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This information is mostly from obituaries in the Trimble Democrat, Trimble Co., KY. Some from obituaries found in my collection of Scrap Books of old obituaries. Other sources are from Funeral and Burial Records.

Most information enclosed in parenthesis is from another source other than the obituary. Remember all obituaries are not complete.

The period these obituaries were written, they were called in to the paper. In many instances the names were written incorrectly and some omitted. There are many mistakes in obituaries.

Virginia G. Taylor

UNDERWOOD, Lillian R., 43, died 21 Aug 1938, formerly of Leeport neighborhood, buried Moffett Cemetery, b. 5 Apr 1895, d/o late Melvin Kinnett, survived by husband, HOWARD UNDERWOOD, 5 children, James, Robert, Helena, Livina and Visla Underwood, her mother, Mrs. Margerite Kinnett, bro., Charles, Chester and Earl Kinnett, sis., Mrs. Hurley Purvis, Mrs. Ben Underwood and Mra. Noble Rowlett. About two years ago, Mr. Underwood bought a farm near Wirt, IN, where he and his family resided.

UNDERWOOD, Mary Ellen, 75, near Leeport died 4 Dec 1932, buried Moffett Cem., widow of J. E. UNDERWOOD, 6 children survive, Mrs. Nellie Welch, Ben, Howard, Luther, Willie and James Underwood. Note: Dates on stone 1858 - 1933. Vital Statistics death year is 1932.

UNDERWOOD, William (John William,) 35, Leeport died 15 Apr 1935, buried Moffett Cem., Survived by 3 brothers, Howard, Ben and Luther, sis,, Mrs. Nellie Welch,

UNGLES, Eliza, 83, south of Bedford died 30 May 1937, buried ? A native of Davis Co., b. 9 Dec 1853, at age 22, m. to GEORGE UNGLES of Owen Co., KY who preceded her 7 years ago. Survived by 3 dau., Mrs. Hallie Taylor, Mrs. Ira Stithers and Mrs. Jennie Lumsford, 1 son, John W. Ungles.

VAIL, Amy, 79, Palmyra died 29 Mar 1932, buried Springdale Cem., Madison, IN, a widow, survived by 5 children: Osmer, Carlos, Milo, Mrs. D. G. Bell and Mrs. I. H. Driskell. (Note: Amy was married to Ezra O. Vail,)

VANDOLAH, Annie Joyce, 73, Pleasant Retreat died 3 May 1934, buried Moffett Cemetery, b. Jefferson Co., IN, 2 May 1861, m. J. CLARK VANDOLAH, 8 Apr 1892, survived by sisters, Mrs. A. H. Schnaitter, Mrs. C. K. Coffin, Mrs. Edward Spillman and Mrs. C. R. Barnes, brothers, Beecher, W. R. (Wilson), M. (Melancthon) and O. S. (Oliver) Joyce.

VANDOLAH, Eugene, ca 60, died Henry Co. 17 Aug 1934, buried LaGrange, KY. Born and reared in Trimble Co., survived by wife, 2 children, 1 bro., J. C., 2 sisters, Mrs. Minnie Barringer and Mrs. Ada Barringer.

VANDOLAH, James Clark, 77, Pleasant Retreat died 2 Aug 1937, buried Moffett Cemetery, b. Ripley Co., IN, 13 Feb 1860, wife, (Annie) died 3 May 1934, survived by 2 sisters, Mrs. Minnie Barringer and Mrs. Ada Barringer. Note: James was son of Jesse and Mary Vandolah.

VARBLE, Anna Grace, 19, Mt. Pleasant died 15 Feb 1934, buried IOOF Bedford, d/o Mr. and Mrs. James L. Varble, 3 sisters, Mrs. Kenneth Allen, Lavinia and Gladys, 5 brothers, Wallace, James L., Jr., William, Noah and Arthur Varble, grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. N. C. Cutshaw.

VARBLE, James L., 61, died 16/17 Jun 1943, bur. IOOF Bedford. (b. 26 Jan 1881, s/o Jacob and Susan Belle Henry Varble.) m. 1910, to LULA CUTSHAW, 9 ch. Anna and Wallace dec'd. The other 7 are, Mrs. Gladys Cox, Mrs. Hazel Althonson, Lavinia Varble, James Luther, Franklin, Noah Sam, and Arthur Owen Varble, 5 sis. Mrs. Lora Garrett, Mrs. C. G. Jackson, Mrs. Charlie (Katie) Clem, Mrs. Emmett Jackson and Mrs. Alice Gossom, 2 brothers Charles C. and Robert Varble.

VARBLE, Nannie Umensetter, 94, died 22 Aug 1949, buried LaGrange, KY, b. 1 Jun 1855, lived all her life in Trimble Co., m. in 1872 to PEARSON VARBLE, survived by 3 dau. Mrs. Edgar Wheeler, Mrs. Ollie Clifford and Mrs. George Kindrick. Preceded by 1 son Edward Varble in 1944.

VARBLE, Virginia Waller, 74, Madison, IN died 11 Jan 1949, (burial Morgan Cem., Patton's Creek.) b. 20 Jun 1874. Miss Manning m. 23 Dec 1890 to THOMAS WALLER, who died 6 Mar 1928, 4 ch. 2 died at birth. m. 2nd to EDWARD VARBLE, he died 4 yrs ago. Survived by 2 dau. Mrs. Gladys Lawrence and Mrs. Maude Pennington, 4 bro. Victor, Mont, Frank, and James Manning.

VARBLE, Wallace Zane, 17, Mt. Pleasant died 18 Sep 1934, buried IOOF Bedford, s/o Mr. and Mrs. James Varble. Survived by parents and 7 brothers and sisters, Hazel, James L., Lavinia, William, Gladys, Noah, Sam and Arthur Owen Varble, a sister, Anna Grace died 15 Feb 1934.

VAWTER, Dr. Jamison, 80, Arkansas City, KS, died Aug 1937, in paper of 2 Sept., born and reared in Milton, (s/o David Jameson and Susan Waters Vawter), a former resident in Hunter's Bottom, m. 1884 to SALLIE SNYDER sis. of M. R. Snyder, she died 21 Apr 1893 leaving 4 sons and a daughter, m. 2nd to MRS. SALLIE ROBBINS d/o late Robert Morris.

VAWTER, John W., 87, Louisville, KY died 11 May 1930, buried, Port Royal, KY, born 10 Mar 1844, in Trimble Co., a resident of Henry Co., since childhood, at age 17 he enlisted in Confederate Army. Note: He was the son of Jameson and Susan Waters Vawter.

VEST, A. R., 69, Solom, IN died 1 Feb 1937, buried there, a former resident of Trimble Co., Poplar Ridge community, survived by wife, MARTHA VEST and 7 children, McKinley, George and Lewrice Vest, Mrs. Teddy Aldridge, Mrs. Chester Aldridge, Mrs. George Stone and Mrs. Gilbert Griffith.

VEST, Martha, 63, Clark Co., IN died 17 Oct 1937, buried Solan, IN, former resident of Trimble Co., husband, A. R. VEST died 8 months ago, survived by 3 sisters, 1 brother, 3 sons and 4 dau., George, Lewrice and McKinley Vest, Mrs. Gilbert Griffith, Mrs. George Stone, Mrs. Teddy Aldridge and Mrs. Chester Aldridge. (Solan or Solon, IN)?

VEST, William Harrison, 87, died 3 Sep 1947, buried Morgan (Vest) Cem., b. 10 Apr 1860, s/o Elisha and Rosie Melinda Vest. m. 63 yrs ago to HANNAH MORGAN, who survived with 6 of their 7 ch., Bertha Fendley, Roxie Toombs, Lizzie Robertson, Orve, Grover and Elisha Vest. Nettie Lee Vest died at age 12 yrs. Also surv. by 1 bro. E. M. Vest, and 1 sis. Mary Bell.

VINCENT, Betty Jean, 2, Madison, IN died 15 Jan 1929, buried Moffett. Cem., d/o Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Vincent, grand?daughter of Rev. B. T. Vincent.

VOIERS, Daniel T., 75, LaFerria, Texas died 21 Mar 1939, buried Moffett Cemetery, born and reared in Trimble Co., KY. In his younger years he was a school teacher, (b. 17 Aug 1863), s/o late John Voiers. m. LULA HUDSON, d/o W. A. Hudson, 1 son Harry W. Voiers. Surv. by wife, son and sister Mrs. Joe Campbell, the only surviving member of the family.

VOIERS, Will, ca 60, died 10 Jun 1935, born and reared in Providence neighborhood, the youngest son of late Robert Voiers. Note: Age from 1910 census.

VOIERS, William, 40, Jeffersonville, IN died 21 Apr 1931, buried ??, never married, s/o late Prof. A. L. Vories of Bedford, survived by 1 brother, Dr. Allen Vories, a dentist.

WADE, James Allen, 38, Milton died 19 Mar 1948, bur. IOOF Carrollton, veteran of WW II served in the Navy. s/o Anna and late Fowler Wade, b. 19 Dec 1909 in Carroll Co. where he spent most of his life. m. ALENE COFFIN in 1935, 2 ch. James Daniel, age 10 and Maureen Kay, almost 1 year. Survived by mother, 2 brothers Wilford and Daniel Wade.

WADE, Mrs. Robert, (Nancy Elizabeth,) 25, died 28 Oct 1928, the former Miss Sparks, South of Bedford, burial IOOF Bedford, or Sulphur Cem., not sure? She was d/o Tom Sparks.

WALKENHORST, Gayle Overton, 6, Liberty neighborhood died 18 Jan 1934, buried Moffett Cemetery, s/o Mr. and Mrs. August Walkenhorst. Two weeks ago his brother. Freddie, age 8, died.

WALKENHORST, Lois Mary, 7 mo, Madison, IN died 4 Jan 1929, buried Lutheran Cemetery, d/o Mr. and Mrs. Fritz Walkenhorst, former resident of near Milton.

WALKENHORST, Mary Louise (Meier), 75, Hunter's Bottom died 2 Dec 1937, buried Lutheran Cem., widow of late CHARLIE WALKENHORST, died 17 years ago, 3 daughters survive, Mrs. Paul Buhlig, Mrs. Oscar Carder and Miss Lena Walkenhorst.

WALKER, Cora Smith, 70, Sulphur died 19 Aug 1943, (buried Sulphur Cem,) b. 29 Aug 1872 in Trimble Co., KY, in same house in which she passed away. m. 19 Aug 1896 to BRYANT MORRIS WALKER, 3 ch. Frank Smith Walker, died in infancy. William Estil and Pauline Walker who survive along with husband, 1 sister Lena Walker.

WALLACE, Howard D., 34, Mt. Tabor died 20 Dec 1940, buried IOOF Bedford, only s/o Elizabeth Wallace, and a brother of Mrs. Carley (Faynola) Ginn and 2 sisters in Indiana.

WALLON, James I., 58, Indianapolis, IN died 30 Apr 1932, buried, Indianapolis, former resident of Trimble Co., m. MISS TOMMIE MOSLEY, who survives, d/o Mr. and Mrs. Arm Mosley, 2 sons and 2 daughters survives.

WARD, Eli Marion, 79 died 25 Jul 1947, bur. Moffett Cem., b. Vevay, IN, 8 Feb 1868, s/o William H. and Margaret M. Ward. m. Feb 1892 to SOPHIA KENDALL, 1 dau. Bessie. Survived by widow, granddaughter Betty Joy Adcock, son-in-law Orvel Adcock, 2 sis. Mrs. Stella Leach and Mrs. Alice Barnes, 5 bro. Clarence, Lawrence, John, Frank and Gene Ward. Preceded by dau. Bessie Adcock, sis. Mrs. Florence Parker and bro.Henry Ward.

WARD, Ida Elizabeth, 57 died 22 Jan 1947, bur. Moffett Cem., a native of Trimble Co., b. 8 Nov 1889, d/o late M. T. Fisher (Michael and Addie Hood Fisher.) m. 7 Nov 1906, LAWRENCE A. WARD who later served as County Judge. Survived by husband, 6 children, Mrs. Sam (Frances) Nutgrass, Glenn, Thomas, Olynn, William and Pvt. Norman Ward, 2 sis. Mrs. Henry (Hetty) Hawkins and Mrs. Carrie Overton, 2 bro. Robert and Charlie Fisher. Preceded by son Roger Ward, who died 13 Jul 1938, and 2 ch. died in infancy, 2 sisters Mrs. Sada Bare and Mrs. Rosa Green.

WARD, Janis Carole, stillborn 7 Mar 1947, bur. IOOF Bedford, d/o Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Ward.

WARD, John O., 64, Madison, IN died 12 May 1949, bur. Moffett Cem., he spent most of his life in Trimble Co, lived in Madison, last 12 yrs. Wife died 2 yrs ago. Surv. by 4 step-sons David, Roy, Cecil and Loman Clapp, 4 brothers Frank, Eugene, Clarence and Judge Lawrence Ward, 1 sis. Mrs. Stella Leach with whom he lived.

WARD, Margaret (McQuithy,) 77, died 11 Feb 1928, buried Moffett Cem., born 2 Sep 1850, m. WILLIAM H. H. WARD, 21 Feb 1867 at Vevay, IN, 10 ch., survive, Mrs. C. C. Parker, Mrs. James (Stella) Leach, Mrs. Alice Barnes, Frank C., Henry, Clarence, E. M., Lawrence, Eugene and John Ward.

WARD, Roger Q., 25, Pleasant Retreat died 13 Jul 1938, buried Moffett Cemetery, son of Squire and Mrs. Lawrence (Ida) Ward, 1 sis., Mrs. Samuel Nutgrass, bro., are, Glenn, Thomas, William, Olyn and Norman Ward, his wife, BYRL WARD, a d/o Mr. and Mrs. William Kidwell and 2 small children.

WARREN, Jack Casper, __, Indianapolis, IN died 29 Apr 1943, buried Moffett Cemetery, (name is Jacob K. on stone, 22 Apr 1899 ? 29 Apr 1943.) He leaves wife, and 2 sons, Glen and Billie Ray Warren, and parents.

WASHBURN, Martha Hudson, 63, died 4 Jul 1943, buried IOOF Bedford, b. 16 Apr 1880 in Henry Co., KY, and reared in Trimble Co. (d/o Squire Perry.) m. 4 Jan 1903 to EMMETT S. HUDSON, who died 1914, 4 ch. Juanita Kelso, William, Allen and Walter Hudson. She later m. REUBEN WASHBURN (25 Feb 1917 in Trimble Co.) 2 bro. Newton and Mark Perry, 3 sisters Effie Garrett, Goldie Perkinson and Addie Kuykendall.

WATSON, Melvina LaRue, 82, died 30 Sep 1944, buried IOOF Bedford. b. 21 Feb 1862, (d/o Jessie B. and Mary Ann Gillum McClanahan.) m. 2 Jan 1879 to SAMUEL AUSTIN WATSON, he died 9 yrs ago. 8 ch. 6 survive, Fulton, Chan, Leslie, Mrs. Newt Perry, Mrs. Mabel Cashaw and Jennie McClanahan, also 2 sisters and a brother.

WATSON, Samuel Austin, 84, on Corn Creek died 25 Aug 1935, buried IOOF Bedford, born Bracken Co., KY, m. 2 Jan 1879 to MELVINA LARUE MCCLANAHAN, 8 ch., 2 dau. preceded him, Bertie in infancy and Mrs. Maude McClure age 27, 6 survive with their mother, Mrs. C. L. McClanahan, Mabel Garriott, Mrs. Newt Perry, Fulton, Leslie and Chan Watson.

WAXLEY, Willie, 72, died 24 Dec 1932, buried Priest burying ground, died at home of her sister on Morton Ridge, survived by sister, Mrs. Robinson, and 1 son, Walter Waxley of Middle Creek.

WEBB, Richard, 77, died 7 Feb 1937, buried Campbellsburg, KY, survived by wife, Mrs. Bettie Abbott Webb, daughter, Mrs. J. S. Moore, 4 sons, Irvin, Bryan, Eugene and William Webb.

WEBB, William Isaac, 30 died 22 Dec 1945, bur. Campbellsburg Cem., b. 20 Nov 1915, s/o Richard and Bettie Webb. m. 25 Sep 1937 to MISS DOUGLAS DENTON, 1 son Maurice Dwain Webb age 7 years. Survived by widow, mother, son, sister Mrs. Ora Moore, 3 brothers Irvin, Bryan and Eugene Webb.

WEBSTER, Almeta 78, below Milton died 1 May 1932, buried Moffett Cemetery, widow of W. C. Webster, survived by 2 daughters, Mrs. Mark Coffin and Mrs. William Fout, 3 sons, Ira, Noah and Walter Webster.

WEBSTER, Noah, 61, near North Madison, IN died 27 Nov 1932, buried Fairmont Cem. Madison. Native of Trimble Co., widow DAISY MAXFIELD WEBSTER, and 6 daughters survive, Ethel, Sylvia Webster, Mrs. Grace Horton, Mrs. Louis Adams, Flora Belle and Ruth Webster.

WEBSTER, Sallie (Bell,) 78, Palmyra died 20 Jun 1928, burial in home burying ground, one of 10 ch., m. 1st, George Wigginton, 1 dau., Mrs. Leslie Cull, m. 2nd, to JOHN WEBSTER, now dec'd. sister, Mrs. Susie Bell, bro., A. J. Bell.

WEBSTER, William Clayborn, 82, below Milton died 30 Aug 1931, buried Moffett Cem. born Carroll Co., 25 Jul 1849, survived by wife, Almeta Webster, 2 dau., Mrs. Will Fout and Mrs. Mark Coffin, 3 sons, Noah, Ira and Walter C. Webster.

WELCH, Benjamin F., 72, interred 6 Oct 1949, IOOF Carrollton, b. Trimble Co., 13 Sep 1877, s/o Napolean and Louise (Kendall) Welch. Survived by 2 ch. Bryan Welch and Mrs. Frances Patterson, a brother Tandy Welch of Covington.

WELCH, Bessie Giddens, 45, near Bedford died 6 Jan 1936, buried IOOF Bedford, born 27 Jan 1890, d/o late Shelby and Mattie Giddens, m. 26 Jan 1911 to SHIRLEY WELCH, 9 children, Odell, Daniel, Myrle, Douglas, Denzil and Wanda Welch and Mrs. John Winters. Cleston and Marjorie Lou preceded her, survived by husband, children and 1 brother, Ralph Giddens.

WELCH, Cleston, 13, near Bedford died 25 May 1931, buried IOOF Bedford, s/o Mr. and Mrs. Sherlie Welch, parents and 8 children survive, Dixie, Odell, Daniel, Myrle, Denzil, Douglas, Wanda and Mary Lou Welch.

WELCH, Emma Jettie Black, 42, Carrollton, KY died 26 Jun 1935, buried there, former resident of Trimble Co., wife of Ben Welch, 2 children, Frances and Bryan B. Welch.

WELCH, Florence, 71, Halfway Inn died 25 Sep 1941, bur. IOOF Carrollton, b. Trimble Co. 17 May 1870, (d/o Thomas D. and Elma Glass Kendall.) m. 10 Sep 1889 to JOHN R. WELCH, 1 child Effie Clara Welch who died 1924, she leaves a grandson Howard Rand McEndre whom she reared from infancy, 1 sister Sofia Ward, (Mrs. E. M. Ward. The mother's name was Elba not Elma. She was the daughter of Gabriel Glass.)

WELCH, George W., 84, Mercer Co. died 20 Mar 1947, bur. Mt. Carmel Cem., b. Carroll Co. 30 Nov 1862, eldest s/o Robert and Mary Whitaker Welch. m. 18 Jun 1894 to HANNAH CHANDLER, she died May 1906, 5 ch. 1 died 3 yrs ago and 1 died in infancy, survived by 3 dau. Mrs. Alvin Jones, Mrs. Ira Young and Mrs. Bruce Moore. A dau. Mrs. Virginia Hawkins by his 2nd marriage. His present wife MRS. SUSIE NEAL WELCH whom he m. 26 Apr 1928 and a sister Mrs. Nola Smith also survive.

WELCH, James Robert, 72, Madison, IN died 8 Nov 1934, buried Moffett Cemetery, native of Carroll Co.,KY, former resident of Trimble Co., his wife MARY WELCH, died 1918, survived by 11 children, Lee, Clarence, Noble, Joe, Howard, Edward, Newton, Mrs. Laura Graves, Mrs. Pearl Myers, Mrs. Stella Davis and Mrs. Carrie Bebout, 1 sister, Mrs. Sarah Johnson.

WELCH, John Robert, 70, died 8 Jan 1939, bur. IOOF Carrollton, b. 29 Aug 1868, Trimble Co., m. 10 Sep 1879 (1889) to FLORENCE KENDALL, 1 daughter Effie McEndre died 14 years ago. Surv. by wife, grandson Howard Rand McEndre. Note: Marriage date has to be wrong in obituary. 1900 census gives married 10 years.

WELCH, Margery Lou, 2, near Bedford died 31 May 1931, buried IOOF Bedford, d/o Mr. and Mrs. Shirley Welch, survived by parents and 7 brothers and sisters, Dixie, Odel, Daniel, Myrle, Denzil, Douglas and Wanda Welch.

WELCH, Mary C., 77, Central Hotel, Madison, IN died 17 May 1929, buried Moffett Cem. born and reared in Milton, d/o late Demarcus Brown, m. WILLIAM F. WELCH, now dec'd. 1 son, Dora Welch, 2 sisters, Mrs. Victor L. Miles and Mrs. Calvin Kemp.

WELCH, Ora, 50, Milton hilltop died 20 Jul 1937, buried Moffett Cem., b. 10 Nov 1887, s/o late Jesse Welch, m. ROSIE WINGHAM, d/o Mr. and Mrs. Ira Wingham, survived by widow, 2 sons, Lawrence and Roy Welch and 2 brothers. Ora Welch graduated from the Bedford High School, he and Mrs. Ben Ball being the first students in the county to complete the course after the high school was reorganized.

WELLS, Lawrence, (37,) died 17 Jan 1934 at Soldiers home near Cincinnati, OH, buried Moffett Cemetery, former resident of Trimble Co., s/o late Mr. and Mrs. James Wells. Survived by 2 brothers, Clarence and William Wells, sister, Mrs. Iva Ward.

WELTY, Francis Joseph, 82 died 20 Feb 1947, bur. Moffett Cem., b. near Drennon Springs, Henry Co. 1 Nov 1864, 4th child of John B. and Rosa (Kalusy) Welty moved to the Welty home near Bedford when he was 4 years old. He spent the rest of his life in Trimble Co. Moved on hill above Milton 41 yrs ago. m. BETTY BALL, d/o Dick and Mary Jane Ball of Bedford. After her death, m. 2nd to AMANDA SPILLMAN, d/o Wm. and Catherine Spillman, she died and he m. 3rd 23 Apr 1902 to HETTIE JANE BURNETT and to this union 5 ch. were born. Survived by widow, children, Allie May Hounchell, Virginia Wheeler, Virgil, William and Daniel Wheeler, 3 sis. Mrs. Lizzie Stout, Mrs. Dollie Lehue and Mrs. Julia Schirmer, 2 bro. Clarence Arnold and Scott Welty. Preceded by 4 sis. Rosa, Margaret, Lula and Ella, 3 bro. Charles, John and D. A. (Andrew) Welty.

WELTY, Nancy Jane, still born 1 Nov 1946, d/o Virgil and Alice Ginn Welty. Data from funeral record.

WELTY, Roxie Hunter, 56, died 21 Dec 1941, bur. IOOF Bedford. b. 18 Jul 1886, (d/o William B. and Malissa E. Stark Hunter.) m. 9 May 1917 to W. S. WELTY, son William Berry Welty, 5 bro. S. S., Grover, Berry, Fred and Lee Hunter, 2 sis. Mrs. Leonard Beetem and Mrs. Robert McEndre.

WENTWORTH, Charles Addison, infant, Indiana died 10 Jul 1928, buried IOOF Bedford s/o Mr. and Mrs. Allen Wentworth, Brooksburg, IN.

WENTWORTH, Emma, 55, died 5 Dec 1930, buried IOOF Bedford, b. Boone Co., IN, 14 Mar 1875, d/o William J. and Bertha Ann Stroup, m. 14 Mar 1891, to JESSE C. WENTWORTH, 9 ch., all boys, the eldest, Shirley, died in infancy, Alva, Allen, Ralph, Frank, Jesse, Jr., Howard, Carroll and Raymond Wentworth survive. Note: Also survived by sister Mrs. Nettie Colbert, 2 brothers Alva and Gabriel Stroup.

WENTWORTH, James Allen, 67, Madison, IN died 21 Jun 1935, buried IOOF Bedford, born in Trimble Co., s/o late Anne and Joseph Wentworth, survived by widow, (LYDIA) WENTWORTH, and 6 ch., Mrs. Dulcie Sherman, Mrs. Goldie Pratt, Mrs. Ruth Dent, Mrs. Eunice Thomas, Cecil and Calvin Wentworth, 4 brothers, Stephen, Ezra, Jesse and Ernest Wentworth, 4 sisters, Mrs. Eliza Long, Mrs. Wash Kent, Mrs. Lula Tresler and Mrs. Elmer Handlon. He sold 5 acres of land to the school board at a very small figure for the Trimble County High School.

WENTWORTH, Mrs. Ralph, (Mimrel,) 22, Mt. Pleasant died 5 Apr 1928, buried IOOF Bedford, d/o T. J. Arnett, 2 children: Blanche and Douglas Wentworth.

WERKING, Barrett S., 47, Carrollton, KY died 5 Nov 1947, bur. IOOF Bedford, b. 1 Sep 1900 at Petersburg, VA. Survived by wife LOLA ALEXANDER WERKING, d/o Mr. and Mrs. Norvel Alexander, 2 sisters Mrs. Virginia Everhart and Pauline Werking, 2 brothers William and Ross Werking.

WEST, Dan, ca 30, colored, died 30 Aug 1933, buried Moffett Cem.

WESTOVER, William Everett, 57 died 9 Jan 1947, bur. Moffett Cem. b. Ripley Co., IN, 26 Aug 1889, s/o late William F. and (Hetty Mahoney) Westover. m. 18 Dec 1928 to EDNA MADDOX, who survives with 3 children, Emery, Charles and Keith Allen Westover, bro. Elvin Westover, half?bro. George.

WHEELER, Aaron Lamar, 11, Burrows died 19 Jan 1938, buried IOOF Bedford, s/o Mr. and Mrs. Alton Wheeler, b. 12 May 1926, survived by parents, 1 bro. L. J. Wheeler, 3 sisters, Opal, Betty Jean and Mary Carolyn Wheeler.

WHEELER, Brewer, 18, Hickory Grove died 12 Feb 1930, buried IOOF Bedford, s/o Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Wheeler, 4 bro., Alton, Roy, Henry and Gilbert Wheeler, 1 sister Mrs. Buelah Whitely.

WHEELER, Elizabeth (Maxfield,) 85, died 17 Mar 1928, buried IOOF Bedford, widow of SAMUEL WHEELER, 2 dau., Mrs. Fred McDonald and Mrs. Henry Norvell.

WHEELER, Ethel LaVon, almost 2, Hickory Grove died 9 Oct 1930, buried IOOF Bedford d/o Mr. and Mrs. Alton Wheeler, 1 bro. Aaron, 1 sis. Opal Wheeler.

WHEELER, Isabella McDowell, 68 died 27 Feb 1944, buried IOOF Bedford, b. 10 Jul 1876, d/o late Indiana Gillespie and William McDowell. m. 10 Oct 1896 to L. E. WHEELER who died 8 yrs ago. Survived by 1 sis. Ollie Staples, 3 step-sons and 1 step-dau. Also preceded by 1 bro. and 2 sis.

WHEELER, J. D., 63, Hickory Grove died 2 Feb 1933, buried IOOF Bedford. Survived by widow, BETTY WHEELER, 5 ch., Mrs. Beulah Whitely, Gilbert, Henry, Alton and Roy Wheeler, 1 brother, Walter Wheeler, 2 sisters Mrs. Lydia Staples and Mrs. J. G. Lee.

WHITAKER, Benjamin Franklin, 64, died 14 Jul 1945, bur. IOOF Bedford. b. Trimble Co., 21 Sep 1880, s/o late William and Hannah Elizabeth (Kersey?) Whitaker, m. LIZZIE BRYAN KINCHELOE on 27 Feb 1906. Survived by widow, 1 dau. Mrs. Cleo Ralston, 2 sisters Mrs. Mary Harmon and Mrs. Vera Hayes, 2 bro. Sherman and Ora Whitaker.

WHITAKER, Elizabeth, 85, Louisville, KY died 30 Jul 1937, brought to Campbellsburg, buried there. Former resident of Trimble Co., survived by 3 dau., Mrs. Mary Harmon, Mrs. Lillie Boatwright and Mrs. Vera Hays, 3 sons, Sherman, Ben and Ora Whitaker, husband died 40 years ago.

WHITE, Julia, (56,) colored, Morton Ridge died 16 Nov 1941 bur. family Cem. on the Morton farm, d/o late W. H. "Sounder" Morton.

WHITE, Pattie, (60,) died Louisville, KY died 7 Dec 1930, buried IOOF Bedford, d/o late Dr. John H. Hardin of Liberty, MO. Granddaughter of late William Hardin of Bedford, returned to KY in 1914, survived by brother, Dr. William R. Hardin, son, John H. White. Aunts, Mrs. Carrie L. Hood and Mrs. Ophelia Buchanan of Bedford.

WHITELY, Beulah Wheeler, 50, died 24 Jul 1938, buried IOOF Bedford, born Trimble Co., 3 Jul 1888 (d/o J. D. and Bettie Martin Wheeler), m. 27 Dec 1910 to CLARENCE L. WHITELY, 2 children, Anna Bess and Jack C. Whitley, the later preceded her to the grave about 4 months ago. Survived by mother, 4 brothers, Henry, Alton, Roy and Gilbert Wheeler.

WHITELY, Clarence, 63, Indianapolis, IN died 29 Mar 1946, bur. IOOF Bedford, b. Henry Co. 1 Apr 1883, s/o late Joseph A. and Annie Harris Whitely. He resided in Trimble Co. and Carroll Co. and the past 25 yrs in Indpls. m. 27 Dec 1910 to BEULAH WHEELER of this county, she died 1938. 2 ch. Mrs. Kenneth Crouch and a son Jack Whitely, dec'd. Survived by dau. 2 bro., Leonard and Chan Whitely, a sis. Mrs. Shirley Driskell.

WHITELY, Jack C., 18, Carrollton, KY died 17 Mar 1938, buried IOOF Bedford. His parents, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Whitley and 1 sister, Bess Whitley survive, also his grandmother, Mrs. Betty Wheeler of Hickory Grove community who suffered the loss of another grandson two month ago.

WHITLEY, Mrs. Will, (Nannie B.,) 55, Sulphur died 7 Jul 1930, buried Sulphur Cem., the former Miss Spillman, survived by husband, and 3 children, Alva, Otis Whitley and Mrs. Hays Watkins, a brother, Lemuel Spillman.

WIGGINTON, Jasper Sidney, 61, died 15 Aug 1945, bur. Campbellsburg Cem., b. 7 Jan 1884, in Trimble Co. He was never married. Survived by 3 sisters Mrs. J. W. Demaree, Mrs. J. Arthur Mitchell and Mrs. Lawrence Mooney, 3 bro. J. E., R. A., and I. D. Wigginton.

WILHITE, Anna Mary Ward, 63, Patton's Creek died 24 Apr 1935, buried Sligo Cemetery, b. 24 Oct 1871, d/o Mr. and Mrs. Silas Ward, m. PASCHAL WILHITE, on 19 Feb 1889, 5 children, and husband Survived, Pascal, Everett and Carroll Wilhite, Miss Maude Reva Wilhite and Mrs. Grace Fendley, 3 half?bro., Leonard, Chester and Forest Ward, half?sis. Mrs. Dora Holley. Note: Anna's husbands' name should be ROUSAW O. WILHITE.

WILLETT, James W., 59, Fisher's Ridge died 14 Dec 1931, buried Moffett Cem., born Henry Co., 5 Dec 1872, 2 sisters, Mrs. Carrie Maddox and Mrs. C. H. Hay.

WILLIAMS, Alice, 58, Barebone died 25 Feb 1929, buried Family Cem., d/o late Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Adams, 1st m. JIM FARLEY, 4 children survive, Shelby and Rollie Farley, Mrs. Ben (Josie Floyd) Stockdale and Mrs. J. B. (Alene) Drake, m. 2nd JIM WILLIAMS, who survives with 1 daughter, Mrs. Ethel Rowlett.

WILLIAMS, Belle (Bryant,) ca 86, Providence died 10 Jun 1934, buried family grounds, m. THOMAS WILLIAMS, deceased, survived by 3 children, Mrs. Garvin Donnelly, Mrs. Arthecia McAlister and Carroll Williams.

WILLIAMS, Flora A., 74 died 20 Oct 1941, bur. IOOF Bedford. b. 5 May 1867, (d/o John and Margaret Bell Buchanan.) m. 30 Oct 1898 to J. I. WILLIAMS, who died 24 Nov 1927. Survived by 1 sis. Mrs. Ida Burton, 2 brothers John and Stephen Buchanan. She made her home with her niece, Mrs. D. V. Brown whom she reared.

WILLIAMS, Harlan Elisha, 49, Poplar Ridge died 4 Jul 1939, bur. Campbellsburg Cem. b. 7 Apr 1890, s/o Mary Powell and Elisha S. Williams. m. 1 Mar 1911 to CARRIE ALICE ARNOLD, 3 children Mrs. Raymond Wise, Glenn Lee and Jessie Eugene Williams. Also survived by 1 sister Mrs. Ora Adams, 1 brother Jesse E. Williams.

WILLIAMS, James, 15, died 6 May 1930, buried Mahoney Cem., b. July 1915, son of Mrs. Pearl (Mahoney} Williams, 5 brothers and 4 sisters, Lawrence, Sylvia, Guy, Ethel, Woodrow, Harry, Mary Jane, Lester and Sarah Williams. (s/o Rolla J. Williams, who died 1927.)

WILLIAMS, James Albert, 70 died 20 Oct 1943, bur. IOOF Bedford. b. 22 Aug 1873, s/o George and Mary F. Howell Williams. Wife, Chella Liter Williams. Data from funeral record.

WILLIAMS, John R., 74, near Bedford died 19 Mar 1936, buried IOOF Bedford, born Henry Co., 28 Feb 1862, last of 4 children, s/o Robert and Harriett Miles Williams, m. EMMA WALLER 20 Sep 1888 who survives.

WILLIAMS, Mrs. Lena, 77, Indiana died 15 Jan 1935, buried Fix burying ground at Wise's Landing.

WILLIAMS, Lilie G., 74, died 15 Mar 1949, buried Family Cem., on Louden farm, Providence area. Lilie Gertrude d/o late W. A. and Nancy McAlister. m. 28 Dec 1898 to OSCAR WILLIAMS who died 31 yrs ago. Their 6 ch. survive, Mrs. Sam (Lena Mae) Jackson, Mrs. Raymond (Ruby Frances) O'Neal, Mrs. Thurman (Ella Beatrice "Bea") Courtney, W. O. "Dick," Ollie Ray and Vernon Williams.

WILLIAMS, Mary C. (Gavigan,) 65, Madison, IN. In paper of 21 Mar 1929, buried ??, native of Trimble Co., wife of Richard Williams, who survives with 7 children, Thomas E., Fred, Hubert, Dillard Williams, Mrs. Agnes Mahoney, Mrs. Ethel Mahoney and Mrs. Cora Smith, 2 sisters, Mrs. Melvin Kinnett and Mrs. Elizabeth McDaniel, 1 bro. Thomas Cavigan. (Gavigan)

WILLIAMS, Naomi Caplinger, __, Pueblo, Colo. died 13 Jun 1936, resided there for 25 yrs wife of GEORGE D. WILLIAMS, Survived by husband, 4 ch. d/o Mr. and Mrs. Jim Caplinger, a sis. of Mrs. Tom Brent and Prof. Will Caplinger.

WILLIAMS, Pearl, ca 42, Trmble Co. Jailer died 13 Mar 1934, buried near Mt. Pleasant in Mahoney Cemetery, (b. 1892,) d/o Mr. and Mrs. Carey Mahoney, married ROLLIE WILLIAMS, he died 1927, 10 children, 9 survive, Lawrence, 21, Guy, 18, Sylvia, 17, Woodrow, 16, Ethel, 13, Mary Jane, 12, Harry, 11, Lester, 8, Sarah, 6, another son, James preceded her, survived by parents, 4 brothers, Clarence, Earl, Clinton and Wilson Mahoney, 3 sisters, Esther Williams, Pauline and Violet Mahoney.

WILLIAMS, Wilder, 68, Mt Pleasant died 17 Apr 1943, bur. IOOF Bedford, b. 13 Mar 1875, s/o late John and Jane Fisher Williams, he never married. Survived by brother, William Williams, a brother and 3 sisters preceded him.

WILLIAMSON, Charlie F., 83, Ewingsford died 4 Oct 1948, bur. IOOF Bedford, (b. 8 May 1865) m. in early manhood to Nola Bain who survives, together with 3 ch. Mrs. Frank (Zelpha) Beard, Mrs. William Egerton and Leslie Williamson.

WILLIAMSON, Hattie, 69, interred 15 Dec 1945, IOOF Bedford, b. near Vevay, IN, 9 Sep 1876, lived most of her life in Trimble Co. m. SAMUEL WILLIAMSON on 18 Feb 1895, 2 ch. Mrs. Gertie Angell and Beckham Williamson. Note: Marriage date 18 Feb 1895 or see below, 9 Feb 1897. Dates as given in obituaries.

WILLIAMSON, Sam, 68, resident of Bedford for 33 years died 12 Feb 1941, buried IOOF Bedford. b. Milton, KY 7 Sep 1872, s/o late George and Mary Mershon Williamson. m. 9 Feb 1897 to HATTIE SHERMAN, children, Mrs. Harry Angell and Beckham Williamson, 1 sister, Mrs. Lula Brown, 2 brother, Charles Williamson.

WILLIS, Esther Victoria Hudson "Aunt Dolly," 87, Hanover, IN died 8 Jul 1937, buried IOOF Bedford, b. Trimble Co., 6 Mar 1850, d/o Rev. and Mrs. Allen Hudson, she was 6th child of 12, 3 of whom survive, Mrs. Nannie Joyce, Mrs. Mattie Barnes and Mrs. Elva Joyce, m. to W. G. WILLIS, at age 23, 3 children, survive, Allen, Elizabeth and Tom (William T.) Willis. (Her husband, William Granville Willis d. 1905.)

WILLIS, Nannie, 81, Pleasant Retreat died 8 Apr 1928, buried Moffett Cem. b. 29 Mar 1847, d/o Hon. George Pryor, widow of JOHN P. WILLIS, survived by 2 daughters, Mrs. W. T. Luckett and Mrs. H. M. Hampton, sister, Mrs. James Strother, 2 brothers, W. C. and Ab Pryor.

WILSON, James W., 73, died 14 Dec 1937, buried Carmel Cemetery, survived by wife, and 1 son, Herbert Wilson, 3 brothers, Neal, Henry and Levi Wilson.

WILSON, Louise Marie Scholey, 38 died 16 Jan 1946, bur. Mt. Carmel Cem., b. 4 Sep 1907, (d/o Fred and Lena Niehouse Scholey.) m. 3 Jul 1938 to HERBERT WILSON, who surv. with 2 ch. Danna Mae, age 6, and Jimmie, age 3, her mother Mrs. Lena Scholey, 5 sisters Mrs. Anna Obertate, Mrs. Mary Pulliam, Mrs. Emma Knox, Mrs. Lizzie Sachleben and Mrs. Clara Walkenhorst, 2 brothers John and Henry Scholey. Preceded by 1 brother. (Fred Scholey died 31 May 1938.)

WINGHAM, James Henry, 67, near Milton died 19 Jun 1946, buried Moffett Cem., b. 18 Apr 1897, s/o late Benjamin and Virginia (Perry) Wingham, m. 19 Mar 1902, to (ROSE) EFFIE GREEN who surv. with 10 of their 14 ch. Clifford, Ted, Paul, Bill, Mrs. Hazel Harmon, Mrs. Hester Raker, Mrs. Edna Gross, Mrs. Della Taylor, Mrs. Charlotte Kendall and Dorothy Wingham, 2 sisters Mrs. Lillie Scalf and Mrs. W. A. Scalf.

WINGHAM, James P. (Parker), 77, South of Milton died 4 Dec 1933, buried Moffett Cem. (b. 29 Jul 1856, s/o late James W. and Frances Monroe Wingham) 1st m. MISS MARTHA E. ROSE, who died 10 Sep 1926, 2 ch., Rev. A. E. and Ira Wingham, m. 2nd MRS. ALICE HOLDEN, of Indpls., IN, 14 Feb 1928 who survives, 1 sister, Mrs. Albert Goins, 1 bro., Nathan Wingham.

Wingham, Robert Graves, 7 mo, Leeport died 26 Jul 1932, buried Moffett Cem., s/o Mr. and Mrs. Delmer Wingham.

WINGHAM, Shirley Ann, 4 years old died 11 May 1946, bur. Moffett Cem., b. 9 Feb 1942, d/o Bud and (Virginia Andrew) Wingham. Surv. by parents, sis. Carolyn Sue Wingham, grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Ira Wingham, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Andrew, great-grandparents Mr. and Mrs. James McClure and Mr. Everett Andrew.

WINGHAM, Virginia Bell, 77, Carmel died 21 Feb 1930, buried Moffett Cem., b. 3 Jan 1853, d/o Mr. and Mrs. Henry Perry, widow of BENJAMIN WINGHAM, 11 ch., 4 survive, Henry Wingham, Mrs. George Young, Mrs. W. A. Scalf and Mrs. Robert Scalf.

WINTERS, William, 57, died 1 Sep 1930, buried ??, lived in North Madison 10 yrs, a former resident of Hunter's Bottom. Survived by wife OMA WINTERS, d/o late John Armstrong, a resident of Canip, son, Virgil Winters, daughter, Mrs. Wayne Morgan.

WISE, Archie, 77, died Nabb, IN died 2 Nov 1937, buried Corn Creek Cem., born and reared in Trimble Co., survived by 3 daughters, Mrs. Porter Wise, Mrs. Oather Owen and Mrs. Ben Crafton. (Archie, s/o James and Virginia Huff Wise.)

WISE, Archie, Jr., 63, Indianapolis, IN died 4 Aug 1930, buried Moffett Cem., born and reared near Milton, Survived by 4 daughters and 3 brothers, Irvin, Redford and James Wise. The late Mrs. Sidney Bare was a sister. Preceded by wife about 20 years ago.

WISE, Gilbert, 45, Indianaoplis, IN died 12 Jan 1945, bur. Moffett Cem., b. Trimble Co., s/o late Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Wise, surv. by widow and daughter.

WISE, Irvin, __, Indianapolis, IN died 2 Oct 1942, bur. Moffett Cem. 1874?1942, leaves a son Gilbert Wise, 2 bro., James Wise, other not named. (Wife was LAURA HOWARD, d/o V. O. Howard, she died 9 Dec 1934. Ervin was s/o James and Virginia Huff Wise.)

WISE, Mrs. Ervin (Laura C.), 58, Indianapolis, IN died 7 Dec 1934, or 9 Dec ?, buried Moffett Cem. b. Owen Co., KY, 24 Jan 1876, d/o the late V. O. Howard, survived by husband, ERVIN WISE, 1 son, Gilbert Wise, 3 sis., Mrs. Ida Huff, Mrs. Herbert Smith and Mrs. Fal Branham. WISE, James L., (75, b. 1871) died 5 Apr 1947, bur. IOOF Bedford, s/o late James and Nancy Pool Wise, surv. by 2 sis. Mrs. J. C. Yager and Mrs. Perry Stoner. Preceded by 3 brothers Bradley, Richard and George Wise, 2 sisters Shellie and Ellen Wise.

WISE, Mrs. Lee (Lydia B.), 44, below Milton died 9 Dec 1936, buried Moffett Cemetery, survived by husband LEE WISE, 1 son, Buford Wise, her father, Garland B. Henry.

WISE, Mae Browning, 53, Indianapolis, IN. In paper 16 Dec 1943, buried ? Born and reared in Bedford, until married, d/o Frank and Mary Browning. Survived by husband Barney Wise, 2 daughters Catherine Price and Lorene Price, 3 sisters and 3 bro. Louise, Herman, James, Wilbur, Elva and Hazel.

WISE, Mary, 79, Fisher's Ridge near Milton died 4 May 1931, buried Moffett Cem., born in Missouri, widow of JAMES T. WISE, who died 11 Apr 1927, 3 sons. Ealy, Noah and Porter A. Wise.

WISE, Redford, 68, Indianapolis, IN died 25 Jun 1947, bur. Moffett Cem., former res. of Trimble Co., moved to Indpls. 25 yrs ago, he was s/o James and Virginia (Huff) Wise. In 1899, m. ADDIE WOOD, 4 ch. Goebel, Cecil and Raymond Wise and Mrs. Hazel Harrod. In 1922, m. 2nd to VADA BROWN, 3 ch. Larry and Marshal Wise and Mrs. Dorothy Haflen. Surv. by wife, children and a brother James Wise.

WISE, William Bradley, 78, died 6 Jun 1943, bur. IOOF Bedford. b. 11 Sep 1864, (s/o James and Nancy Pool Wise.) m. CARRIE EVAN GARRIOTT. Surv. by 6 dau. and 3 sons, Mrs. Mollie Kent, Mrs. Shelby Staples, Mrs. Lloyd Staples, Mrs. Joe Callis, Mrs. Gilbert Lebangood, Mrs. Edward Engle, Howard, Roben and Kermit Wise. 2 sons preceded him. Also surv. by 2 sis. and a bro. (James Wise.)

WISE, (Willie V..) 47, Milton died 13 May 1933, buried Moffett Cem., ( nee Howard,) Survived by husband JAMES WISE, 5 children: Viola, Curtis, Elwood, Gervin and Keith Wise, 4 sisters, Mrs. Irvin Wise, Mrs. Herbert Smith, Mrs. Ida Huff and Mrs. Sallie Branham.

WISEMAN, Jennie, 75, near Madison, IN died 25 Aug 1944, buried Springdale Cem., former res. of Trimble Co. (d/o Merady and Permelia Smith Alexander.) Survived by husband John Wiseman, 2 sons Robert and Paul Wiseman, 1 dau. Mrs. Jesse (Zula M.) Smitha, 1 sister Mrs. Marsha Chatham of Milton.

WOOD, Albert, 71, Carrollton, KY died 15 Mar 1940, bur. IOOF Bedford, native of Trimble Co. b. 28/8 Feb 1869, s/o Washington and Sarah (E. Babcock) Wood. m. 29 Nov 1893 to DRUSCILLA MARTIN, she died 6 yrs ago, 6 ch. 2 dec'd. Lawrence and Leslie. Living are, Martin, Robert, Charlie and Mrs. Margeurite Bell, 1 brother Rev. William Wood.

WOOD, Charles P., 67, Leeport died 3 Jan 1932, buried IOOF Bedford, born Louisville, b. 27 Aug 1864, m. Feb 1898 to AGNES V. SOMERVILLE, who preceded him in death 17 Oct 1921. He was a brother to Rev. W. A. M. Wood, a sister, Mrs. George A. Somerville.

WOOD, Mrs. Albert (Drusilla), 57, Bedford died 9 Apr 1934, buried IOOF Bedford, born and reared in Trimble Co. (nee Martin,) survived by husband, Albert Wood, dau., Mrs. J. Richard Bell, 3 sons, Martin, Charlie and Robert Wood.

WOOD, Etta Young, __, (stone has Woods,) Madison, IN died 7 Mar 1939, buried Moffett Cem., b. (1874) and reared in Palmyra neighborhood, widow of late Joseph Wood(s), survived by sister Mrs. Mary K. Miller.

WOOD, G. A., __, Chelsea, IN. In paper 21 Jan 1943, buried ?, s/o late L. M. and Rebecca Wood. Survived by wife, dau. Pearl Wood, sis. Mrs. Levi Wilson, 3 bro. John, William and E. A. Wood.

WOOD, Giles Hancock, 68 died 2 Feb 1945, buried Mt. Carmel Cem., b. Trimble Co. 9 Oct 1876, almost all her life was spent in Carmel neighborhood. The d/o (late James and Leander Mitchell Hancock, reared by grandparents Amanda and Allen Mitchell after her parents death.) She m. JAMES C. WOOD. 10 ch. all survive but one dau. who died age 2 yrs. The names of ch. not given, from other sources they are: Durward B., Wilbur G., James H., Norvell V., Rev. Harry W. Wood, Mrs. Thelma Woods, Mrs. Geneva Coghill, Mrs. Helen Rowlett and Mrs. Grace Craft.

WOOD, Ida Ford, about 70, Carrollton, KY died 21 Apr 1938, buried same, she resided in Milton for a number of years, wife of THOMAS M. WOOD, survived by niece, Mrs. John R. Stout.

WOOD, James, nearly 90, Indianapolis, IN died 14 Jul 1939, buried Moffett Cemetery, born and reared in Trimble Co., grandfather of Mrs. Goebel Wise and Mrs. V. E. Graves. (Stone, James T. Wood, 1850 ? 1939.)

WOOD, Nannie, 88, Westfield, IN died 20 Mar 1938, buried Plainsville, widow of the late BUTLER WOOD, for many years a resident of Carmel neighborhood, surviving are children, Mrs. B. G. Holsclaw, Mrs. J. R. Bradley, Mrs. Richard Averitt, Mrs. Ira Holsclaw and Mr. James C. Wood.

WOOD, T. M., (Tom,) 82, Louisville, KY died 24 Dec 1945, buried ____ ?, b. Carroll Co., 23 Dec 1863, wife Ida Ford Wood died 8 years ago. Mr. Wood was post master at Milton for 2 terms, assisted the late John R. Ingles in the drug business for several years. Moved from Milton to Carrollton where he and his wife lived with a niece Mrs. John R. Stout until Mrs. Wood's death, moved to Louisville, KY to live with his half-sister Mrs. Belle Engleman.

WOOD, Thomas, 68, Indianapolis, IN died Nov 1936, Thanksgiving Day, buried Crown Hill Cem,. s/o late Butler Wood, born and reared in Trimble Co., survived by widow, (ADA W. WOOD), 2 sons, Marvin and Horace Wood, 1 dau., Mrs. Henry Young, his mother, Mrs. Nannie Wood, 1 bro., James Wood, 4 sis., Mrs. R. G. Averitt, Mrs. Ira M. Holsclaw, Mrs. B. A. Holsclaw and Mrs. J. R. Bradley.

WOOD, Virgil T. 74, Carrollton, KY died 19 Jul 1937, buried? b. Trimble Co., 28 Jun 1863, s/o Lyman Martin and Rebecca Chatham Wood, m. SALLIE WEATHERBEE, 1 dau. Mrs. Ida Hudson, both preceded him, m. 2nd LILLIE HILBERT who survives with 3 ch., Samuel and Thomas Wood and Mrs. Alvin Wood, Virgil was one of 10 ch. 2 preceded him, a sis. in infancy, a bro., Lyman a young man. Survivedby 3 sis. Mrs. Levi Wilson, Mrs. Nona Brooks and Mrs. B. H. Stewart, 4 bro., Abner, G. A., John M. and William Wood.

WOODS, Daniel B., 57, near Callis Grove died 11 Jul 1936, buried Moffett Cemetery, m. 16 Aug 1903 to EMMA HUFF, she with 1 son, James Woods, a grand?son, Paul G. Woods Survived, bro., Joe Woods, sis., Mrs. John Harsin.

WOODS, Joe, 59, North of Bedford died 30 Mar 1933, buried Moffett Cem., m. 37 yrs. ago to MISS ETTA YOUNG, no children, survived by 1 brother, Dan Woods, a sister, Mrs. John Harson.

WOODYARD, George, Jr., infant, interred 21 May 1936, IOOF Bedford, b. 20 May 1936, s/o Mr. and Mrs. George Woodyard, Frankfort, KY. Mrs. Woodford was formerly, Miss Kathleen Callis, d/o late Mr.and Mrs. Hannibal Callis.

WRIGHT, Alonzo, 76, Dupont, IN died 15 Jan 1947, body cremated, b. Carroll Co., KY on 12 May 1870, (s/o John Wesley and Mary "Polly" Welch Wright.) He m. MARY ALICE DUNN who died 45 years ago, 2 ch. Orville Wright, living and Boyd Wright who died in infancy. Also surv. by 2 bro. Jerome and Alf Wright.

WRIGHT, Eliza Jane, 69th yr. Providence died 3 May 1932, buried IOOF Bedford, d/o late William and Angeline Brent, wife of James T. Wright.

WRIGHT, Frank, 74, East of Bedford died 21 Oct 1930, buried IOOF Bedford, 4 brothers, George, Alec, Charles and James Wright, 2 sisters, Mrs. Mary Moore and a sister in Bullitt Co. Note: Frank was s/o N. B. and Elizabeth Alexander Wright.

WRIGHT, George W., 85 died 23 Jan 1945, buried IOOF Bedford, b. Trimble Co., 10 Jun 1861, s/o N. B. and Elizabeth Wright. m. 6 Aug 1882 to IDA HANCOCK. Surv. by wife, 4 dau. Mrs. Hallie Vories, Mrs. S. S. Hunter, Miss Mabel Wright and Mrs. A. L. Colbert, a brother Charles Wright, 2 sisters Mrs. Mary Moore and Mrs. Newt McAlister.

WRIGHT, Rev. James Edgar, 83 died 8 Aug 1945, bur. IOOF Bedford, b. Pendleton Co., 26 Nov 1861, s/o late Isham and Sarah Jacobs Wright, m. 14 May 1885 to ANNA HUFF who survives with 4 daughters Mrs. Jessie Averitt, Mrs. Ivy Wilson, Mrs. Minnie Damon and Miss Roberta Wright, 1 son James Edgar, Jr. Preceded by a daughter Mrs. Edna Harmon.

WRIGHT, James T., 74, below Ewingford died 10 Jun 1935, buried IOOF Bedford, b. Trimble Co., survived by 3 brothers, M. A., Charles and George Wright, sisters, Mrs, Mary Moore, Mrs. Kent McAlister and Mrs. Bettie Hisle. (James T, Wright m. ELIZA JANE BRENT, she died 3 May 1932.)

WRIGHT, Jesse B., 65, Indianapolis, IN died 17 Jul 1949, buried there. A former res. of Trimble Co., lived in IN the past 43 yrs. Surv. by widow MRS. MAE WRIGHT, 4 sis. Mrs. Mayme Greenwood, Mrs. Elizabeth Colbert, Mrs. Eva Colbert and Mrs. Ida Taylor, 2 bro. John W. and Joseph M. Wright.

WRIGHT, John H., 70, Patton's Creek died 6 Oct 1931, buried, family burying ground survived by widow ALICE ROBERTSON WRIGHT, 5 daughters, Mrs. Barker Thurman, Mrs. Oswald Berry, Mrs. Joe Spillman, Mrs. Roger Clifford and Mrs. Ed Waller, 3 sons, Grover, John and Cecil Wright, 2 sis., Mrs. Jossie Hoskins and Mrs. Kate Raney.

WRIGHT, John L., 81, Carrollton, KY died 24 Jul 1949, buried IOOF Bedford, b. Trimble Co. (20 Aug 1867), living here until 5 years ago when he moved to Carrollton, he was s/o Frank S. and Nancy Glass Wright. Surv. by 1 bro. Robert Wright, 2 sis. Mrs. Ada Pierson and Mrs. William Kreeger, 1 nephew Roy Wright. Note: ( Mrs. Kreeger is a niece not a sister.)

WRIGHT, M. A., 74, Bethel community died 31 May 1939, bur. IOOF Bedford, b. 9 Jun 1864, Trimble Co. east of Bedford, lived all his life in that community. (Milton Alec, s/o Napoleon and Elizabeth Alexander Wright.) m. MINNIE KEMPER who surv., 3 sons Walter, Carl and Archie Wright, another son Elmer died several years ago, 2 sis. Mrs. Mary Moore and Mrs. Newt McAllister, 2 bro. Charles and George Wright.

WRIGHT, Mary Rose, 60 died 24 Jun 1948, buried Mt. Carmel Cem., b. Trimble Co., 31 Jan 1888 d/o Wallace and (America "Kate" Graves) Rose, m. Aug 1913 to JEROME WRIGHT who surv., 6 ch. 4 living, Mrs. Owen McDole, Wilmer Wright, Delmer Wright and Daniel Wright, 5 step?children, names not given.

WRIGHT, Mollie, 64, of the Science Hollow community died 1 Oct 1936, buried IOOF Bedford b. 25 May 1872, d/o late W. M. and Elizabeth Tharp of Carroll Co., KY, m. 25 Jan 1898, LEON ELSTON who died 36 yrs. ago. m. 2nd, on 12 Aug 1911 to CHARLIE WRIGHT who Survived, dau., Mrs. Wilbur Branch, 2 step?dau. Mrs. Sam Moore and Mrs. Will Devine, 3 sis., Mrs. Armilda Jackson, Mrs. Julia Jordon and Mrs. Bertha Peal, 4 bro., Albert, Louis, Taylor and Jesse Tharp.

WRIGHT, Polly, (83,) Madison Hospital died 18 Jan 1933, buried Carmel Cem., a widow, (d/o David Welch, Jr. and Manerva Long Welch, b. 1850,) survived by 3 sons, Alonzo, J. D. and Alf Wright.

WRIGHT, Miss Sallie, 68, died Carrollton, KY died 5 Feb 1934, buried IOOF Bedford, b. and reared in Science Hollow neighborhood, sis., Mrs. S. A. Colbert.

WRIGHT, Sallie Green, 68, near Monitor died 13 Dec 1936, buried IOOF Carrollton, (d/o John J. and Nancy Yarber Green,) m. to NOAH WRIGHT, husband and 5 of their 7 children, survive, Goldie and Alvin Wright preceded her. Surviving are, Mrs. Roberta Kiper, Mrs. Pauline Taylor, Grover, Gilbert and Victor, a brother, Talton Green.

WRIGHT, William Allen, 25, died 18 Oct 1936 at home of his wife's father, Dr. W. P. Bell, Bedford, buried English Cemetery, s/o Leslie Wright, born and reared in Carroll Co., m. 8 Oct 1936 to ETHEL MAE BELL, survived by 1 brother, Joseph Erskine Wright, grandmother, Mrs. Mary Wright, wife and parents. He died of Rocky Mountain Fever.

WRIGHT, Wilson, 21, died 21 Feb 1933 near Bedford, buried IOOF Bedford, s/o Mr. and Mrs. Carl Wright, survived by parents, 2 brothers, Wallace and Raymond Turner Wright. 1 sister, Thelma Wright.

WRIGHT, Zack, 70, North Vernon, IN died 10 Dec 1948, buried there ? He is survived by 2 children and a brother Carl Wright. (Carl Wright was b. Trimble Co. the s/o Newt and Ollie Waller Wright. From Carl's obit in 1961.)

WYATT, Leon Taylor, 85, Campbellsburg, KY, died 15 Mar 1934, buried same, b. Carroll Co., 3 Nov 1848, s/o late George and Melinda Wyatt, the 2nd of 7 sons only one left, Rev. W. F. Wyatt. m. FANNIE CAPLINGER, 26 Mar 1872, she died 25 years ago, 5 daughters, Lora and Mayme now dec'd., surviving are Mrs. Georgia Corbin, Mrs. C. S. Norvell and Mrs. E. L. Averitt.

WYATT, Roxie, 77, (Roxanna), Bedford, died 13 Apr 1933, buried IOOF Bedford, d/o Joseph and Elizabeth Shannon Staten, b. Trimble Co., 2 Sep 1855, m. 25 Feb 1875 to FIELDING BELL WYATT, dec'd. 37 years ago, 7 children, 2 sons and 5 daughters., 4 daughters survive, Mrs. J. D. Hutcherson, Mrs. D. L. Bell, Mrs. Charles Bartholemew and Mrs. H. P. Abbott, 1 brother, J. T. Staten, 1 sister, Mrs. Bettie Dawkins.

WYATT, Sallie Hawkins, 65, Locust, died 13 Mar 1938, buried IOOF Carrollton, d/o Mr. and Mrs. Jake Hawkins, b. 3 Dec 1872 on Little Kentucky. Survived by husband, JOHN WYATT, 2 sons, William and Strother Wyatt, 3 sisters, Mrs. Jesse Davis, Mrs. Tandy Welch and Mrs. Emma Brown, 2 brothers, John and Joseph Hawkins.

YAGER, Julian T., 52, Oldham Co., died 27 Dec 1927, buried LaGrange Cem., s/o Mrs. Kate Yager, husband of ANNA J. SNEED YAGER, 2 sons, J. Sneed Yager and Charles G. Yager, dau., Anabine Yager, 2 bro., R. G. and J. W. Yager.

YAGER, Junie, 48, Indianapolis, IN died 16 Oct 1940, buried Washington Park Cemetery, born and reared in Trimble Co. Surv. by 2 ch. Manfield and Joann Yager, father J. C. Yager, 2 sisters Mrs. Hallie Maxfield and Miss Bessie Yager, half-sis. Mrs. Claude Santz, 2 half bro. Allen and Kalfus Yager.

YAGER, Laura Belle, 76, Sligo died 14 Sep 1945, buried Sligo Cem., a native of Oldham Co., a lifelong res. of Sligo area, d/o James and Jane Kelly Melvin. m. 1887 to WILLIAM YAGER, surv. by children, Mrs. William Powell, Mrs. William Callis, Jack, Clarence, Joe and William Yager.

YAGER, Martha Belle Garrett, ca 72, S. of Bedford, died 26 Dec 1937, buried IOOF Bedford, d/o Mr. and Mrs. Richard Garrett, (b. 1865), m. RAS YAGER, a school teacher of this county. 2 ch., a dau., Salita, dying in infancy, survived by son, Luther C. Yager, a former sheriff of Trimble Co., 2 sisters, Mrs. James Craig and Mrs. Elmer Staples, 3 brothers, Robert L., Lum and Oscar Garrett. Ras died 27 years ago, Martha is buried beside him in IOOF Cemetery, Bedford, KY.

YAGER, Rose, 76, Shelbyville, died 14 Apr 1933, buried IOOF Bedford, former resident of Trimble Co., widow of Dr. CHAN YAGER, who died 22 yrs ago, survived by 1 son, George Yager, 1 daughter, Mrs. E. W. Cunningham.

YANCEY, Mary D., 62, Milton, died 4 Jun 1937, buried Carrollton Cem., born Owen Co., 8 Feb 1875, survived by husband, HENRY YANCEY, 2 sons, Edgar and Roy Yancy, 2 daughters, Mrs. Gilbert Wright and Mrs. William Ashby.

YEAGER, William Thomas "Tom", 77, Providence area died 24 Sep 1944, buried IOOF Bedford. b. 23 Nov 1867, s/o late Flemming and Hannah Yeager, 1st m. to ADLINE HUSTON who died many yrs ago, 2nd m. MARY MARGARET LOUDEN in 1900, she surv. with 1 dau. Mrs. W. T. Poe, also a bro. Tilton Yeager.

YORK, J. E. "Al", ca 80, Indianapolis, IN died 26 Oct 1939, former resident of Trimble Co., m. sister of James Bayne. He leaves 1 sis. Mrs. Lute Graves.

YOUNG, Annie Florence, 65, died 8 Apr 1942, buried Carmel Cemetery, b. 31 Oct 1876, d/o late Benjamin and Jennie Perry Wingham. m. 2 May 1894 to GEORGE R. YOUNG, who survives, 6 children Earl DeWitt and Ira Rollin, twins, Mrs. (Iona) Leslie Bright, Mrs. Gladys Coghill, Nellie Young, Mrs. Helen Garriott. Gladys and Nellie preceded her, 1 brother Henry Wingham, 2 sisters Mrs. Lillie Scalf and Mrs. Minnie Scalf.

YOUNG, Cora, 68, died 6 Mar 1930, buried IOOF Bedford, born Indiana, d/o Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Brewington, widow of JOHN J. YOUNG, survived by father, 1 sister, Mrs. Claude Vetter, Calif.

YOUNG, Harold DeWitt, (35,) died 25 Sep 1947, bur. IOOF Carrollton, s/o Mr. and Mrs. DeWitt Young. Survived by parents, widow DOROTHY GRIFFIN YOUNG, sister Mrs. Vaughn Powell and a brother Robert Young.

YOUNG, Motie, 87, died Danville, KY, died 2 Dec 1932, buried Lexington, KY, resident of Bedford, d/o late Mr. and Mrs. James Young, b. 10 May 1845, Survived by 1 sister, Mrs. Addie English, 2 brothers, Capt. Robert H. Young and John J. Young preceded her in death.

YOUNG, W. D., (DeWitt, 72,) upper Hunter's Bottom died 14 Sep 1948, buried IOOF Carrollton, survived by son, Robert Young, dau. Mrs. Vaughn Powell. This is the 5th sudden death in this family since last September 25 when Harold Dee, Mr. Young's son drowned in the Ohio River.

ZERFOSS, Lewis Frank, __, Franklin, TN died 26 Jul 1945, buried IOOF Bedford, b. 8 Jan 1862 at Hummelstown, PA, s/o Samuel and Fannie Zerfoss. He came to Kentucky in 1888 and became county school superintendent after which he practiced law. Moved away from Trimble Co. in 1901. He was preceded in death by his wife, the former ELIZABETH PEAK, d/o W. F. Peak. Survived by sons Tom Bowman, George Ernest and Karl Peak Zerfoss.

ZERFOSS, Lizzie Peak 72, Lexington, KY,died 3 Apr 1937, buried IOOF Bedford, born and reared, married and lived most of her life at Bedford, survived by husband, L. F. ZERFOSS, 3 sons, Professor Carl, Dr. Tom and George Zerfoss, 3 brothers, Judge George W., Judge R. F., and D. H. Peak.

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