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The record of deaths were taken from microfilm and the books of papers,
THE TRIMBLE DEMOCRAT for the years 1960 through 1969.

Everything enclosed in ( parentheses ) was added from another source, burial records, TRIMBLE COUNTY KENTUCKY CEMETERIES, some reference to 1870 census of Trimble County, and some from family research. All notes were added by and not contained in the obituary. Permission to use at the Trimble County Kentucky Genealogy site from the Trimble County Historical Society, Trimble County, Kentucky. I would like to thank them for making this resource available.

UNDERWOOD, Howard, 69, Indiana, died 19 Jun 1962, bur. Moffett Cem. b. Trimble Co. in Corn Creek area, s/o John and Mary Underwood. m. LILLIAN KENNETT, now deceased. Survived by 2 sons, James E. and Robert A. Underwood, 3 dau., Mrs. Harry Perkinson, Mrs. Clarence Eckerty and Mrs. Neil Higble, 2 bro., Luther and Ben Underwood.

VAIL, Mary Duncan, 88, Scottsburg, IN, died 25 Sep 1965, bur. Moffett Cem. She and husband, MILO E. VAIL, who survives, resided in Trimble Co. until a few years ago.

VARBLE, Ella Mae, 88, Bedford, died 11 Oct 1966, bur. IOOF Bedford. b. Oldham Co., KY, 5 May 1878, d/o Tom and Mary Ballard Arvin. Data from funeral record.

VARBLE, Robert Henry, 85, Versailes, IN, died 30 Apr 1962, (bur. Moffett Cem.) b. Oldham Co., 21 Jul 1876, eldest s/o Susan Henry and Jacob Clifton Varble. 1st m. LEE GUDGEL, Milton, she died many years ago, 1 son, Robert L. Varble. m. 2nd to SARAH LOUISE RANDALL, Louisville, she died 17 mo. ago, 1 son, Garland R. Varble. Also survived by 1 bro., Charles C. Varble, 4 sis., Mrs. Lora Garrett, Mrs. C. G. Jackson, Mrs. C. B. Clem and Mrs. Emmett Jackson. Preceded by 2 bro., James L. and William Varble, sis., Mrs. Alice Gossom.

VOIERS, Lula Hudson, 94, Texas, in paper of 14 Apr 1960, bur. Moffett Cem. Native of Trimble Co., widow of D. T. VOIERS. Survived by 1 son Harry Lee Voires of Texas. (died 12 Apr 1960, date on stone.)

WAINSCOTT, Linda Sue, 21, died 27 Oct 1969, bur. IOOF Bedford. b. Trimble Co. (20 Mar 1948) Survived by mother, Norma Ray (Beach) Simmons, father, William Wainscott, bro., Jimmy, 3 sis., Mrs. Judy Andrew, Shirley Wainscott and Connie Simmons, grandmother, Mrs. Ruth Wainscott.

WALKER, Orville, 63, died 10 Oct 1967, Carrollton, KY, bur. there. b. 26 Apr 1904 in Carroll Co., s/o John and Ellen Tingle Walker. m. 12 Sep 1922 to MARY ALICE GARRIOTT, who survives with dau., Mrs. Howard (Gertrude) McEndre, 2 bro., Jestin and Ralph Walker, 2 sis., Mary Ruble and Bertie Detraz.

WALTERS, Gertrude Coghill, 82, died 5 Sep 1960, bur. IOOF Carrollton. Native of Carroll Co. Widow of LEWIS WALTERS. Survived by dau., Mrs. Ernest (Lena Mae Coghill) Jones, a son Wheeler Coghill.

WARD, Gerald Thomas, 47, died 11 Jul 1965, bur. IOOF Bedford. W.W.II veteran, native of Trimble Co., (b. 19 Aug 1917,) s/o L. A. and Ida Fisher Ward. m. 7 Mar 1942 to OMA MILES, who survives with 2 dau., Jerry Lynn and Kathy Leigh Ward, 1 sis., Mrs. Frances Nutgrass, 4 bro. Glen, Olan, William and Rev. Norman Ward. Prec. by 1 bro., Roger Ward and an infant son.

WARD, Glenn Allen, 53, Bedford, died 8 Sep 1968, bur. IOOF Bedford. Native of Trimble Co. (16 Jun 1915.) Survived by wife VIOLA (LYNCH) WARD, 2 sons, Oscar Allen and Donald Ward, a dau. Nancy Jo Ward, 3 bro., Olynn, William and Rev. Norman Ward, a sis. Mrs. Frances Nutgrass. Preceded by his parents Lawrence and Ida Fisher Ward, 2 bro., Roger and Tommy Ward.

WATSON, Fannie May, 73, Bedford, died 26 Aug 1967, bur. IOOF Bedford. Native of Trimble Co. (b. 6 Aug 1894, d/o Nathan and Addie B. Alexander Barnes.) Survived by husband, P. F. Watson (Perry Fulton,) 1 son, Nathan Watson, 3 dau., Mrs. David Clapp, Mrs. Howard Wentworth and Mrs. Charles Fowler, 2 sis., Mrs. Elizabeth Miles and Mrs. Aubrey (Emma Lee) Jones.

WATSON, P. F. (Perry Fulton) 76, died 10 Dec 1968, bur. IOOF Bedford. b. Trimble Co. (23 May 1892,) s/o Samuel and Melvina McClanahan Watson. Surv. by 3 dau. Mrs. David Clapp, Mrs. Howard Wentworth and Mrs. Charles Fowler, 1 son, Nathan Watson, bro., Leslie and Chan Watson, sis., Mrs. Mabel Coshow and Mrs. Pauline Perry. Preceded by wife, FANNIE MAE BARNES WATSON, died 16 months ago.

WEBER, Georgia Ann, 62, Covington, KY, died 17 Sep 1965, bur. IOOF Bedford. b. Trimble Co. (19 Jun 1903,) d/o A. J. and Mattie B. Rowlett, she had lived in Covington area for past 30 years. Survived by husband, ROBERT CHARLES WEBER, 3 sons, Bradford, Harold and Garnett Andrew, 1 dau., Mrs. Carroll Branch, 3 bro., Frank, Creed and Henry Rowlett, sis., Mrs. J. H. Coombs.

WEBSTER, Ollie May, 70, died 16 / 17 Jun 1966, bur. IOOF Bedford. (b. Owen Co., 29 Mar 1896, d/o Simon and Lizzie Baker May.) Survived by husband, HARRY WEBSTER, dau., Mrs. Darrell Dunn, 8 sons, George, Estil, Jesse, Richard, J. L., Raymond, Carroll and Harry Webster, Jr.

WEBSTER, Theodore, 35, died 20 Dec 1964, bur. IOOF Bedford. b. Trimble Co. (3 May 1926.) Survived by parents, Harry and Ollie May Webster, 1 sis., Mrs. Lucy Dunn, 8 bro., George, Estil, Richard, Jesse, J. L., Raymond, Harry, Jr. and Carroll Webster.

WEBSTER, Walter C., 78, died 8 Mar 1963, bur. Moffett Cem. b. near Bedford, (20 Mar 1884, s/o William and Almeta Clem Webster.) Mr. Webster was a rural mail carrier for 36 years. Survived by wife, ELIZABETH SPILLMAN WEBSTER, 2 dau., Mrs. Bessie Forrest and Mrs. Lucille Crousore, a son Roy Webster, 2 sis., Mrs. Golden Coffin and Mrs. Mary Fout.

WEBSTER, Willie, 88, Dupont, IN, died 27 Jun 1969, bur. Moffett Cem. b. 26 Nov 1880, s/o William Webster. Data from funeral record. Note: Check Madison Courier.

WELCH, Forest, 59, died 21 Nov 1969, IOOF Carrollton, KY. Survived by widow, CORINE WELCH, son, Forest Welch, Jr., his mother, Mrs. Mollie Welch, 3 bro., Carroll, Norval and Ernest Welch, 3 sis., Mrs. Della Kendall, Mrs. Ruby Skirvin and Mrs. Katheryn Callis.

WELCH, Kevin Arthur, 16 months, died 5 Sep 1960, bur. Moffett Cem. s/o Lawrence and Virginia Ball Welch, Madison, In. Survived by parents, 3 bro., Gary, Mike and Damon Lee Welch, sis., Frances Kay Welch, granparents, Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Ball.

WELCH, Sherley E., 82, Madison, IN, d. 19 Jan 1966, bur. IOOF Bedford. He had lived in Indiana the past 20 years. Survived by 5 sons, Odell, Charles, Daniel, Myrle and Douglas Welch, 4 dau., Dixie Welch, Mrs. Denzil Davis, Mrs. Wanda Kidd and Mary Helen Bell, 1 bro., Daniel Welch. Note: His wife BESSIE GIDDENS WELCH, died 6 Jan 1936.

WELTY, Daniel A., 56, Milton, died 23 Jul 1967, bur. Moffett Cem. Native and life long resident of Milton. Survived by mother, Mrs. Hettie Welty, 2 bro., Virgil and William Welty, 2 sis., Mrs. Virginia Wheeler and Mrs. Alla May Calveard. Preceded by father, F. J. Welty.

WELTY, Hettie J., 87, Milton, died 23 Feb 1969, bur. Moffett Cem. (b. 5 Apr 1881, d/o William and Nancy Spillman Burnett.) Husband, F. J. WELTY, died 1947. Survived by 2 sons, William C. and Virgil Welty, 2 dau., Mrs. Alla May Calveard and Mrs. Virginia Wheeler, a sis. Mrs. Grace Tyra. Preceded by a son Daniel Welty. Death came exactly to the month, day, and hour of her husbands funeral 22 years ago.

WELTY, William Scottie, 82, died 8 Aug 1967, bur. IOOF Bedford. Native and life long resident of Trimble Co. (b. 25 Sep 1884, s/o John B. and Rose Kalusy Welty.) Survived by son, William Berry Welty.

WENTWORTH, Arthur P., 69, Milton, R.#1, d. 26 Jun 1968, bur. Eminence Cem. s/o Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Wentworth, a native of Lockport, KY, but had resided in Trimble Co. most of his life. Survived by 2 bro., Ezra and Ernest Wentworth, 1 sis. Mrs. Serena Dowden.

WENTWORTH, Dorothy Liter, 54, Florida, died 24 Jun 1965, bur. IOOF Bedford. d/o Mr. and Mrs. Estel Liter, a resident of Trimble Co. in her earlier life and had resided in Ohio before moving to Fla. Survived by husband, JESSE WENTWORTH, dau., Mrs. William McClure, 4 sons, Jesse F., Glenford W., Delbert W. and Beuford Wentworth, 1 bro., Bud Liter and 1 sis. Opal Coghill.

WENTWORTH, Ezra A., 76, Milton, died 12 Nov 1967, bur. Moffett Cem. Native of Trimble Co. Survived by wife, RUBY PURVIS WENTWORTH, 2 sons, Alvin, Jr. and Cpl. Charles, Jr., 2 dau., Mrs. Jean Jenkins and Mrs. Mary Alice Hall.

WENTWORTH, Gerald Lee, 2 hours, died 1 Jan 1963, Cross Plaines, IN, bur. IOOF Bedford. His parents, Wayne and Connie Dunning Wentworth. This information from funeral record.

WENTWORTH, Nannie, 85, Indianapolis, IN, interred 17 Feb 1968, IOOF Bedford. b. Trimble Co. m. STEPHEN WENTWORTH in 1899, 5 children, Gilbert Wentworth, Sadie Lynch, Erby Roberts, Denzil Lowe and ____, 2 sis., Eva Beach and Cora Welch. Note: 4 children given in his obit. in 1956.

WENTWORTH, Walton Dale, 46, Louisville, died 22/23 Feb 1969, bur. IOOF Bedford. W.W.II veteran, retired 2 years ago after 23 years in service. (b. Trimble Co., 17 Dec 1922, s/o Alva William and Genieve Stevenson Wentworth.) Survived by widow, KATHERINE MANLEY WENTWORTH, 1 son, Dale Walton Wentworth, 1 dau., Penny Sue Wentworth. his mother, 2 sis., Wilma Jean Wentworth and Mrs. Calvert Pettit, 1 bro. Byrel Wentworth.

WERTH, Horst W., 28, died 29 Jun 1967, Louisville, bur. Moffett Cem. b. 25 Dec 1938, Berlin, Germany, married, s/o Walter Werth. This information from funeral records.

WESTRICK, Virgie, 76, Milton, d. 10/11 Apr 1969, bur. IOOF Carrollton, (b. 15 Nov 1892, d/o John and Lenora Thompson Henry.) She and her husband, TONY WESTRICK were m. 60 years. in Feb. Survived by 4 sons, Logan, Hubert, Virgil and S. G. Westrick, 4 dau., Mrs. Nadine Barnes, Mrs. Velma Taylor, Mrs. Mary Nelson Robertson and Mrs. Donnetta Alexander, 1 bro., Uffie Henry, 3 sis. Mrs. Esther Keller, Mrs. Helen Coffman and Mrs. Eleanor McIntire. 3 children died in infancy.

WHEELER, Ethel Garrett, 65, died 17 Mar 1969, bur. IOOF Bedford. Survived by husband, ALTON P. WHEELER, 2 sons, Joe and L. J. Wheeler, 3 dau., Mrs. Opal Springer, Mrs. Betty Craig and Mrs. Mary Wiggam, 2 bro. Wilbur and Elmo Garrett, 2 sis., Mrs. Georgia Tinsley and Mrs. Helen McManis. Note: Ethel, d/o Columbus "Lum" and Hulda Garrett.

WHEELER, George Lee, 84, Hickory Grove, d. 28 Feb 1962, bur. IOOF Bedford. b. Trimble Co. (1 May 1877,) s/o William Francis and Lucy Alice Bell Wheeler. Survived by 2 sons, Allen and Ruby Lee Wheeler. Preceded by wife SUSIE BLANCH WHEELER, died 17 Oct 1959.

WHEELER, Gilbert P., 68, died 16 / 17 May 1969, bur. IOOF Bedford. (b. Trimble Co., 6 Dec 1899, s/o J. D. and Betty Martin Wheeler.) Died in California. Survived by son, Harvey Wheeler, 1 dau., Mrs. Robert Fry, 3 bro., Roy, Henry and Alton Wheeler.

WHEELER, Leatta, 92, south Trimble Co., died 17 Aug 1969, bur. LaGrange Cem. b. Trimble Co. (7 Apr 1877,) Widow of EDGAR WHEELER. Survived by 4 dau., Mrs. Lola Callis, Mrs. Kathleen Shafer, Mrs. Glenita Jackson and Mrs. Ruth Butler, 4 sons, Forest, Ralph, Russell and Donald Wheeler, 2 sis., Mrs. Georgia Kendrick and Mrs. Ollie Clifford. Preceded by son and a bro.

WHITAKER, Joseph Alonzo, 76, Bedford area, d. 31 Dec 1962, bur. IOOF Bedford. (b. Trimble Co., 20 Jun 1886, s/o John and Josie Farley Whitaker.) Survived by wife, DELLA UNDERWOOD, m. Oct 1908, 1 son, Elmo Whitaker, 4 dau., Mrs. Beulah Moore, Mrs. Goldie Johnson, Mrs. Rosie Roberts and Mrs. Ernestine Poe, a sis. Mrs. Cora Hamilton, a half-bro., Charlie Boss.

WHITAKER, Lizzie Kincheloe, 80, died 28 Oct 1960, bur. IOOF Bedford. (b. KY, 1 Oct 1880,) d/o Bryan and Alice Jane Kincheloe, last of a family of 8 children m. Jan 1906 to BEN F. WHITAKER, who died 15 years ago. Leaves 1 dau., Cleo Ralston.

WILLHITE, Reva, 53, R.# 1, Pendleton, died 3 Aug 1967, bur. Sligo Cem. A widow, had spent most of her life in Patton's Creek area. Native of Oldham Co., KY, d/o R. O. and Annie Ward Willhite. Survived by 1 sis., Mrs. Barney (Grace) Fendley, 3 bro., Pascal, Everett and Carroll Willhite.

WILLIAMS, Asa Robert, 74, Bedford, d. 23 Jun 1965, bur. IOOF Bedford. Survived by wife, ETHEL BROOKS WILLIAMS, 1 dau., Mrs. Richard Hunter. WILLIAMS, Emma D. 89, Bedford, died 8 Apr 1960, bur. IOOF Bedford. d/o Zachariah Waller (and Sarah Ellen Waller, b. 24 Mar 1871.) m. JOHN WILLIAMS, he died some 20 years ago. Survived by 1 sis., Mrs. Nannie Chaille, age 84. Note: Nannie died 8 Nov 1964.

WILLIAMS, Ethel Brooks, 70, Bedford, d. 7 Feb 1967, bur. IOOF Bedford. Native of Trimble Co. but lived many years at Sulphur in Henry Co. Survived by dau., Mrs. Richard Hunter, 3 bro., Tubert, Unie and Robert Brooks. Preceded by husband, ASA WILLIAMS, in 1965.

WILLIAMS, Zada G., 91, Providence, d. 6 Dec 1969, bur. Campbellsburg Cem. (b. Trimble Co., 4 Apr 1878, d/o Daniel and Ellen Perkinson Garriott.) Lived most of her life in Providence area. Survived by son, W. K. Williams. Note: Zada was widow of TULL L. WILLIAMS.

WILLIS, Louisa Maude, 88, died 6 May 1969, bur. Moffett Cem. b. Campbell Co., KY, 17 Sep 1880, d/o Lewis and Laura Fagan Holderfield. m. 8 Apr 1903 to A. F. WILLIS. Survived by 3 children, William G., Lewis B. and Ruby Mae Crim, 2 sis., Mrs. Roy Joyce and Mrs. D. P. Rowlett. Preceded by a bro. Clarence Holderfield, a sis. Mrs. Jesse Cross.

WILLIS, William T., 86, Milton, died 18 Feb 1968, bur. Moffett Cem. (b. 29 Mar 1881,) s/o William Granville and Ester Hudson Willis, native of Trimble Co. m. BERTHA STEPHENSON, 22 Apr 1908. Survived by wife, 1 son, William Allen Willis, 2 dau., Mrs. Lena Nowlin and Mrs. Neva Thompson, 1 bro., A. F. Willis. Preceded by sis., Mrs. Elizabeth Jackson.

WINGHAM, Abbie Smith, 80, New Milton, d. 17 Nov 1960, bur. Moffett Cem. b. Glasgow, KY, d/o Eli and Martha Frazier Smith, lived most of her life in Trimble Co. m. IRA WINGHAM 60 years ago on 4 Oct 1900. Survived by dau., Mrs. Carey (Ola) Ginn, Mrs. Everett (Josephine) Stockdale, Mrs. Forrest (Hulda) Perry, Mrs. Harold (Leana) Hamilton and Mrs. Henry (Leona) McCutcheon, sons, Everett, Delmar and Bradford Wingham. Preceded by dau., Mrs. Ora (Rosa) Welch, son, Bud Wingham.

WINGHAM, Effie, 82, died 6 Jan 1966, bur. Moffett Cem. (Rose Effie,) b. Owensboro, KY on 18 Sep 1883, d/o George W. and Eliza (Chadwick) Green, came to Trimble Co. as an infant. Survived by 6 dau., Mrs. Hazel Harmon, Mrs. Hester Raker, Mrs. Della Taylor, Mrs. Charlotte Kendall, Mrs. Dorothy Buhlig and Mrs. Edna Gross, 3 sons, Henry O."Ted", Paul and James H. "Bill" Wingham, 3 sis., Mrs. Maggie Bates, Mrs. Myrtle Kidwell and Mrs. Virgie McLaughlin, 2 bro., Chester and Edward Green. Preceded by 4 sons, 1 dau, 2 bro. and 1 sis.

WINGHAM, Ira, 81, New Milton, died 10 Feb 1964, bur. Moffett Cem. b. Trimble Co., (7 Oct 1882,) s/o James and Mattie Rose Wingham. Wife, ABBIE (SMITH) WINGHAM died 2 years ago. Survived by 5 dau., Mrs. Harold Hamilton, Mrs. Carey Ginn, Mrs. Henry McCutcheon, Mrs. Everett Stockdale and Mrs. Forest Perry, 3 sons, Everett, Delmar and Bradford Wingham. Preceded by dau., Mrs. Rosa Welch, son, Bud Wingham and 1 bro., Allie Wingham.

WINGHAM, Omar Allen, 65, Indiana, d. 26 Jun 1967, bur. Springdale Cem. b. Trimble Co., s/o Elizabeth Richmond Wingham and the late Allie Wing

ham. Survived by wife ALMA WINGHAM, 2 sons, Billy Gene and William Allen Wingham, 1 dau., Mrs. Betty Welling, 9 sis., Mrs. Shirley Leach, Mrs. Naomi Watson, Mrs. Anthony Engle, Mrs. Walter Phillips, Mrs. George Hylcord, Mrs. Leonard Meyer, Mrs. Martha Renschler, Mrs. Kenneth Kinnaman and Mrs. Roy Darnell, 3 bro., Ray, Roy and Joe Wingham.

WISE, Buford Delmas, 49, Milton area, d. 24 May 1963, bur. Moffett Cem. b. Trimble Co., 23 May 1914, (s/o Lee and Lyda Henry Wise.) Survived by wife, EMMA MAY SHIMFESSEL WISE, 1 dau., Mrs. Myrna Datillo, 1 uncle, James Wise of Milton.

WISE, James G., 71, Milton, died 1 Jun 1963, bur. Moffett Cem. b. Trimble Co., (26 Nov 1892,) s/o James and Margaret Paul Wise. Survived by 4 nephews and 3 nieces.

WOOD, Durward B., 73, Indianapolis, IN, died 27 Jun 1969, bur. there. W.W.I veteran, native of Milton, moved to Indianapolis in 1922. Survived by widow, KATHRYN WOOD, 4 sis. Mrs. Thelma Woods, Mrs. Grace Craft, Mrs. Geneva Coghill and Mrs. Helen Rowlett, 4 bro., Wilbur G., James H., Norvell V. and Rev. Harry Wood. Preceded by 1 sis., in 1908. Note: Durward was s/o James and Giles Hancock Wood.

WOOD, Earl Gilbert, 70, died 13 Jul 1966, Warsaw, KY, bur. Pleasureville, KY. Former resident of Bedford where he opened a hamburger shop and later opening Woody's Inn. He served as State Senator from 1944

1948. Survived by wife, EDITH STARK WOOD, son, Earl Richard Wood, a sis. Louise Wimberly, 3 bro., Lyle, Raymond and Chester Wood.

WOOD, Elmo Thomas, 66, Detroit, Michildren, died Feb 1964, bur. ____. Lived there for some 25 years. Survived by wife, REAH WOOD, 2 dau., Barbara and Lillian, son, Earl Wood, his mother, Mrs. Nannie Challis, 1 sis., Mrs. Lee Wimberly, bro., Gilbert, Raymond, Lyle and Chester.

WOODS, Paul Gordon, 46, Indiana, died 12 Sep 1969, bur. Moffett Cem. Native of Trimble Co. (b. 11 Oct 1922.) Survived by widow, BARBARA CARTER WOODS, 4 step-children, Terry W. King, Bruce L., Stephen and Laura Lee McCorkle, his parents, James and (Thelma Wood) Woods.

WRIGHT, Carl, 72, Bedford, died 11 Jul 1961, bur. IOOF Bedford. b. Trimble Co., (3 Jul 1889,) s/o Newt and Ollie Waller Wright. His mother died when he was quiet young and he was reared by his aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. John Gatewood. m. 28 Nov 1909 to ROSE PINNELL who survives. 2 sons, Wallace and Raymond Turner Wright, a dau. Mrs. Thelma Arnett. Preceded by son, Otis Wilson Wright, 3 bro., Zack, Otis and Orville Wright, 3 sis., Mrs. Charles Ward, Mrs. Florrie Bonte and Lonell Wright.

WRIGHT, Chan Thomas, 87, LaGrange, d. 13/15 Mar 1967, bur. IOOF Bedford. b. Trimble Co. (13 Apr 1879, s/o John and Mary Spillman Wright.) Survived by 2 dau., Mrs. Elizabeth Staples and Mrs. Lula Combs, 1 son, Orville Wright. Note: Wife, NORA WRIGHT on 1910 census, she died 1924.

WRIGHT, Henry Lester, 83, died 18 May 1962, bur. IOOF Bedford. Native of Carroll Co., KY, (b. 29 Dec 1878,) resided in Trimble Co. since early childhood. s/o Dr. William A. (and Rebecca Stockdale) Wright. m. in Louisville, KY in 1903 to IDA MAHUREN. Survived by 3 dau., Mrs. Nannilee Campbell, Mrs. Martha Kinnett and Miss Henrietta Wright, 1 son, Henry L. "Leck" Wright, Jr. Mr. Wright served as Trimble Co., Judge from 1938 - 1942 and 16 years as clerk of Trimble Co. from 1922 - 1928.

WRIGHT, Minnie Kemper, 97, Bedford, d. 3 Mar 1968, bur. IOOF Bedford. Life long resident of Trimble Co. Husband, ALEX WRIGHT died 1939. Survived by 3 sons, Walter L., Carl C. and Archie B. Wright.

WRIGHT, Rose, 78, Bedford, died 16 Jun 1964, bur. IOOF Bedford. b. Trimble Co. (25 Jun 1885,) d/o Harve and Retta Kemp Pinnell. Widow of CARL WRIGHT. Survived by son, Raymond Turner Wright, dau., Mrs. Thelma Arnett, 1 bro., Ovie Pinnell. Prec. by son Otis Wilson Wright, 3 sis. Mrs. Hattie Jennings, Mrs. Cordie Ballard and Mrs. Anna Ralston.

WRIGHT, Virginia Brodback, 32, died 13 Apr 1968, bur. IOOF Bedford. b. Trimble Co., had lived Science Hill, KY for the past 2 years. Survived by husband, CARL WRIGHT, her mother, Mrs. Catherine Averitt Brodback, an aunt, Mrs. Virginia Goose.

YAGER, Miss Bessie, 74, Indianapolis, IN, died Nov 1962, bur. IOOF Bedford. d/o J. C. and Anna Foree Yager. Survived by sis., Mrs. Hallie Maxfield, half-sis., Mrs. Ella Mae Lantz, half-bro., Allen Yager.

YAGER, Sallie Wise, 85, Charlestown, IN, died 22 Oct 1961, bur. there. Former resident of Wises Landing in Trimble Co., having operated a general store there. Survived by dau., Mrs. C. W. (Ella Mae) Lantz, son, Allen Yager, 2 step-dau., Mrs. Hallie Maxfield and Miss Bessie Yager, a stepson, Junie Yager. Preceded by son, Kalfus Yager, died 1952.

YANCY, Henry, 89, Milton, died 11 Sep 1961, bur. IOOF Carrollton. b. Owen Co., KY, spent most of his life in Milton area. Survived by wife, LULA BROWN YANCY, dau., Mrs. Hallie Wright, 2 sons, Edgar and Roy Yancy, half-bro., Courtland Yancy. Note: His 1st wife MARY DEVORE died 4 Jun 1937.

YANCY, Lula, 86, Milton, died 2 Dec 1962, (bur. IOOF Bedford.) b. Trimble Co., (3 Jun 1876, d/o George and Mary Nashum? Williamson.) Survived by 2 dau., Mrs. Goldie Burkhardt and Mrs. Lola Harmon, 1 sis. Mrs. Emma Stockdale. Preceded by husband, HENRY YANCY. Note: Her 1st husband JAMES T. BROWN, d. 14 Mar 1941.

YEAGER, Eddie Pearl, 85, died 27 Dec 1967, bur. IOOF Bedford. d/o Levi and Lucy Fisher Perkinson, native of Trimble Co. (b. 15 Oct 1882.) Husband, SAMUEL T. YEAGER died 8 years ago. Survived by 2 sons, Cecil and Woodrow Yeager, a dau. Mrs. Rachel Watson, 1 sis., Mrs. Effie McClure, (bro.)? Jess and Bunny Perkinson.

YEAGER, Samuel Tilden, 83, died 2 Jan 1960, bur. IOOF Bedford. s/o Flemming and Hannah Yeager, youngest of 6 children, all deceased m. 23 May 1904 to EDDIE PERKINSON. 3 children, Mrs. C. D. (Rachel) Watson, Woodrow and Cecil Yeager.

YOUNG, Blanton T., 80, Indianapolis, IN, died 4 Feb 1962, bur. Moffett Cem. Native of Union Co., KY, (b. 9 Mar 1882, s/o James and Lula Tandy Young.) Survived by widow, VERA YOUNG, 5 sons, James, Edward, Herbert, Blanton, Jr. and George M. Young, a dau. Mrs. William Hite and a bro. James L. Young.

YOUNG, Ira G., 66, R.# 6, Madison, d. 2 Aug 1961, bur. Mt. Carmel Cem. b. Carroll Co., (20 Apr 1895,) lived Trimble Co. for years, s/o George and Anna (Wingham) Young. Survived by wife, GEORGIA WELCH YOUNG, 3 dau., Mrs. William Skinner, Mrs. Phillip Cox and Mrs. Jack Ice, 3 sons, Hershel, Donald and Ronald Young, twins, a twin bro., Earl Young, 2 sis., Mrs. Helen Garriott and Mrs. Iona Bright.

YOUNG, Lora, 84, Madison, died 2 Sep 1967, bur. IOOF Bedford. d/o Dr. Charles A. and Mary M. Burdsall. Survived by son, John Young, grandchildren, Robert, Lillice and Jane Young and Mrs. Wanda Stewart. Preceded by husband, ROBERT YOUNG.

YOUNG, Omar, 84, near Campbellsburg, KY, died 9 Apr 1967, bur. Sulphur Cem. b. 2 May 1882, s/o Charles Wesley Young and Julia Raisor. Survived by wife, MATTIE JONES YOUNG, 2 sons, Grover and Charles Young, 1 dau., Nancy Vivian Young.

YOUNG, Vera, 74, Indianapolis, IN, died 2 Feb 1964, bur. Moffett Cem. d/o Emma Luckett Tandy and George M. Tandy, native of Milton, made her home in Indianapolis since 1940. Husband B. T. YOUNG, died ca 2 years ago. Survived by sons, George, James, Edward, Blanton and Hubert Young, dau., Mrs. William Hite, 1 sis., Mrs. George Conway.


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