.

OWEN, Paul, 72, Carmel, IN died 13 May 1980, bur. there. Mr. Owen left Milton about 50 years ago. Survived by wife IRENE OWEN, 1 dau. Dora Wainwright, 1 son Neal Owen, 1 bro. Vincent Owen, 2 sis. Erma Kruse and Ada Averitt. (s/o George and Dora Sigman Owen.)

PARDO, William Lyle, 79, Lexington, KY died 19 Jul 1984, bur. there. Native of Trimble Co. Surv--ived by wife PANSY ISHMAEL PARDO, married over 60 years, 2 dau. Betty Dorsey and Lyle Lee Humphries, half-bro. Charles Pardo, 3 half-sis. Ada Fern Pulliam; Lillian Hackett and Della Mae Conner. Preceded by parents William and Minnie Rowlett Pardo.

PARKER, Wanda Gertrude, 56, Milton died 27 Jun 1983, bur. Moffett Cem. (Born 17 Aug 1926 d/o Arthur and Anna Mae Pruitt Burdine.) Survived by husband TOM PARKER, 1 dau. Mrs. Brenda Dean, 1 son Robert Parker, 2 sis. Mrs. Lillian Parker and Mrs. Dean Kimberlin, 2 bro. Gary and James Burdine. Preceded by parents.

PAYTON, Jack Samuel, 63, died 15 Jun 1988, bur. IOOF Bedford. W.W.II veteran, native of Bedford. Survived by wife ELEANOR PARKS PAYTON, 2 dau. Connie Calver and Audre Higdon, 3 sons Ronnie; David and Wayne Payton, 6 bro. Lawrence; James; Isaac; Harold; Carroll and Oldham Payton.

PAYTON, Lula Pearl, 60, Louisville, KY died 8 Aug 1980, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Henry Co. 26 May 1920 d/o William and Lucille Hundley Bassett.) Survived by husband LAWRENCE PAYTON, her mother, 2 dau. Mrs. Helen A. Hensley and Mrs. Norma P. Payton, 1 bro. Edgar Bassett, 4 sis. Mrs. Lorene Cox; Mrs. Dorothy Zeck; Mrs. Mattie DeMarco and Mrs. Edith Hunter.

PEAK, Bart N., 87, Orlando, FL died 27 Feb 1981, bur. Lexington, KY. Native of Trimble Co. s/o George W. Peak (and Mary A. Bartlett Peak.) Mr. Peak served as Fayette county Judge from 1958 - 1966. Survived by son Bart N. Peak, Jr. and dau. Ruth Holbrook.

PEAK, Miss Margaret Ann, 94, Alexandra, VA died 4 Jan 1985, bur. IOOF Bedford. Native of Bedford. (d/o George W. and Mary A. Bartlett Peak.) Survived by sis. Mrs. Birdie Peak Hudson.

PEAK, Ruth, 61, Bedford died 29 Feb 1988, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Trimble Co. 8 Aug 1926 d/o Flournoy and Nettie Mae Andrew Callis.) Survived by husband CARROLL V. PEAK, 2 dau. Carroll Ann Key and Pattie Ritchie, 1 bro. James Callis, 1 sis. Lorraine Burrows.

PECAR, Gilbert Allen, 84, Bell Air, Mich. died 18 Sep 1980, bur. Detroit, Mich. Native of Trimble Co. Born (13 Feb 1897) and reared in Milton, resided of Detroit the past 67 years. Son of George Christopher and Lillian Mae Neal Pecar. Survived by wife HELEN HABARTH PECAR, 4 sons Allen; George; Joe and James Pecar, 1 dau. Ethel Cenkner, 2 sis. Mrs. Harold (Marguerite) Bray and Mrs. Ora (Naomi) Jones. Preceded by his parents and 2 bro. Julian and Robert. 26 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren.

PECAR, Tom Joe, 72, Lancaster, IN died 17 Sep 1984, bur. Moffett Cem. W.W.II Navy veteran, formerly of Trimble Co. (Born 16 Mar 1912 s/o Henry and Leota Lockridge Pecar.) Survived by sis. Mrs. Dorothy Weddle, 1 son William Pecar, 2 half-bro. Milton and Kenneth Pecar, 2 cousins Mrs. Marguerite Bray and Mrs. Naomi Jones.

PENDLETON, Susie, 92, died 7 May 1983, bur. Moffett Cem. Native of Trimble Co. Survived by 1 dau. Mrs. Sue Dobson, 2 sons Louis and Jack Pendleton. Preceded by husband REN PENDLETON, 1 son, 2 bro. and 3 sis.

PENICK, Elmer B., 72, LaGrange, KY died 15 Apr 1984, bur. Sulphur Cem. Native of Grant Co., KY. Survived by wife KATHERINE DANNER PENICK, dau. Mrs. Mary Quidachay, sis. Mrs. Anna McCane, 4 bro. Robert; Woodrow; James William and Willard R. Penick.

PENICK, James William, 66, Sulphur, KY died 2 May 1989, bur. Port Royal Cem. Survived by wife JANE HAWKINS PENICK, 5 dau. Joy Schara; Gloria Jean Wilson; Jennie; Debbie and Tina Penick, 3 bro. Robert; Woodrow and Willard Penick, 1 sis. Mrs. Anna McCane.

PERKINSON, Chester Emma, 88, Bedford died 19 Mar 1980, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Trimble Co. 16 Aug 1892 d/o James and Josie Hackney Boatwright.) Survived by husband JESSE PERKINSON, 1 dau-in-law Mrs. Helena Eckerty, 1 grandson Glenn Perkinson.

PERKINSON, Claude Lamar, 67, Bedford died 9 Jun 1983, bur. IOOF Bedford. W.W.II veteran, born Trimble Co. (1 Jan 1915 s/o Clellan and Lelah Craig Perkinson.) Survived by mother Mrs. Lelah Martin, 4 bro. Billy Joe; Maurice; Leonard and Graham Perkinson, 6 sis. Mrs. Helen Moss; Mrs. Alma Hakeslof; Mrs. Martha Khrone; Mrs. Gail Mahoney; Mrs. Orena Tingle and Mrs. Thelma Jean Kelley, 2 half-sis. Mrs. Dorothy Dean and Mrs. Gloria Schwab Preceded by father and 1 bro.

PERKINSON, Heseki, 84, Milton died 17 Feb 1985, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born 16 May 1902 s/o Silas and Dora Chandler Perkinson.) Survived by sis. Mrs. Claudine Scales, 1 bro. O. D. Perkinson. Preceded by 3 sis. and 4 bro.

PERKINSON, Jesse Chancelor, 88, Bowling Green, KY died 28 Dec 1980, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Trimble Co. 2/16 Aug 1892 s/o Levi and Lucy Ellen Fisher Perkinson.) He operated a restaurant on Main Street in Bedford as long as his health permitted. Survived by grandson Glen Perkinson. Preceded by wife CHESTER EMMA BOATWRIGHT PERKINSON. Note birthdate is 2 Aug on stone and 16 on funeral record.

PERKINSON, Mary O., 83, Muncie, IN died 31 Mar 1986, bur. IOOF Bedford. Born and reared in Trimble Co. (d/o Oliver F. and Laura Perkinson.) Survived by 1 sis-in-law Mrs. Gladys Perkinson of MO, 4 nieces Martha Hill; Mary Blanche Martin; Laura Hrinson and Nancy Berthold, 1 nephew Dale Perkinson.

PERKINSON, Mildred G., 99, Bedford died 26 Dec 1987, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born 6 May 1888 d/o Frank F. and Amanda Hackney Gatewood.) Survived by dau. Mrs. Goldie Bell Staples, 1 son Suter Lee Perkinson. Preceded by 2 sis. and 3 bro.

PERKINSON, O. D., (ca 83) died 5 Aug 1987, bur. New Castle, KY. Native of Trimble Co. (s/o Silas and Dora Lee Chandler Perkinson.) Survived by wife MELLIE MATHERLY PERKINSON, 1 son M. (Maurice) L. Perkinson, 1 sis. Mrs. Doris Scales (Claudine D. Scales.) Note: Ova D. 1st married ELIZABETH POWERS, who died Mar 1951.

PERKINSON, Warda, 83, Bedford died 6 Jan 1983, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born 28 Feb 1899 s/o Silas and Dora Perkinson.) Survived by wife MARY CHANDLER PERKINSON, 1 son John Perkinson, 3 bro. Ira; Heseki and Ova Perkinson. Preceded by 3 sis. and 2 bro.

PERRY, Forest, 68, Campbellsburg, KY died 29 Sep 1980, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Trimble Co. 11 Mar 1912 s/o Salathel Nadieth and Mary Sue Arrington Perry.) Survived by wife MARY PERRY, 3 sons Forest, Jr.; James and Richard "Dicky" Perry, 1 dau. Mrs. Jerry (Linda) Ginn, 1 step-son Bobby Tingle, 1 sis. Nora Dean.

PERRY, Oliver, 89, Milton died 6 Mar 1980, bur. Moffett Cem. W.W.I veteran, (born 30 Jan 1891 s/o Daniel and Kathryn Perry.) Survived by 6 sons and 4 dau. Names not given. Preceded by 4 sis. and 3 bro.

PERRY, Truman W., 82, Bedford died 18 Dec 1986, bur. IOOF Bedford. Born 22 Mar 1904 s/o William Henry and Mary Taylor Perry. Data from funeral record.

PERSELL, Henrietta Ellen, 79, died 28 Aug 1988, bur. Paris, KY. Born Trimble Co. (3 Jul 1909) d/o late H. Lester and Ida Mahuron Wright. She served as Deputy Clerk in Trimble Co. from 1927 - 1941. Survived by bro. H. L. "Leck" Wright. (Preceded by 2 sis. Nanilee Campbell and Martha Kennett.)

PERSELL, Maggie, 86, Milton died 7 Jan 1984, bur. Moffett Cem. (Born Trimble Co. 19 Jul 1897 d/o Charles and Eliza Preston McCord.) Survived by dau. Miss Goldie Persell, 1 son Gayle Persell, 1 sis. Mrs. Bulah Garrett, 1 bro. Sam McCord. Preceded by husband OTIS PERSELL, 1 son, 1 dau., 1 bro. and 1 sis.

PETTIT, Holman H., 66, Calvert City, KY died 4 Jun 1987, bur. IOOF Bedford. W.W.II veteran, (born Trimble Co. 27 Sep 1920 s/o James and Ora Dunlap Pettit.) Survived by 3 bro. Bradford; Calvert and Charles H. Pettit, 1 sis. Jo Ann Bell.

PIERCE, Gretchen Greenwood, 92, died 3 Mar 1989, bur. IOOF Bedford. Native of Trimble Co. (Born 24 Apr 1896 d/o John Dudley and Dorcas Mitchell Greenwood.) Survived by several nieces and nephews. Preceded by husband TONY PIERCE, in 1965, 6 bro. and 1 sis.

PICARD, AGNES EMILY, 70, R.# 5 Madison, IN died Tuesday 5 Sep 1989. Born in Madison, 4 Sep 1919, reared in Palmyra community of Trimble Co. d/o Charles Robert and Elta Jane Denton Law. Survived by 2 daughters, Jane and Jean Picard, 2 sons, James E. and Charles R. Picard. 1 brother, Robert C. Law.

PINNELL, Helen, 72, died 18 Apr 1983, bur. Moffett Cem. (Born 4 Mar 1911 d/o Ovie and Cordie Suddith Pinnell.) Survived by sis. Mrs. Lillian Andrew. Preceded by parents.

PITMAN, Mary Elizabeth, 94, Indianapolis, IN died 17 Nov 1989, bur. IOOF Carrollton. (Born Trimble Co. 21 Jul 1895 d/o David and Sarah Hopkins Newby.) Survived by 2 sons Lyndon and Claude "Tommy" Sturgeon, 2 dau. Mary Schon and Wanda Henn.

POE, Ethel E., 63, Bedford died 1 Jun 1987, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born 6 Sep 1923 d/o Joseph and Della Underwood Whitaker.) Survived by 1 dau. Mrs. Patsy Adair, 1 son Tony Poe, 2 sis. Mrs. Rosie Roberts and Mrs. Goldie Johnson. Preceded by 2 sis. and 2 bro.

POE, John Albert, 67, Bedford died 25 May 1985, bur. IOOF Bedford. W.W.II veteran, (born Ohio 28 Sep 1917 s/o William Poe.) Survived by mother Margaret Wise Humphrey, son George "Tony" Poe, 2 dau. Patsy Adair and Shirley Stringfield, 2 sis. Goldie Murphy and Connie Hart.

POE, Leonard, 67, Bedford died 9 Jul 1989, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Carroll Co. 9 May 1922 s/o Lawrence and Rose Hunt Poe.) Survived by wife FRANCIS SEVERN POE, 3 sons Richard; Paul and Ray Poe, 2 dau. LaVonna Fitzgerald and Deloris Ennis, 1 bro. Jesse William "Bill" Poe, 2 sis. Ada Mae Smith and Pauline Joslin. Preceded by parents and 1 bro. Lloyd Poe.

POLLITT, Henry Lee, 75, Middletown, KY died 19 Oct 1985, bur. IOOF Bedford. W.W.II veteran. Survived by wife LIDA M. TAYLOR POLLITT, 2 sis. Eleanor Blessing and Wilma Rakonza, 1 bro. Vernon Pollitt.

POWELL, Charles Wyatt, 90, Pendleton, KY died 3 Jun 1989, bur. Sligo. (Born Trimble Co. 9 Jul 1898 s/o John W. and Ida Priest Powell.) Survived by dau. Carolyn Simons, bro. William Powell. Preceded by wife DIXIE POWELL, 3 sis. and 1 bro.

POWELL, Dixie Kidwell, 81, Pendleton, KY died 24 May 1984, bur. Sligo. Born Trimble Co. (5 Aug 1902, d/o Thomas S. and Nannie B. Butler Kidwell.) Survived by husband WYATT POWELL, 1 dau. Mrs. Carolyn Simons, 1 bro. L. B. Kidwell, 1 sis. Mrs. Mabel Powell.

POWELL, Fay Carolyn, 41, Pendleton, KY died 16 Sep 1982, bur. Sligo. (Born Trimble Co. 24 Mar 1944.) Survived by husband BILLY G. POWELL, 1 son Douglas C. Powell, 1 dau. Connie Fay Powell, her father Carley E. Ginn, 6 bro. Wilbur; Carl Bernard; Dallas; Darrell; Jerry and David Ginn, 4 sis. Mrs. Jessie Roederer; Mrs. Jeanette Alexander; Mrs. Donetta Plank and Mrs. Judy Burkhardt. Preceded by her mother Faynolla Wallace Ginn, 2 sis. Mary Jo Cameron and Wanda Wood.

POWELL, Mary Yager Tingle, 78, Jeffersonville, IN died 20 May 1982, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Trimble Co. 17 Apr 1904 d/o Tom R. and Jessie Kate Hancock Jackson.) Survived by dau. Evelyn Wilson, 2 step-ch. Bennie Powell and Mrs. Eleanor Farmer, 1 bro. William Jackson. Preceded by son Jack Tingle, husband FRANK POWELL.

POWELL, Mildred Elizabeth, 70, Bedford died 1 Feb 1981, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Trimble Co. 10 Aug 1910 d/o William Lewis and Mattie Abbott Barnes.) Survived by 2 sons Maurice Wayne and William Joseph Powell, 4 bro. William D.; Obie; Hubert Clifton and Irvin Barnes. Preceded by husband WILLIAM JEFFERIES POWELL, and sis. Attie Barnes.

POWELL, Steven D., 22, Bedford died 22 Aug 1982, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Carroll Co. 2 Jul 1960.) Survived by father Larry Powell, mother Gloria (Lowry) Lee, 2 bro. Rodney and Chris Powell, grandmothers Mrs. Rachel Powell and Mrs. Francis Lowry, great g-mother Mrs. Jim Newby.

POWELL, Thomas L., 74, Pendleton, KY died 22 Oct 1985, bur. Sligo Cem. (Born Trimble Co. 2 Jan 1911 s/o Homer and Laura Bell Ralston Powell.) Survived by wife THELMA CLIFFORD POWELL, 3 sons Gene; Jerry and Billy Powell, 1 bro. Raymond Powell, 1 sis. Mrs. Laura Moore.

POWELL, Winnie Ethel, 86, Pendleton, KY died 23 Jun 1982, bur. Sligo. (Born Trimble Co. 3 Oct 1895 d/o Tom and Nannie Butler Kidwell.) Survived by 1 son Junior Powell, 1 bro. Leslie Kidwell, 2 sis. Mrs. Weston Powell and Mrs. Wyatt Powell. (Husband, JOSEPH T. POWELL d. 1974.)

PROCTOR, Harry Tom, 76, Carrollton, KY died 1 Aug 1988, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Trimble Co. 28 Jan 1912 s/o Walter and Gertrude Ball Proctor.) Survived by dau. Mrs. Mildred Pearl Harmon, 3 sons Bill; Charles and Robert Lee Proctor, 2 bro. Walter Lee and Jim W. Proctor, 3 sis. Mrs. Magnolia Perry; Mrs. Bessie Mahoney and Mrs. Claudia Crafton. Preceded by wife LORINE PROCTOR, son Walter Proctor.

PRYOR, Alice G., 105, Louisville, KY died 3 May 1988, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Trimble Co. 28 Mar 1883 d/o John and Lou Barnett Mullikin.) Survived by dau. Mrs. Nancy Henry, 2 sons Russell and William Pryor. Preceded by 1 son, 1 sis. and 3 bro. Note: Her husband, WILLIAM PRYOR d. 1933.

PRYOR, Elizabeth, 79, Louisville, KY died 31 Oct 1981, bur.IOOF Bedford. d/o (Joseph T. and Cora Burnett Ball.) She taught in the county's one-room school system 6 years. Survived by husband RUSSELL PRYOR, sis. Carrie Daugherty. Note: Born 30 Dec 1904 Social Security date.

PRYOR, James Edward, 64, Milton died 11 Feb 1984, bur. IOOF Bedford. W.W.II veteran, (born 27 Sep 1919 s/o William G. and Alice Mullikin Pryor.) Survived by wife JERILE PRYOR, 1 son James Edward Pryor, his mother, 1 sis. Mrs. Nancy Henry, 2 bro. Russell and William Pryor.

PULLIAM, Mary Louise, 84, Milton died 8 Sep 1989, bur. Lutheran Cem. (Born Carroll Co. 17 Jun 1905 d/o Fred and Lena Niehouse Scholey.) Survived by 2 sons William "Bill" and Tom Pulliam. Preceded by husband GEORGE PULLIAM in 1969, 4 sis. and 2 bro.

PURVIS, Anna L., 97, Crestwood, KY died 5 Jun 1984, bur. Harrods Creek Cem. The former Anna Lee McDowell, native of Trimble Co. (d/o William R. and Eliza J. Leatherman McDowell.) Survived by 2 dau. Mrs. Walter (Roxie) Staples and Mrs. Earl (Frances) Keith, 3 sons Taylor; Claude, Sr. and John B. Purvis. Preceded by husband ELY H. PURVIS in 1973.

PURVIS, Herbert Oldham, 59, died 17 Dec 1988, bur. Moffett Cem. (Born Trimble Co. 14 Jul 1929 s/o Herbert and Virginia Vandegrift Purvis.) Survived by wife ROSEMARY JONES PURVIS, 5 dau. Sandy Mincey; Kimberly Garcia; Terri Cowan; Linda Cheek and Martha Purvis, 5 sons Michael; Gerald; Donald; Douglas and Kevin Purvis, 3 sis. Elizabeth Rowlett; Rosalene Murphy and Tina Purvis.

PURVIS, Luther, 96, Milton died 4 Jul 1980, bur. Moffett Cem. Born Franklin Co., KY (31 Mar 1884) s/o Zachary and Frances Phillips Purvis. He was one of 18 children, 15 of whom Survived to adulthood. Survived by 7 dau. Mrs. Leona Hall; Mrs. Hallie Van Cleve; Mrs. Helen Bryant; Mrs. Byrdie Whalin; Mrs. Minnie McKinney; Mrs. Ann Shrader and Mrs. Leanna Howard, 3 sons L. D.; Monroe and Charles Purvis, 1 sis. Mrs. Hannah Knight, who is in her 90's. Preceded by wife MINNIE (STRAIN) PURVIS in 1970, 7 bro. and 6 sis.

PURVIS, Luther David, 75, Bedford died 20 Jan 1987, bur. Mt. Tabor Cem. in Centerfield, KY. Born Oldham Co. 9 Feb 1911, s/o Martin Luther and Minnie Strain Purvis. Data from funeral record.

PURVIS, Taylor W., 72, Crestwood, KY died 2 Jun 1985, bur. Brownsboro, KY. Native of Trimble Co. a resident of Oldham Co. most of his life. s/o Ely H. and Anna Lee McDole Purvis. Survived by 2 sons Robert and Herbert W. Purvis, 2 dau. Mrs. Ann Fey and Mrs. Anita Turner, 2 bro. Claude and John B. Purvis, 2 sis. Mrs. Roxie Staples and Mrs. Frances Keith.

PYLES, Edward Louis, 84, Williamstown, KY died 11 Feb 1984, bur. ____. W.W.II veteran, native of Trimble Co., Providence area. s/o Noble and Sophia Teague Pyles. Survived by wife DORIS NORTHCUTT PYLES, 2 sons Darryl and Rodney Pyles, 2 dau. Sandra Robinson and Darlene Osborne, 1 sis. Bonnie Pyles Baugh, 1 bro. George Pyles.

PYLES, Lt. Col. Leslie C., 61, Shelbyville, KY died 11 May 1987, bur. IOOF Carrollton. W.W.II veteran, a Kentucky State Policeman. (Born Trimble Co. 23 Jul 1925 s/o Conradus Tim and Anna Carlisle Pyles.) Survived by wife ELIZABETH BRAY PYLES, 4 sons Joseph C. "Tim"; Robert David; James Leslie and Dan B. Pyles, 2 dau. Mrs. Dianna Morrison and Mrs. Sarah Jo Jeffries, 1 bro. Robert H. Pyles.

PYLES, Marvin D., 91, Carrollton, KY died 20 Sep 1982, bur. there. Survived by dau. Mrs. Christine Sampson Wagner, a nephew Howard Pyles, whom he raised. Preceded by wife LENA COLBERT PYLES, 2 sons Bernard and Maurice Pyles. Note: s/o David and Ollie Wright Pyles.

PYLES, Sarah Beth, 7, Bedford died 5 Jun 1984, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Louisville, KY 8 Jun 1976 d/o Jim and Jean Powell Pyles.) Survived by parents, great grandmother Mrs. Carrie T. Bray, grand-parents Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Powell and Mr. and Mrs. Les Pyles.

PYLES, Woodrow Wilson, 67, Louisville, KY died 11 Aug 1981, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Henry Co., KY 30 Mar 1914 s/o George and Alice Tilley Pyles.) Survived by wife FLORA SMITH PYLES, 1 bro. Roscoe Pyles and 1 sis. Mrs. Florence Adams.

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