The record of deaths were taken from microfilm and the books of papers,
THE TRIMBLE DEMOCRAT for the years 1970 through 1979.

Everything enclosed in ( parentheses ) was added from another source, burial records, TRIMBLE COUNTY KENTUCKY CEMETERIES, some reference to 1870 census of Trimble County, and some from family research. All notes were added by and not contained in the obituary. Permission to use at the Trimble County Kentucky Genealogy site from the Trimble County Historical Society, Trimble County, Kentucky. I would like to thank them for making this resource available.

LANNING, Roger Lee, 27, Bedford, died 6 Jul 1971, bur. IOOF Bedford. Korean War veteran, (Born Chauncey, OH. 10 Oct 1943.) Survived by wife, KAREN LANNING, twin sons, Matthew and Mark, age 7 years, dau., Lori Lanning, age 5 years, his father, Willard (or William} Lanning, his mother, Aurilia (or Orvella) Burgess.

LAW, Bertha C., 53, R.3, Milton, died 2 Jan 1971, bur. Moffett Cem. Native of Franklin Co., KY (Born 23 Apr 1918,) lived most of her life in Trimble Co. Survived by parents, Robert and Lucy Jackson Craig, dau., Mrs. Doris Durand, son, Larry Law, bro., Thomas Craig, sis., Mrs. Rosa Stewart. Preceded by husband CLAUDE LAW, in 1965.

LAW, Chester B., 76, Prospect, KY, died 1/8 Nov 1971, bur. Brownsbro, KY. Native of Trimble Co. Survived by 2 dau., Mrs. Ben Wahl and Mrs. James R. Vaughn, 1 bro., Mac Law, 2 sis., Mrs. Reva Samples and Mrs. Allene Spillman.

LAW, Forest McMahan, 70, Bedford, died 5 Mar 1974, bur. IOOF Bedford. Born Trimble Co. (25 Oct 1903,) s/o John Oliver and Frances Temple Law. Survived by 2 sons, Neal and John Law, 3 dau., Mrs. Mackey Gibb, Mrs. Joyce Law and Mrs. Elizabeth Schemeddint, sis., Mrs. Alene Spillman.

LAW, Lester Raymond, 72, Milton, died 2 Nov 1978, bur. Moffett Cem. (Born 28 Oct 1906, s/o Ballard and Rachel Boldery Law.) Survived by wife, PAULINE (BECRAFT) LAW, 1 sis., Mrs. Pansy White, 2 bro., Woodrow and Hobby Wilford Law. Preceded by 2 bro.

LAWSON, Kathryn, 38, Hanover, IN, died 3 Apr 1974, bur. Moffett Cem. Born Green Co., IN 19/29 Jun 1935, d/o Bert and Mabel Kelsey Hill. Married. Data from funeral record. Note: Tornado victim.

LAWSON, Marc, 2, Hanover, IN, died 3 Apr 1974, bur. Moffett Cem. Born Jefferson Co., IN 11 Aug 1971, s/o Tom and Kathryn Hill Lawson. Data from funeral record. Note: Tornado victim.

LAWSON, Mary H., 79, R.2, Bedford, died 18 Jan 1970, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Trimble Co. 23 Feb 1890, d/o John and Nancy Maxwell Hosley.) Widow of SAM LAWSON. Survived by 4 step-ch., Emmett Lawson, Mrs. Cornelia Lynch, Mrs. Mabel Alexander and Mrs. Jessie Talley. Preceded by 2 sis.

LAWSON, Mortie Forrest, 67, R.3, Bedford, died 19 Mar 1979, bur. Campbellsburg, KY. Born Trimble Co. 4 Apr 1911, s/o James William and Eddie Jane Purvis Lawson. Data from funeral record.

LEACH, Andrew Wilson, 54, R.1, Bedford, died 8 Dec 1974, bur. IOOF Bedford. W.W.II veteran, (Born Trimble Co. 6 Apr 1920, s/o George Franklin and Hallie Sampson Leach.) Survived by wife, VINA STAPLES LEACH, 3 sons, Gary, John and Buford Leach, 4 dau., Mrs. Linda Fewell, Mrs. Connie Burnett, Mrs. Irene Gross and Mrs. Mary Napier, 1 sis., Mrs. Lawrence Andrew.

LEACH, John Tandy, 72, Indiana, died 7 Jul 1975, bur. IOOF Bedford. Survived by wife, RUBY CATHERINE GARRETT LEACH, 2 sis., Mrs. Anna McClain and Mrs. Vada Holland.

LEACH, Rosella, 56, Bedford, died 17 Aug 1970, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Gallatin Co., KY 21 Oct 1913, d/o John and Cory Beach Youngblood.) Survived by husband, RUSSELL LEACH, son, Joe Brennan, Jr., 2 bro., Ed and Allen Youngblood, a step-grandchild whom she reared, David Keith Chatham.

LEACH, Ruth Wingham, 76, Bedford, died 8 Sep 1974, bur. IOOF Bedford. Born Trimble Co. (25 Oct 1897, d/o Allie and Elizabeth Richmond Wingham.) Preceded by husband, SHIRLEY LEACH. Survived by 7 dau., Mrs. Mildred Sanders, Mrs. Doris Dunlap, Mrs. Wanda Lindsay, Mrs. Phyllis Craft, Mrs. Ruth Teats, Mrs. Elizabeth Porter and Mrs. Juanita Hackney, sons, Russell and Gayle Leach, sis., Naomi Watson, Mabel Phillips, Irene Meyers, Christene Darnell, Kathleen Kinman, Martha Renchler and Jewell Hilcord, 3 bro., Roy, Raymond and Joe Wingham. Preceded by bro., Omer Allen Wingham and 1 sis. Ruby Ellen Engle.

LEACH, Walter N., 68, New Albany, IN, died 19 Apr 1978, bur. there. (s/o James Samuel and Estella Ward Leach.) Survived by wife, EFFIE HORINE LEACH, 2 sons, Ronald and Darrell Leach, 2 dau., Mrs. Janice Barker and Mrs. Judy Caufield, 3 bro., Arthur, Elmo and James Leach, 4 sis., Mrs. Eunice Liter, Mrs. Iva Morgan, Mrs. Freida Conard and Mrs. Erma Craig.

LEACH, William Russell 57, R.2, Bedford, died 12 Feb 1975, bur. IOOF Bedford. Born Trimble Co. (20 Oct 1917,) s/o Shirley and Ruth Wingham Leach. Survived by wife RUBY SIMMONS LEACH, 2 sons, William Douglas and Darrell Leach, 6 dau., Mrs. Ruth Chatham, Mrs. Janice Banks, Mrs. Jo Carolyn Day, Mrs. Patricia Ellis, Mrs. Wanda Ogburn and Mrs. Sue Layton. Mother of his 8 ch. is Mrs. HELEN STOCKDALE LEACH, Milton, also survived by a grandchild David Chatham, whom he reared, 1 bro., Gayle Leach, 7 sis., Mrs. Wanda Lindsey, Mrs. Mildred Sanders, Mrs. Doris Dunlap, Mrs. Phyllis Craft, Mrs. Elizabeth Jo Porter, Mrs. Mary Ruth Teats and Mrs. Juanita Hackney.

LEACH, William Shirley, 75, Bedford, died 7 Aug 1970, bur. IOOF Bedford. Born Trimble Co. (31 Apr 1895, s/o Tom and Mary Andrew Leach.) Survived by wife, RUTH WINGHAM LEACH, 2 sons, Russell and Gayle Thomas Leach, 7 dau., Mrs. Juanita Hackney, Mrs. Mildred Sanders, Mrs. Doris Dunlap, Mrs. Wanda Lindsey, Mrs. Elizabeth Porter, Mrs. Mary Ruth Teats and Mrs. Phyllis Craft, 1 bro., Tandy Leach, 2 sis., Mrs. Anna McCain and Mrs. Vada Holland.

LEE, Hurley, 85, Indianapolis, died 28 Sep 1974, bur. IOOF Bedford. Born and raised near Bedford, (s/o Judge John W. and Sarah Gillis Lee.) Survived by wife, CARLEY LEE, dau., Mrs. Russel Right. He was the last of a family of 6 boys and 1 girl. Preceded by Robert E., John, Jesse, Joe and Tandy Lee and Mrs. Corinne Vanzanta.

LEE, James David 48, R.2, Bedford, died 16 Jul 1979, bur. IOOF Bedford. Veteran of the Korean War. (Born VA 7 Mar 1931, s/o George Washington and Eliza Jane Lee.) Survived by wife, GLORIA LOWERY LEE, sons, Jim, John and Carl Lee, step-sons, Steve, Rodney and Chris Powell, 2 bro., Burtis and Albert Lee, 3 sis., Mrs. Virginia Miller, Mrs. Nellie Miller and Mrs. Betty Parrish.

LEEP, Clyde, 67, Indianapolis, died 13 Aug 1971, bur. Moffett Cem. Born Trimble Co., s/o William and Lula Gibbons Leep. Survived by 1 son, William Clyde Leep, 1 bro., Homer Leep.

LEEP, Homer, 79, Madison, died 19 Jan 1979, bur. Moffett Cem. Born Trimble Co. (13 Jun 1899,) s/o William and Lula Gibbons Leep. Survived by son, John Leep, 3 dau., Mrs. Gladys Johnson, Mrs. June Egerton and Mrs. Anna Lee. Preceded by 1 sis. and 2 bro.

LEEP, Laura Virginia, 68, Madison, died 24 May 1970, bur. IOOF Bedford. Born 26 May 1902, d/o James and Daisy Brown Abbott. Married. Data from funeral record.

LEMON, Lottie M., 86, R.2, Milton, died 3 Jun 1973, bur. IOOF Bedford. Born Pendleton, KY, 30 Sep 1886, d/o John and Lou Barnett Mullikin. A widow. Data from funeral record.

LIMPERT, Pauline, 46, St. Louis, MO, died 18 Apr 1978, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Trimble Co. 1 Jan 1932,) d/o Bryan and Margaret Cundiff Eldridge. Survived by husband, JOSEPH L. LIMPERT, 2 dau., Mrs. Donna Jean Proctor and Mrs. Judy Lynn Lyons, 3 step-sons, Richard, Oliver and Joseph Limpert, her father and mother, 2 bro., Fred Eldridge and Ollie James Thomas.

LINDSEY, Daisy M., 81, Carrollton, KY, died 30 Sept 1975, bur. there. Born Trimble Co. d/o Dora and Ella Welty Spillman. Husband NOLAN LINDSEY, died 27 Oct 1963. Survived by sis., Mrs. Dora Bishop, son, Wilbur Lindsey and a dau. Mrs. Hazel Adams.

LINDSEY, John Henry, 79, Bedford, died 1/ 2 Dec 1972, bur. IOOF Bedford. Native of Turners Station, KY (born 28 Jan 1892, s/o Joe and Martha J. Garrett) Survived by wife, MARGARETTE BURROWS LINDSAY, son, Deward Lindsay, dau., Mrs. Dorothy Lawson, 3 bro., Jess, Tom and Willis Lindsay, half-bro., Joe Lindsay, 2 half-sis., Georgie Adcock and Elva Lindsay.

LINDSAY, Margarett, 87, R.2, Bedford, died 8 Feb 1975, bur. IOOF Bedford. Born Trimble Co. (8 Sep 1888,) d/o John Henry and Mary Etta Orr Burrows. Lived in the south section of the county all her life. Survived by son, Deward Lindsay, dau., Mrs. Dorothy Lawson. Preceded by husband, JOHN LINDSEY, 2 sis., Hetty Kendall and Letita Napier.

LITER, Allene, 63, Madison, died 11 Mar 1979, bur. Moffett Cem. Born Trimble Co. (29 May 1915,) d/o Vivian and Berdie Garrett McManis. Survived by son, Winston D. Jett (s/o Evan Jett,) dau., Barbara Hackney, sis., Theola Facemyer, 2 bro., Harold and Bobby McManis. Preceded by husband JOHN LITER, about 3 years ago.

LITER, John T., 65, Madison, died 4 May 1976, bur. Moffett Cem. Born Trimble Co. 20 Jun 1910, s/o Alvin and Delphia Mahoney Liter. Data from funeral record. Navy W.W.II veteran,

LITER, Lillian Pearl Bell, 95, died 13 Aug 1979, bur. IOOF Bedford. died Shepherdsville, KY. Lived for many years in the Poplar Ridge community, (born Boone Co, KY 20 Aug 1883, d/o Richard and Ella Skirvin Johnson.) Wife of the late ALBERT LITER. Survived by 1 sis., Mrs. E. F. (May) Greenwood of Colo..

LITER, Virgil K., Sr., __, Madison, died 26 Feb 1974, bur. IOOF Bedford. Born Trimble Co. (17 Nov 1906,) s/o Alvin and Delphia Mahoney Liter, lived in Madison 27 years. Survived by wife, CORA LEE ARNETT LITER, son Virgil Liter, Jr., 2 dau., Bonnie Anderson and Catherine Culver, 3 sis., Mrs. Marie Wentworth, Mrs. Elizabeth Rowlett and Mrs. Lorena McMahan, 6 bro., Russell, John, Homer D., Roy, Cleston and Clifton Liter. Preceded by son, Thomas Alvin, died in infancy, sis. and bro.

LOCKRIDGE, Bernard O., 75, died 19 Sep 1979, bur. IOOF Bedford. Born 30 Nov 1903, wife, ALLENE F. STOCKDALE, married 4 May 1940. data from Cemetery Book.

LOGAN, Corine Fix, 65, Louisville, died 2 Mar 1970, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Trimble Co. 2 Nov 1904,) d/o Dr. Carroll and Josie May Giddens Fix. Survived by husband, DUNCAN LOGAN, dau., Betty Rousch, son, William Carroll Logan.

LOGAN Miss LOUISE B., 83, Bedford, died 27 Apr 1977, bur. IOOF Bedford. A vice president, director and secretary of the board at Bedford Loan and Deposit Bank, with a record of 67 years. (Born Trimble Co. 20 Dec 1893,) d/o William R. Logan and Caroline Hardin Logan Hood. Survived by sis., Mrs. J. C. Greenwood, bro., Keith H. Hood. A sis-in-law Mrs. Charles W. Hood, lived with her in the home where she was born and spent her entire life.

LONG, Benjamin T., 73, R.3, Milton, died 24 May 1979, bur. IOOF Carrollton. W.W.II veteran, (born 26 Sep 1905, s/o B. S. and Maude Hanlon Long.) Survived by 1 sis., Mrs. Mary Harsin, 2 bro., Harold "Bud" and Robert Long. Preceded by 1 sis. and 1 bro.

LONG, Henry Sherley, 83, Bedford, died 11 Dec 1978, bur. IOOF Bedford. W.W.I veteran, born Henry Co., KY 24 Jul 1895, moved as a young boy with his parents (J. R. and Eliza Wentworth Long,) to Trimble Co. He served 30 years as county agricultural agent in Jefferson, Clark and Scott counties, later was a teacher at T.C.H.S. Survived by wife, GENEVA TYRA LONG, 1 dau., Mrs. Victor Ewen, son, James S. Long.

LONG, Roger D., Infant, Milton, 16 Jul 1971, bur. IOOF Carrollton. Born and died 16 Jul 1971, s/o Roger and Sharron Liter Long.

LOUDEN, Betty, 37, Providence, died 19 Apr 1978, bur. Port Royal Cem. (Born Henry Co., KY 3 Aug 1940, d/o Joe and Mary Hopkins Hawkins.) Wife of IVA LOUDEN, Magistrate of Dist. # 3, Trimble Co. Also survived by dau., Mrs. Leslie Mahoney, 2 sons, Walter and Darrell Louden, her father, 2 sis., Mrs. Noredda Louden and Mrs. Jean Ison, 2 bro., J. B. and Dalton Hawkins. Preceded by her mother and 1 bro.

LOUDEN, James Wesley, 79, Bedford, died 2 May 1975, bur. IOOF Bedford. W.W.I veteran, (born Trimble Co. 20 Apr 1895, s/o Joseph and Ada Kirk Louden.) married IDA PREWITT on 20 Dec 1919, she survives with 4 dau., Mrs. Hazel Scott, Mrs. Dottie Egerton, Mrs. Ben Duncan and Mrs. Mary Levington, 1 bro., Len Louden, 1 sis., Mrs. Stella Grubbs. Preceded by 4 bro.

LOUDEN, William R., 85, Sulphur, died 10 Jan 1977, bur. IOOF Bedford. W.W.I veteran, (born Henry Co., KY 2 Jul 1891, s/o Whitaker and Eliza Prewitt Louden.) Survived by 2 bro., Nat and Howard Louden, 1 sis., Mrs. Elizabeth Taylor.

LOWRY, James Clinton, Sr., 76, Elkhart,IN, died 12 Aug 1979. bur. there. Born Oldham Co., KY 8 May 1903, moved to Trimble Co. in 1933 and to Elkhart, IN in 1956. married FRANCES GEYTON of Oldham Co., who surv. 7 dau., Mrs. Hazel May, Mrs. Gloria Lee, Mrs. Glenford Alexander, Mrs. Ortho Kobald, Mrs. Billy Qualls, Mrs. Elvin Barrier and Mrs. Joyce Lerch, 2 sons Hubert and James Clinton Lowry, Jr., sis., Mrs. Catherine Totten, bro., Stephen W. Lowry. Preceded by 2 sis. and 3 bro.

LUCKETT, Charles, 53, Bruceville, IN, died 16 May 1975, bur. ___. Leaving Trimble Co. for service in W/W.II, he returned to reside in Bruceville, IN. Survived by wife, MARY LUCKETT, 2 sons and 2 dau., 2 sis., Mrs. Barbara Malone and Mrs. Mary Sanders, 3 bro., William, Gordon and Donald Luckett. He was a nephew of Graham Luckett.

LUCKETT, Graham, 66, R.2, Milton, died 23 Mar 1976, bur. Moffett Cem. Born Trimble Co. (26 May 1909,) s/o William T. and Mary Willis Luckett. Survived by wife, JESSIE MAE LUCKETT, 1 dau., Judy Luckett, 1 bro., John Luckett. Preceded by bro., Pryor Luckett.

LUCKETT, Henry, 54, Madison, IN, interred 4 Nov 1972, ______. Spent his youthful years in Milton area where he was born. Survived by wife, HELEN MONROE LUCKETT, 1 step-dau., Mrs. Faye Hopper, 1 step-son, Dana C. Winn, 2 sis., Mrs. Lena Shimfessel and Mrs. Virginia Shimfessel, 2 bro., Warren and Gayle Luckett.

LUCKETT, Joseph L., 78, Louisville, died 17 Jun 1971, bur. Moffett Cem. Born Jefferson Co., IN (6 Nov 1892,) s/o Lewis Gil and Sarah Butler Luckett. Survived by widow RINNIE MAT FISHER LUCKETT, 2 son, Gayle F. and Lewis K. Luckett, dau., Mrs. Leah Snyder, sis. Mrs. Helen Joyce. Preceded by bro.

LUCKETT, Mildred, 78, Louisville, died 15/16 Jan 1973, bur. Moffett Cem. Born Trimble Co. (8 Nov 1894,) d/o William and Matt (Buchanan) Ashby. Widow of PRYOR LUCKETT. Survived by 6 children, Mary L. Saunders, Barbara Malone, William, Charles, Donald and Gordon Luckett. Preceded by son, Jimmy Luckett, died in service in W.W.II and 1 sis.

LUCKETT, Pryor, 75, Louisville, KY, died 5 Nov 1970, bur. Moffett Cem. Born Trimble Co. (25 Sep 1895,) s/o William and Mary Willis Luckett. Survived by widow, MILDRED LUCKETT, 4 sons, William, Charles, Donald and Gordon Luckett, 2 dau., Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Saunders and Mrs. Barbara Malone, 2 bro., Graham and John Luckett.

LUCKETT, Rinnie Matt, 86, R.2, Milton, died 20 Nov 1978, bur. Moffett Cem. Born Trimble Co. (27 Jan 1892,) d/o Dr. Simeon and Mollie Kate Buchanan Fisher. Husband JOE LUCKETT, died 1971. Survived by dau., Mrs. Leah Snyder, 2 sons, Gayle and Louis K. Luckett, 1 sis., Mrs. Ruby Hampton.

LUDWIG, William S., 59, Madison, died 16 Oct 1974, bur. Moffett Cem. (Born Jefferson Co., IN 30 Dec 1914, s/o Orville and Mattie Wingham Ludwig.) Survived by wife, GOLDINE BOLDERY LUDWIG, 3 sons, Raymond, Joseph and Cleston Ludwig, 2 dau., Mrs. Jean Young and Mrs. Margaret Brown, half-bro., James, Perry, Orba and Bud Boldery, half-sis., Geneva Davis.

LUSE, Emma J., 67, New Castle, IN, died 29 Dec 1971, bur. Moffett Cem. Former res. of Trimble Co. (Born 23 Jul 1904.) Survived by husband ARTHUR LUSE, son, James Luse, 3 sis., Mrs. Ella Shaddy, Mrs. Rosetta Kelley and Mrs. Myrtle Lynch. Preceded by bro., Jim Hammons.

LYNCH, John Noble, __, Pompano, Fla., interred 8 Jul 1972, Moffett Cem. Former resident of Trimble Co. (born 1892,) s/o Mr. and Mrs. Logan Lynch. Survived by wife, MYRTLE LYNCH, 5 dau., Mrs. Richard Hawley, Mrs. Robert Adams, Mrs. Betty Jean Hawley, Mrs. William Winston and Mrs. Lowell Roberts, son, Larry John Lynch.

LYNCH, Lorah, 80, Bedford, died 5 Jan 1974, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Trimble Co. 18 Feb 1893,) d/o Beecher and Nancy Hudson Joyce. Wife of OSCAR LYNCH, who died 1966. Survived by dau., Viola Ward Harmon, sis., May Joyce Lynch. Preceded by 2 bro., Allen and Wilson Joyce.

LYNCH, Oather Jesse, 85, R.1, Bedford, died 2 Jul 1970, bur. IOOF Bedford. Born Trimble Co. 11 Oct 1884, s/o Joel J. and Eliza Barnes Lynch. m. 1909 to MAY JOYCE, his companion for 61 years, she survives with 2 dau., Hazel Clapp and Kathryn Reed. Preceded by 1 bro., Oscar Lynch, sis., Mona Hoffman.

LYNCH, Rollie M., 65, Indianapolis, IN, died 19 Jan 1972, bur. IOOF Bedford. Born Bedford, s/o James and Betty Lynch, married SADIE WENTWORTH, who survives with 2 dau., Mrs. Elizabeth Camden and Mrs. Margaret Davidson, sons, James, Gilbert and Ronnie Lynch all of Indpls.

MACK, John, 92, Milton, died 15 Jan 1975, bur Vanceburg, KY. A resident of Milton for 27 years. Survived by wife, JULIE MACK, 3 sons, Earnest, Leslie amd John Mac.

MADDOX, Clarence Dudley, 83, R.2, Milton, died 12 Mar 1978, bur. Moffett Cem. Born Henry Co., KY (28 Jan 1885,) s/o C. C. amd Carrie Willett Maddox. Survived by wife, AUGUSTA JONES MADDOX, 1 son, Sam Maddox, 1 dau., Mrs. Helen Sachleben, 3 sis., Margaret Purvis, Nannie B., Hamilton and Mary Strasemeier, 3 bro., Tom, Dave and Harley Maddox. Preceded by bro., Morris Maddox.

MADDOX, Jerry K., 17, R.3, Milton, died 10 Jun 1977, bur. Moffett Cem. Born 13 Apr 1960, s/o J. W. and Margaret Whitaker Maddox. Data from funeral record. (TERRY ON STONE)

MAHONEY, Dorothy, 74, Dayton, OH, died 15 Jan 1977, bur. IOOF Bedford. Native of Trimble Co.(d/o James S. and Estella Ward Leach.) Survived by husband, CLARENCE MAHONEY, 1 son, Harold Mahoney, 2 dau., Mrs. Maurice Brown and Mrs. Harry Benning, Jr., 4 sis., Mrs. Erma Craig, Mrs. Freida Conard, Mrs. Ivey Morgan and Mrs. Eunice Liter, 4 bro., Clifton, Elmo, Arthur and Walter Leach.

MAHONEY, Mildred, 86, Milton, died 6 Apr 1974, bur. Mahoney burying ground. Born Trimble Co. 18 Jun 1887, d/o William and Rebecca Kendall Scott. Hurley, Carroll and Lucien Mahoney, sons. Data from funeral record. Note: Husband was THOMAS CLETE MAHONEY, died 1939.

MARTIN, Alice, __, Kississimee, Fla., in paper of 2 Sep 1976, bur. Tenn. Native of Trimble Co. d/o Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin F. Butler. She resided in Giles Co., Tenn. where her husband, Mr. CURRY was a banker. After his death, moved with her two sons to Fla. and later married Mr. MARTIN there. After death of 2nd husband and 1 son Donald Curry, she continued to live in Fla. Also preceded by 2 bro. George W. and William F. Butler. Survived by son, Dr. Benjamin F. Butler, 2 sis., Mrs. Mary Asher and Mrs. Robert Kipping.

MARTIN, Alice Jones, 78, Greenwood, IN, died 11 Jun 1974, bur. there. Former resident of Trimble Co. Wife of SAMUEL MARTIN, who survives with 2 sons, LaMoyne and Raymond Martin, 1 dau., Mrs. Jack Stanton, 3 sis., Mrs. Hallie Morris, Mrs. Cordia Gossom and Mrs. Avis Swick, 1 bro., Ora Jones. Preceded by 1 dau.

MARTIN, Avery "Shorty," 62, Bedford, died 17 Jul 1973, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Carroll Co. KY, 19 Mar 1911,) Survived by wife, MADALYN MARTIN, his mother, Mandy Martin, dau., Evelene Hawkins, 2 step-sons, Randy and Billy Jeffries, step-dau., Phyllis Carter. Preceded by bro., Arthur Martin.

MARTINIE, Bertha Ella, __, died 20 Feb 1979, bur. Campbellsburg Cem. Born Trimble Co. near Bedford on 31 Jan 1880, d/o Martha A. and Strother Stark. m. WILLIAM POLLARD MARTINIE of Henry Co. on 9 Sep 1903, he died 24 May 1958. Survived by 1 dau,. Mrs. Willanna Martinie Moore. Preceded by an infant son, dau., Martha Alice Martinie Barnett died 21 Aug 1978.

MATTHEW, Susie I., 93, died 6 Jun 1979, bur Burns Flat, Oklahoma. Born Trimble Co. 4 Aug 1885, (d/o William and Mattie Morrison Liter.) She lived most of her life in Carrollton. Husband FRANK MATTHEW, died several years ago. Survived by dau., Ruby Groves, 1 sis., Alma Robbins, 1 bro., Victor Liter.

MATTHEWS, Elanor Lorraine, 53, North Vernon, IN, died 4 Jun 1975, bur. ______. d/o Chancy and Christine Wallace Rand, Survived by husband JOHN T. MATTHEWS, 1 sis., Myrtle Mace, 1 bro., Harold Rand, 5 dau., Priscilla Huff, Sonja Drake, Linda Owen, Jane Cline and Edwana Riley, 2 sons, Daryle and Rick Pyles and 2 step-ch.

MAXFIELD, Hallie, __, Indianapolis, IN, in paper of 8 Jul 1973, bur. IOOF Bedford. Note: Stone dates - 1890 - 1973, buried by SAMUEL MAXFIELD, 1886 - 1927.

MAY, Fred C. 54, died 3 Jul 1975, bur. Moffett Cem. W.W.II veteran, born 24 May 1921.

MAY, Gathia, 82, Bedford, died 1 Sep 1972, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Henry Co. 7 Jul 1890, d/o Carey and Maggie Stucker Brown.) Survived by 3 sons, Carey, James and Claude May, 2 dau., Mrs. Edith Smith and Mrs. Margaret Southerland. Preceded by 4 ch. Note: Look for obit. of Thomas E. May, 2 Dec 1882 - 21 Nov 1959.

MAY, Hallie Harmon, 73, died 19 Oct 1978, bur. Campbellsburg Cem. Survived by 5 dau., Mrs. Arthur (Wilma) Campbell, Mrs. Lorne (Eva) Loaring, Mrs. Hayden (Josephine) Boldery, Mrs. James (Virginia) Reever and Mrs. Hershel (Barbara) Reed, 5 sons, Robert L., Charles O., Paul S., Hershel and Warren Allen May, 1 sis., Mrs. Russell (Katherine) Richmond, 1 bro., Forrest Harmon.

MAY, Lawrence Glenn, 53, Bedford, died 24 Apr 1975, bur. IOOF Bedford. W.W.II veteran, (born Henry Co., KY 15 Apr 1922, s/o Jesse and Nellie McDowell May.) Survived by wife, HAZEL MAY, son, Kenneth Louis May, his father, 3 bro., Otis William, J. W. and Cecil May, 5 sis., Mrs. Martha Pyles, Mrs. Norma Presley, Mrs. Ester Schultz, Mildred and Rosetta. No last name given.

MAY, Mary D. Sparks, 77, Campbellsburg, died 21 Mar 1978, bur. IOOF Bedford. Born Henry Co. (29 Apr 1900, d/o Tom and Betty Etherington Sparks.) Survived by husband JESSIE JAMES MAY, son, Willie D. Miller, 5 step-sons, Otis, J. W. and Cecil May, Walter and Jim Proctor, 8 step-dau., Mrs. Norma Presley, Mildred, Rosetta, Mrs. Ester Schultz, Mrs. Magnolia Perry, Mrs. Bessie Mahoney and Mrs. Claudia Crafton. Note: Only 7 step-dau. names given.

McALISTER, Dell, 70, died 4 Jul 1970, bur. _____. Native of Trimble Co. (s/o George and Sally McAlister}. Survived by widow VIRGINIA McALISTER, 2 dau., Mrs. Louise Bickers and Mrs. Virgie Sullivan, 5 sons, Donald, Johnny, Frank, William and Wayne McAlister, 2 bro., George and John McAlister, 2 sis., Mrs. Lula Lew and Mrs. Lelia Hackett. Funeral at Carrollton.

McCAIN, Anna F., (ca 83,) interred 22 Sep 1977, Indianapolis, IN. Born Trimble Co. oldest child of Thomas and Maggie (Andrew) Leach. Survived include 1 sis., Vadah Garrett, 3 ch. and 2 step-ch. Born ca 1894.

McCAIN, Callie B. (Mosser,) 92, Chicago, died 28 Oct 1976, bur. IOOF Bedford. Born Trimble Co. (3 Jun 1884,) lived the past 15 years in Chicago. Survived by 2 sons, Lin and Tony (Linn H. and Anthony B. McCain.) Preceded by husband, LINN McCAIN (in 1949.)

McCANE, Henry Franklin, 63, R.1, Sulphur, died 17 June 1978, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Grant Co., KY 8 Oct 1914, s/o William Columbus and Nancy Franks McCane.) Survived by wife, REBECCA MAE McCANE, 2 sons, Harvey and James McCane, 4 dau., Mrs. Linda Mahoney, Mrs. Willie Shadburn, Mrs. Joyce Martin and Miss Teresa McCane, 2 bro., Julius and Herbert McCane, 3 sis., Mrs. Lula Eckman, Mrs. Nellie Johnson and Mrs. Martha Harmon.

McCARTY, Gertrude Meadows, 58, Bedford, died 8 Aug 1975, bur. IOOF Carrollton. Born McCreary Co., KY (5 Oct 1916, d/o William Meadows.) Survived by dau., Hazel Meadows, 1 bro., Roy Meadows.

McCLELLAN, Christine Ball, 56, died 3 Feb 1976, bur. Mt. Carmel Cem. Born Henry Co. (15 Jul 1919, d/o Charlie and Nannie Hopkins Ball.) Lived in Milton area for 12 years. Survived by husband, J. C. McCLELLAN, 1 son, James C. McClellan, 1 dau., Mrs. Nancy Catherine Westrick, 3 sis., Mrs. Lillian Black, Mrs. Doris Delaney and Mrs. Scottie Robbins, 1 bro., Paul Ball. Preceded by 2 sis. and 1 bro.

McCLURE, Effie Perkinson, 87, Indiana, died 12 Mar 1972, bur. Wises Landing. Former res. of Trimble Co. operated a general store at Wises Landing. (d/o Levi and Lucy E. Fisher Perkinson.) Survived by sons, Guy, Elmo, William and Ray McClure, dau., Mrs. Louise Allen, Mrs. Lorene Fowler and Mrs. Marie Newby, bro., Jess and Bunny Perkinson. Preceded by bro. and sis., Mrs. Lydia Jeffries, Mrs. Eddie Yeager, Mrs. Maudie Johnson, Oda, Chester, Orva and Dora Perkinson.

McCLURE, Guy F., 72, Lake City, Fla., died 8 Feb 1978, bur. IOOF Bedford. Born 30 Mar 1905 in Wises Landing area, s/o W. F. and Effie Perkinson McClure. He was a former school teacher here in the county, basketball coach and county school superintendent in 1940's and 1950's. Lived in Fla. ca 15 years. Survived by wife, CATHERINE FOREMAN McCLURE. Other survivors are: Mrs. George Fowler, Mrs. Louise Allen, Mrs. Marie Newby, Mrs. June Newby, Elmo, William and Ray McClure.

McCLURE, Hugh, 79, Brooksburg, IN, died 22 Mar 1971, bur. there. Native of Trimble Co. Survived by widow, MAMIE McCLURE, 4 sons, Cecil, Howard, Carroll and Nelson McClure, 3 dau., Mrs. ____ Smith, Mrs. Rowena Wells and Mrs. Lelia Giesler, 1 sis., Isabelle Morgan.

McCLURE, Iva, 79, Ohio, died 10 May 1970, bur. IOOF Bedford. Native of Trimble Co. lived in Madison, IN before moving to Ohio 5 years ago. Wife LILA W. McCLURE, died Mar 1965. Survived by son, LaVon McClure and dau., Mrs. Ronald Coleman.

McCLURE, Ranzie B., 44, Bedford, died 5 Mar 1971, bur. IOOF Bedford. W.W.II veteran, (born Trimble Co. 6 Apr 1926.) He lived with his grand-mother Mrs. Carrie Perkinson. Also survived by father, William McClure, 1 bro., Nelson McClure. His mother, Lola Perkinson McClure, died 16 Aug 1966.

McCLURE, Sherman D., 74, Madison, IN, died 25 Mar 1973, bur. Toledo, Ohio. Native of Trimble Co. lived in Madison the last 8 years and previously in Toledo, OH. Survived by wife, ETHEL MAHONEY McCLURE, dau., Mrs. June Donovan, 3 bro., Russell, Herman and Perry McClure.

McCLURE, William F., 64, Madison, IN, died 6 Dec 1971, bur. IOOF Bedford. Born Trimble Co. 7 May 1907, s/o Charlie and Fannie Brewer McClure. Wife, LOLA PERKINSON McCLURE, died Aug 1966. Survived by son, Nelson McClure, his mother, 1 bro., Emmett, 3 sis., Mrs. Gladys Buchanan, Mrs. Mary Jennings and Mrs. Mamie Kannmacher. 1 son and 1 bro. preceded him.

McCORD, Rev, Roland, 81, Asheboro, NC, died 16 Mar 1979, bur. Moffett Cem. Native of Trimble Co. (Born 27 Mar 1897, s/o Joseph and Clara Hussung McCord.) He had lived in NC about 30 years. Survived by wife, MARIE McCORD, 2 dau., Mrs. Opal Tingle and Mrs. Beatrice Bolton, 1 sis., Mrs. Hilary Johnson, bro., Ansel McCord. Preceded by 1 dau. and 3 sis. Note: Rowland 1st married MABEL LEE PERKINSON, she died 19 Jul 1926.

McCOY, Justice Allen, 79, R.2, Milton, died 24 Dec 1979, bur. Moffett Cem. Born Owen Co., KY 5 Apr 1900, s/o Robert and Ollie Lusby McCoy. married 24 Apr 1943 to DELORA WALTERS, 2 sons Charles Allen and Kenneth Ray McCoy. Preceded by 1 sis. and 1 bro.

McCOY, Ruth, __, Louisville, KY, died 26 Apr 1973, bur. IOOF Bedford. Born 8 Oct 1933, Trimble native and former resident, d/o Mary Kathleen Scott and Raymond Mitchell. Also survived by 3 ch., Daniel McCoy, Ruth Ann Kennedy and Jerry Wayne McCoy, 5 bro. and 3 sis. Preceded by sister, Mrs. William Cole who died 11 Jan 1973.

McCREADY, Raymond G., 52, San Pierre, IN, died 20 Oct 1978, bur. IOOF Bedford. Born NY (1926.) Survived by wife, SARAH WILLIAMS McCREADY, sons, Raymond, Jr. and Dennis J. McCready, dau., Mrs. Jody Schouger and Miss Megan McCready, 1 sis., Mrs. Mary McLaine.

McCUTCHEN, Flora Ann, 79, R.1, Bedford, died 11 Aug 1979, bur. IOOF Bedford. Born Trimble Co. (27 Dec 1899, d/o Thomas Owen and Retta Jane Jeffries Rowlett.) Survived by son, Thurman McCutchen, 1 dau., Mrs. Lois Ralston, 3 bro., Albert, Claude and Prentice Rowlett, 1 sis., Mrs. Ada Bell. Preceded by husband, OASLE McCUTCHEN, in 1965.

McCUTCHEN, Thoster, 79, died 23 Jan 1975, bur. IOOF Bedford. W.W.I veteran, born Trimble Co. 4 Jan 1896, s/o Andy and Sarah Agnes Richmond McCutchen. (No obituary.)

McDOLE, Margarete Alice, 86, Madison, died 24/25 Jan 1973, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Trimble Co. 23 Apr 1887, d/o George and Mollie Robbins Mershall.) Survived by husband JERRY McDOLE, married 71 years, 3 sons, Owen, Archie and George McDole, 4 dau., Mrs. Leland Chandler, Mrs. Margaret Jean Imel, Mrs. Katherine Wentworth and Mrs. Mildred Hammons, 2 sis., Mrs. Katherine Beatty and Mrs. Georgie Bell. Preceded by dau., Thelma McDole, bro., John Mershall.

McDOLE, S., 57, R.2, Bedford, died 24 May 1973, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Carroll Co. 24 Feb 1916, s/o Isaac and Sallie Coghill McDole.) Survived by wife ZELMA McDOLE, 1 son, James McDole, 2 dau., Miss Frances and Joyce Ann McDole, 1 sis., Mrs. Lena Day.

McDOLE, Jerry M., 92, Madison, died 22 Jan 1974, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Trimble Co. 7 Nov 1881, s/o William and Liza Leatherman McDole.) Moved to IN 3 years ago. Late wife, MARGARETE ALICE McDOLE died 1973. Survived by 3 sons, Owen, Archie and George McDole, 4 dau., Mrs. Lillian Chandler, Mrs. Margarete Jean Imel, Mrs. Catherine Wentworth and Mrs. Mildred Hammons, 1 sis., Mrs. Anna Purvis.

McDOLE, William Howard, 39, Campbellsburg, died 12 Sep 1976, bur. Moffett Cem. Survived by wife, SHIRLEY POPP McDOLE, 3 sons, William Clyde, Jimmy Ray and John Allen McDole, 3 dau., Juanita, Shirley Marie and Bessie Ellen McDole, 4 bro., Carl, R. D., Kenneth and Bobby McDole, 5 sis., Mrs. Marie Hendricks, Mrs. Mary Humphrey, Mrs. Doris Chatham, Mrs. Ella Whitaker and Mrs. Stella Whitaker, father, Raymond McDole, mother, Frances Mae McDole, grandmother, Mrs. Bertha McDole.

McDOWELL, Jesse (Robert,) 82, Bethleham, IN, interred 3 Nov 1970, IOOF Bedford. Born 16 Nov 1887, s/o Lewis and Minnie McDowell. In 1910, married to JESSIE BENNETT, of Madison, (she died 1950.) Survived by 2 dau., Lucille Bibbs and Helen McIntire, son, Charles McDowell, 3 sis., Amy Chappel, Sadie Robertson and Nellie Abbott, 1 bro., Shelby McDowell. Preceded by son in infancy, his oldest son, Floyd Wilbur McDowell, 2 bro., Carroll and Lester McDowell.

McDOWELL, Larry David, 21, Bedford, died 17 Oct 1973, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Trimble Co. 6 Jan 1952,) surv. by parents, Russell and (Dorothy Pearl Harley) McDowell, grandmother, Mrs. Flora McDowell, 2 bro., George Russell and Tony Ray McDowell, 2 sis., Flora Jean and Callie Lou McDowell.

McDOWELL, Lawrence Richard Joe, 56, Bedford, died 1 Apr 1974, bur. IOOF Bedford. Born 31 Dec 1917, s/o Lester and Flora Pruitt McDowell. Data from funeral record.

McDOWELL, Rube, 60, Frankfort, KY, died 26 Feb 1972. bur. there. US Navy W.W.II veteran. Native of Trimble Co., (s/o Alonzo and Mary H. Ryan McDowell.) Survived by wife CATHERINE OSBORNE McDOWELL, 3 dau., all of Frankfort, 7 bro., Luther, Tandy, William, Ernest, Jim, Arthur and Sherman McDowell, 4 sis., Mrs. Lula McDowell, Mrs. Florence Sargent, Mrs. Anna Belle Miller and Mrs. Hazel Grobmeier.

McDOWELL, Shelby Coons , 79, Bedford, died 31 Jan 1972, bur. IOOF Bedford. Born Trimble Co. (22 Apr 1893, s/o Louis and Minnie McCoy McDowell.) Survived by 3 sis., Mrs. Nellie Abbott, Mrs Saddie Robinson and Mrs. Amy Chappel.

McDOWELL, Sherman Thomas 65, R.2, Bedford, died 18 Dec 1974, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Trimble Co. 20 Nov 1909, s/o Alonzo and Mary Ryan McDowell.) Survived by wife, MARY ETTA HARMON McDOWELL, dau., Mrs. Joe Moore, 6 bro., Lugher (Luther,) Tandy, Bill, Jim, Ernest and Arthur McDowell, 4 sis., Mrs. Florence Sargent, Mrs. Lula McDowell, Mrs. Anna Belle Miller and Mrs. Hazel Hayden. Preceded by 2 ch., Violet Louise and Cosetta McDowell.

McINTIRE, Lorena Pearl, 85, Milton, died 18 May 1971, bur. Moffett Cem. Born Trimble Co. (9 Sep 1884,) d/o James and Mary Hudson Barnes. Preceded by husband, LEONARD McINTIRE, 4 bro. and 2 sis.

McKAY, George Thomas, 16, R.3, Milton, died 14 Mar 1979, bur. Moffett Cem. Born Carroll Co. 1 Dec 1962, s/o Boyd and Connie Beach McKay, who survivrs. He lived in Indianapolis, IN before moving back to Trimble Co. 2 years ago.

McKELVEY, Sarah Devine, 65, Louisville, died 24 Nov 1972, bur. IOOF Bedford. Born Trimble Co. (6 Jan 1907, d/o James William and Cora Pittman Devine.) She was a retired nurse from Central State Hospital. Survived by 1 son, Ted Devine, 1 bro., Dallas Devine and 1 sis. Mrs. Nettie Goode. Note: Her husband JOHN EARL McKELVEY, died 1969.

McKINNEY, James Joseph, 67, Bedford, died 8 Apr 1976, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Trimble Co. 16 Feb 1908, s/o Sam and Fannie Branch McKinney.) Survived by son, James B. McKinney, 2 sis., Miss Mattie Lou McKinney and Mrs. Elizabeth Clarkson, 1 bro., Frank McKinney. Preceded by wife, MARY LOU BAXTER McKINNEY and 1 bro.

McKINNEY, Robert Eugene "Bob," 20, Bedford, died 3 Oct 1970, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born 14 Feb 1950.) Survived by parents, Silas and LaVaughn Yeager McKinney, 1 bro., Gary McKinney, grand-parents, James and Sara McKinney, Mr. and Mrs. Woodrow Yeager, great-grandfather, Bob Jones.

McMAHAN, Carrie Bell, 65, Bedford, died 19 Dec 1971, bur. IOOF Bedford. Born Trimble Co. (22 Aug 1906.) d/o Dr. J. W. and Mary Y. Jackson McMahan. A teacher in several one room schools in Trimble Co. and Locust in Carroll Co. and at Bedford Elementary until retirement. Survived by 2 sis., Mrs. Vina Holmes and Mrs. Laura Hicks, 1 bro., James McMahan. Preceded by a sis., Blanch, died in infancy, Orena McMahan, died in 1929 and Mimrel Ewing died 1970.

McMANIS, Alma Doris, 33, R.2, Bedford, died 22 Nov 1972, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Jefferson Co., KY 18 Dec 1938.) Survived by parents, Joe and Laura B. Mosley Ogden, husband, Robert "Bob" McManis, m. 1957, 2 dau., Lisa and Jo Deva McManis.

McMANIS, William F. "Mr. Mac," 80, Bedford, died 17 Feb 1970, bur. IOOF Bedford. Born Carroll Co., (26 Dec 1889,) s/o William E. and Mary Thomas Lehue McManis. Survived by wife, BERTHA CRAIG McMANIS, 1 son, Edward C. McManis, 1 dau., Mrs. Helen M. Moore. Preceded by 2 ch., who died in infancy, 1 bro., 1 sis., 1 half-bro. and 1 half-sis.

McMANNIS, Stella Amelia, 91, Wellington, __, died 17 May 1971, bur. there. Born 21 Nov 1879 near Carrollton, KY. Married at Carrollton, 28 Jun 1905 to WALTER S. McMANNIS, he died 15 Oct 1962. Survived by son, Howard McMannis, 2 dau., Miss Ruth McManis and Mrs. Neva Hood, 3 bro., Howard, William T. and Arthur Carraco.

McMEE, Rosa, __, Indianapolis, died 11 Oct 1979, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born 4 Mar 1908, d/o Lemuel S. and Nannie Bain Hackney.) Survived by son, dau., 3 bro., Willard, Claude and Ernest Hackney. Preceded by bro., Oakley Lee Hackney.

MEADOWS, Shirley, 68, Ohio, died 25 May 1972, bur. IOOF Bedford. Former resident of Trimble Co., brother of Mrs. Isiah Williams.

MEERS, Marietta, 66, LaGrange, KY, died 17 Sep 1976, bur. Moffett Cem. d/o Edward and Mary K. Young Miller. A registered nurse, she spent her early life in Trimble Co. Survived by husband, JEROME H. MEERS, dau., Mrs. James K. (Sally) Boutcher, 2 sons, William J. and Richard E. Meers, sis., Mrs. E. C. Mueller.

MERRIL, Lizzie, 103, Bedford, died 22 May 1974, bur. Corn Creek Cem. Born Owsley Co., KY 16 May 1871, d/o Little Bill and Lizzie Beard Riley. Data from funeral record.

MERSHALL Edward Lee, 34, Bedford, died 30 Nov 1973, bur. IOOF Bedford. Born Trimble Co. 11 Mar 1939, s/o Buddie and Frances Colbert Mershall. Data from funeral record.

MERSHALL, John, 90, R.3, Milton, died 5 Apr 1978, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Trimble Co. 2 Apr 1888, s/o George and Mollie Robbins Mershall.) Survived by wife, NAOMI MERSHALL, 3 sons, Gilbert, M. D. and Bennie Mershall, 3 dau., Mrs. Viola Colbert, Mrs. Mimrel Cutshaw and Mrs. Beverly Stewart.

MERSHALL, Naomi, 86, Bedford, died 19 Jul 1979, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born 11 Jan 1893, d/o Marcus D. and Flora Harmon Alexander.) Survived by sons, Gilbert "Buddy", M. D. and Bennie Mershall, dau., Viola Colbert, Mimrel Cutshaw and Beverly Stewart, 1 sis., Mrs. Pearl Newby and 1 bro., Hubert Alexander.

MIKESELL, Walter S., 48, Milton, died 17 Oct 1972, bur. Moffett Cem. Survived by wife, FILEEN MIKESELL, dau., Carolyn Mikesell, age 19.

MILES, Alfred Crawford, 64, Cincinnati, OH, died 30 Jun 1975, bur. IOOF Bedford. W.W.II veteran, (Born Trimble Co., 28 May 1911, s/o Leonard and Ella Crawford Miles.) Survived by wife THELMA PEAK MILES, 1 bro. H. C. "Red" Miles, 2 sis. Leona McCandless and Rachael Abbott.

MILES, Elizabeth Jane, 76, Bedford, died 15 Mar 1976, bur. IOOF Bedford. Born Trimble Co. (27 Aug 1899,) d/o Nathan and Addie Alexander Barnes.) Survived by 1 dau., Mrs. Oma Ward. Preceded by husband, WILLIAM CARROLL MILES, 3 sis. and 1 bro.

MILES, George Owen, 82, R.2, Bedford, died 5 Jul 1972, bur. IOOF Bedford. W.W.I veteran, born Trimble Co., (29 Sep 1889,) s/o Henry C. and Katie Archer Miles. married JENNIE B. WOOD, who died several years ago. Survived by 1 dau., Georgia C. LeMaster. He was last of his family, preceded by 3 bro. and 1 sis.

MILES, Laurel R., 66, Madison, IN, died 1 Dec 1974, bur. IOOF Bedford. Born Trimble Co. s/o Barnett and Anna Hardin Miles. He graduated from T.C.H.S. in 1929, went to Indianapolis for 21 years before returning to Madison. Survived by wife, MARIE BRAY MILES, dau., Mrs. Mildred Threlkeld, a sis. Mrs. Mary Askren.

MILES, William Carroll, 75, Bedford, died 23 Feb 1972, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Trimble Co. 19 Nov 1896, s/o Henry C. and Katie Archer Miles.) A former sheriff of Trimble Co. Survived by wife, ELIZABETH BARNES MILES, 1 dau., Mrs. Oma Ward, 1 bro., George Miles.

MILLER, Annie G., 76, Bedford, died 15 Dec 1979, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Henry Co. 9 Jul 1903, d/o Squire and Daisy Bell Liter Galbrieath.) Survived by son, Charles W. Miller, 1 dau., Mrs. Naomi Graves. Preceded by husband, OMA (OMER) MILLER.

MILLER, Omer, 76, Lexington, died 18 Feb 1972, bur. IOOF Bedford. Born Trimble Co. (or Henry Co., 3 Aug 1896, s/o Amos and Mollie Huey Miller.) He was a barber in Bedford for many years. Survived by dau., Mrs. Naomi Graves, son, Charles Miller, 1 bro., Willie Miller.

MILLS, Tammie Marie, 16, died 4 May 1975, bur. IOOF Bedford. Born 21 Sep 1959, d/o Beckham and Helen Hensley. Survived by parents, 2 sis., Adelia Lynn and Melissa Hensley, step-mother, Mrs. Linda Mills, step-father, Kenneth Hensley, grandparents, Lawrence and Lula Payton, James C. Mills, Mrs. Flossie Mills, great grandmother, Mrs. Lucille Bassett.

MITCHELL, Walter S., 94, R.3, Milton, died 3 Feb 1978, bur. Moffett Cem. Born Trimble Co. 3 Mar 1883, (s/o Charles and Mary E. Mitchell.) Married 2 Nov 1904 to FANNIE PULLIAM, deceased. Survived by 4 dau., Mrs. Ruby Kendall, Mrs. Mildred Jones, Mrs. Claudiah McNicholas and Mrs. Martha Buhlig, 1 bro., Otto Mitchell. Preceded by 2 dau. and 3 sons.

MONFORT, Benjamin LaMaster, 97, Bedford, died 1 Mar 1975, bur. Campbellsburg Cem. Born and raised in Henry Co., KY, would have been 98 had he lived until the 28 Apr, (s/o George D. and Elizabeth Johnston Monfort.) Married LYDIA HILTON, lived in Missouri for 7 years, returned and since 1939, lived in the environs of Starks Lane. Wife died 19 years ago. Survived by dau., Mrs. Alice Stark, 3 bro., George, Vories and Frank, sis., Mrs. Jessie Tingle. Note: Name is Montfort on some records.

MOORE, Beulah Mae, 72, died 30 Oct 1979, bur. Cave Hill Cem. A resident of Bedford she resided in Carrollton at time of death. (Born 19 Apr 1909, Oldham Co., KY, d/o Joseph Alonzo and Della Whitaker.) Survived by husband, JOHN W. MOORE, sons, Clinton, Charles and Harold Leonhardt, dau., Betty Leonhardt Knoeble, foster dau., Sylvia Hornback, 3 sis., Mrs. Rosie Roberts, Mrs. Earnestine Poe and Goldie Johnson.

MOORE, Charles "Chick," 73, Louisville, KY, died 21 Apr 1975, bur. IOOF Bedford. Born Kearney, Neborn, (23 Oct 1902, lived in KY 35 years. s/o Clarence and Anna Beckett Moore.) Survived by wife, URSA CUTSHAW MOORE, 1 dau., Carol Cailles, bro., Ralph Moore, sis., Mary Klein.

MOORE, Charlie H. 75, Bedford, died 13 May 1970, bur. IOOF Bedford. Born Trimble Co. (8 Apr 1895, s/o James H. and Katie Mae Moore.) Survived by 2 dau., Mrs. Ethel Ogden and Mrs, Josephine Richardson, 1 bro., Ray Moore, 2 sis., Mrs. Lorene Green and Mrs. Lillie Fields. Preceded by wife, ELSIE LONG MOORE, Mar 1970.

MOORE, Edward, 55, R.3, Milton, died 20 Jan 1976, bur. Lutheran Cem. (Born Trimble Co. 22 Jul 1920, s/o Lawrence and Lucille Joyce Moore.) Survived by wife, MARY MOORE, son, Ellis Moore and his father. Mr. Moore operated an antique shop in Hunter's Bottom area for several years, following 23 years as owners and proprietors of Potsie's Restaurant in Carrollton, KY.

MOORE, Elgin W., 55, Louisville, died 4 Aug 1978, bur. Campbellsburg Cem. W.W.II veteran, native of Trimble Co. Survived by sis., Mrs. Verlene Hawkins.

MOORE, Elsie Long, 76, Bedford, died 27 Mar 1970, bur. IOOF Bedford. Lived in Trimble Co. the last 65 years. Born Henry Co., (7 Mar 1894, d/o Ross and Eliza Wentworth Long.) Survived by husband, C. H. MOORE, dau., Mrs. Ethel Ogden and Mrs. Josephine Richardson, 1 bro., Shirley Long. Preceded by son, Charles Edgar Moore.

MOORE, Harold C., 69, Bedford, died 27 Jan 1972, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Trimble Co. 15 Jan 1903, s/o John Ben and Effie Hunter Moore.) He taught in Barebone one room school for 4 years, moved to W. Va., and returned to Trimble Co. in 1931. Survived by son, James H. Moore, sis., Alma Moore. Preceded by wife, SYLVIA WILLIAMS MOORE, 18 years ago, 2 bro., Buel (Buell) and Robert Moore.

MOORE, J. Earl 65, Sulphur, died 14 Dec 1974, bur. Sligo Cem. Native of Trimble Co., s/o John and Bertie Spillman Moore. Survived by wife, LAURA POWELL MOORE, 3 dau., Mrs. Glen (Violet) Richards, Mrs. James L. (Opal) Bland and Mrs. Earl W. (Sandra) Perry, 4 sons, J. T., Leroy, Paul J. and Judge Wendell Moore, 2 sis., Mrs. Herschel (Clara Nell) Saffell and Mrs. Roy (Katherine) Wheeler, 2 bro., Raymond W. and Paul M. Moore.

MOORE, Lester Dudley, __, Colorado, died Sep 1977, bur. there. Born Bedford 6 Dec 1886, (s/o James N. and Elizabeth C. Perkinson Moore,) married Feb 1911 to MARY GREENWOOD, now dec'd., lived in Colorado since 1911. Survived by sons, Neville C. and L. C. "Bud" Moore, dau., Thelma Winters, bro., J. W. Moore, 2 sis., Annie Clark and Clare Robinette.

MOORE, Nelson, 54, Madison, died 16 Mar 1974, bur. Moffett Cem. Born Trimble Co. lived in Madison the past 22 years. Survived by wife, WILLANNA MARTINE MOORE, 1 dau., Mrs. Ann Alsup, his father, Bryan Moore, 2 bro., Charles L. and Morris Moore, 3 sis., Mrs. Elizabeth Joyce, Mrs. Thelma Harmon and Mrs. Dorothy Rutherford. Preceded by mother, Mabel Gosman Moore.

MOORE, Samuel Raymond, 76, R.3, Bedford, died 14 Mar 1976, bur. IOOF Bedford. Born Trimble Co. (14 Aug 1899,) s/o George and Mattie Chandler Moore. Survived by wife, AMY WRIGHT MOORE, son, Dallas W. Moore, sis., Mrs. Stella Bryant.

MOORE, Theodore R., __, California, died 3 Nov 1977, bur. there. Survived by wife, NANCY MARGARET MOORE, formerly of Trimble Co., 2 sons, George E. and Ted R. Moore, 1 bro., Zlba Moore, 1 sis., Mrs. Bettie McGregor.

MOORE, Ursa, 71, Louisville, KY, died 6 Oct 1976, bur. IOOF Bedford. Native of Bedford, a retired school teacher. (d/o Dow Brown and Jessie B. Gatewood Cutshaw, widow of C. A. "CHICK" MOORE.) Survived by dau., Mrs. Carole Goulder, 2 sis., Mrs. Georgia Meldrum and Mrs. Jewell Pickett. Preceded by 3 bro. and 1 sis.

MOORE, William Alvin, 84, R.3, Bedford, died 25 Sep 1975, bur. IOOF Bedford. Came to Trimble Co. from Pikeville, KY. Born Kimper, KY (20 Jan 1891, s/o Tank or Frank and Rebecca Deskin Moore.) Survived by wife, GLADYS MOORE, a sis. Maude Hall.

MOORE, Wilmer N., 82, Bedford, died 14 Apr 1970, bur. IOOF Bedford. W.W.I veteran. Born Trimble Co. 14 Dec 1887, s/o George and Mattie Chandler Moore, a life time res. of Trimble Co. Survived by dau., Mrs. Edith M. Fewell, 1 sis., Mrs. Stella Bryant, 1 bro., Sam Moore. Preceded by wife, ADDIE L. KIDWELL MOORE in 1954.

MORELAND, Jesse T., 92, Milton, KY, died 31 Oct 1972, bur. Moffett Cem. (Born Trimble Co. 3 Mar 1880, d/o Ben and Della Moreland Trout.) married WILLIAM MORELAND in 1900 at Milton in triple marriage ceremony with Elie Butler married George Trout and Minnie McMahan married Fred Fisher now all deceased. Survived by 1 dau., Mrs. Mildred Ogden, 1 son, J. W. Moreland.

MORGAN, Charles Michael, 20, Bedford, died 3 Oct 1970, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Trimble Co. 15 Mar 1950.) Survived by parents, Clifton and Lois Abbott Morgan, 2 sis. Mrs. Ann Brewer and Miss Sherrie Morgan, 1 bro., Stanley Morgan, grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Abbott and Mrs. Elizabeth Kidwell.

MORGAN, Howard A., 61, LaGrange, died 7 Jun 1972, bur there. Native of Trimble Co. s/o John T. and Emily L. Manning Morgan. Survived by wife, REVA VEST MORGAN, 2 dau., Mrs. Buford (Margaret) Parrish and Mrs. Joseph D. (Leona) Hall, son, Alfred C. Morgan, 2 sis., Mrs. Nina Perkinson and Mrs. Elmer Jennings, bro., V. B. Morgan.

MORGAN, Isabelle, 85, Milan, IN, died 21 Feb 1974, bur. IOOF Carrollton. Born Trimble Co. lived in Ripley Co., IN the past 15 years. d/o James and Laura Taylor McClure. Survived by 3 dau., Mrs. Alice Tupps, Mrs. Zeba Sheffield and Mrs. Mary Hennessee, 4 sons, James, Eugene, Forest and ______. Preceded by husband, E. F. MORGAN, died 1954, 3 bro. and 1 half-bro.

MORGAN, John William, 76, Pendleton, died 14 Jul 1970, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Trimble Co. 31 Mar 1894) s/o John T. and Emily Morgan. Survived by wife, EVA MORGAN, dau., Mrs. Cecil Gibson, Mrs. W. A. Wilson, Mrs. Charles Smith and Miss Dorothy Morgan, sis., Mrs. Howard Perkinson and Mrs. Elmer Jennings, bro., Howard and V. B. Morgan.

MORGAN, Laura Mae, 89, Sulphur, died 4 Nov 1976, bur. Sligo. (Born Trimble Co. 24 Jun 1889, d/o Jerry and Margaret Elizabeth Melvin Hundley.) Survived by sis., Mrs. Jennie L. Callis and Mrs. Annie H. Jones. Preceded by husband, 1 sis.

MORGAN, Maggie, 84, Bedford, died 22 Jun 1970, bur. IOOF Bedford. Born Trimble Co. (19 Aug 1885,) d/o Enoch and Samantha Rea Curran. Married 1902 to WILLIAM R. MORGAN, who died 1947. Survived by 1 bro., Robert Curran, 1 sis., Mrs. Rea Clem. Preceded by 3 bro. and 2 sis.

MORRIS, Sadie S., 69, Crestwood, KY, died 27 Jan 1977, bur. LaGrange. The former Sadie Straughn, a native of Oldham Co., KY. Survived by 2 dau., Mrs. Norvin (Violet) Jennings and Mrs. Gene (Reva) Milby, 1 son, J. C. Morris, sis., Mrs. Leonard (Bessie) Kelley, bro., Hubert C. Straughn.

MULLIKIN, Cecil B., 72, Madison, died 2 Dec 1974, bur. Moffett Cem. Native of Trimble Co., he had lived in Milton, retired and moved to Madison, IN several years ago. Survived by wife, FLOSSIE MULLIKIN, 1 dau., Mrs. Robert Baker, 3 step-ch., Jewell Persell, Laura Jaynes and John Andrew, 2 bro., John and Orville Mullikin, sis., Mrs. Al Bailey.

MURPHY, William "Bill," (59,) Chicago, IL, interred Nov 1973, Chicago. Born (23 Mar 1914) and reared in Trimble Co. Survived by wife, HELEN MURPHY, 2 ch., Mrs. Ann Woody and James Murphy, his mother, Mrs. Effie Tingle, sis., Mrs. Ruth Ginn, Mrs. Anna Maude Ginn, Mrs. Pearl Bodewitz, Mrs. Maxine Schneider and Mrs. Doris Grabbie, bro., Joseph, Jerry, Chester, Mike and Morris Murphy. Preceded by half-bro., John Murphy.

MURRELL, Katie (Katherine) E., (87,) Columbia, Adair Co., KY, died 27 Aug 1974, bur. there. A teacher, librarian and drama director of T.C.H.S. from 1930 to 1940.

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