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The record of deaths were taken from microfilm and the books of papers,
THE TRIMBLE DEMOCRAT for the years 1950 through 1959.

Everything enclosed in ( parentheses ) was added from another source, burial records, TRIMBLE COUNTY KENTUCKY CEMETERIES, some reference to 1870 census of Trimble County, and some from family research. All notes were added by and not contained in the obituary. Permission to use at the Trimble County Kentucky Genealogy site from the Trimble County Historical Society, Trimble County, Kentucky. I would like to thank them for making this resource available.

RAILEY, Mary Smyth, 81, Dayton, OH, d. 12 Mar 1957, burial Moffett. A native of Trimble Co. former teacher at the old Pryor Hill school. m. CECIL RAILEY, survived by 2 dau. Mrs. Kathleen Sponenbough and Mrs. Elnor Erkardt, 2 sons Gordon and Rev. C. Martin Railey. Note: She is buried on Ophilia Buchanan's lot.

RAINES, Cleo Rachael, 46, died 11 Dec 1950, burial Campbellsburg Cem. b. 29 Jan 1904, d/o Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Williams. m. 3 Dec 1920 to RAYMOND M. RAINES. Survived by the before named, 2 sons Hillis C. and Eugene D. Raines, sis. Mrs. Jrs Kendall and bro. W. S. Williams.

RAISOR, Rev. Hannibal C., 74, Indianapolis, interred 27 May 1959, IOOF Bedford. b. Henry Co., KY, lived Indianapolis 9 years. Survived by widow LAURA RAISOR, 9 ch., Mrs. Catherine McIntire, Mrs. Bessie Wallace, Mrs. Marjorie Miller, Mrs. Edith Brown, Floyd, Lee Robert, Roy, Hannobal, Jr., a foster son Raymond Raisor, 2 sis. Mrs. Ida Winter and Mrs. Cordia Rush, a brother James W. Raisor.

RAKER, Warren Leeb, 5 months, died 29 May 1952, burial Moffett Cem. b. Dec 1951, s/o Mr. and Mrs. Robert Raker, also leaves a bro. Tommy and grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. John Barringer, Mrs. Fannie Raker, great-grandmother, Mrs. Minnie Barringer.

RALSTON, Clara, 81, died 8 Aug 1958, burial IOOF Bedford. b. Trimble Co. d/o Judge Evans and Cinderella Lucas Garriott. m. C. S. RALSTON who died 1928. Survived by 7 ch., Tyna Brown, Grover, Joe, Charles, Andrew, Samuel and L. G. Ralston. Son Alva, dec'd.

RALSTON, Columbus Floyd, 80, died 25 Dec 1958, burial IOOF Bedford. b. Trimble Co. s/o Joseph and Susan Snavely Ralston. m. 27 Apr 1929 to RACHEL CATHERINE MAHONEY, who survives with son Logan Ralston, a dau. Mrs. Virginia Wong, bro. Chan Ralston. 3 bro. and 3 sis. dec'd.

RAND, Joseph B., 41, Florida, d. 20 Mar 1958, burial IOOF Bedford. W.W.II veteran, b. Union Grove com. 28 Aug 1916, s/o Dr. B. O. and Josie Miles Rand. Survives by a dau. Robin Rand age 2 yrs, sis. Mrs. Raymond Richmond, 1 bro. John Rand, foster sis. Mrs. Frank Fenton.

RAND, Josie Miles, (72,) died 1 Sep 1955, Leeport, burial IOOF Bedford. b. 2 Aug 1883, d/o John and Lottie Miles. m. 24 Nov 1903 to Dr. B. O. RAND, 3 ch., Lottie Richmond, John W. and Joseph B. Rand, Mrs. Frank Fenton whom she reared, 1 bro. B. R. Miles. Preceded by a bro. Harry Miles, a sis. Zilpha Hamilton.

RAND, Miss Nettie, 80, North Madison, d. 14 Jan 1955, burial Moffett. Native of Trimble Co. b. 14 Aug 1874, one of 13 ch. born to Indiana Weatherby and William Rand, lived in Mt. Tabor neighborhood. She was a seamstress and milliner. Survived by bro. C. V. Rand (Chancy.) Preceded by James McClellan, Eddie Forrest, Dr. B. O., Miss Flora Bell, Miss Hosea Pearl and Miss Sadie Myrtle Rand, Mrs. Mabel May Lahar, Mrs. Nannie Carlisle, Mrs. Marjorie Bird, Mrs. Jenny June Benefield and Mrs. Minnie Hughes.

RAY, Pattie Luckett, 80, died 12 Oct 1953, burial Moffett Cem. d/o Adam and Nannie Luckett, b. 17 Sep 1873 Logan Co., KY, came to Trimble Co. at the age of 4 yrs. m. JOHN RAY, Greencastle, IN. He died 38 years ago. Survived by (children) Mrs. Blanch Green, Mrs. Dorothy Meyer and John Ray. Preceded by son Robert Ray.

RICHMOND, Anthony V., 82, died 18 Jun 1958, burial Mt. Carmel Cem. (b. 4 Nov 1875, s/o Henry and Ellen McGlaughlin Richmond. Survived by dau. Leona Buchanan, son Earl Richmond. Preceded by wife HATTIE, in 1942, and a son Homer Richmond.

RICHMOND, Benjamin Floyd, 18 months, d. 27 Nov 1950, burial Moffett Cem. (b. 15 May 1949) s/o R. V. and Della Mae Burkhardt Richmond, 2 sis., grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. James Burkhardt, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Richmond, g-g-parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Burkhardt and Mrs. Henry Yancy.

RICHMOND, George Henry, 86, died 4 Aug 1953, burial Moffett Cem. Lifelong resident of Trimble Co., b. 17 Nov 1866, s/o Henry and Ellen McGlaughlin Richmond. m. 14 Mar 1894 CORA PRESTON, who died 1933. Survived by 4 children, Mrs. Lola Cooley, Mrs. Myrtle Jones, Geneva and Ray Richmond, 2 sis. Mrs. A. E. Wingham and Mrs. Ed Jones, bro., Anthony Richmond. Preceded by son, Dallas and several bro. and sis.

RICHMOND, John Thomas, 80, d. 17 Apr 1958, burial IOOF Bedford. Native of Trimble Co. s/o Andrew and Elizabeth Jones Richmond. m. 10 May 1899 to SARAH ALICE ROBBINS, she died 7 Jan 1953. Survived by 5 children, Mrs. Ethel Hackett, Mrs. Josie Robbins, Mrs. Ruby Wise, Wilbur and Raymond Richmond, 2 bro. James and F. Richmond.

RICHMOND, Retta 68, died 15 Jan 1959, burial Moffett Cem. Life resident of Trimble Co. (b. 16 Jul 1890, d/o J. W. and Nancy Jane Scott Boldery.) Survived by husband HENRY RICHMOND, 11 children, Mrs. Ruby Adams, Mrs. Blanche Boldery, Mrs. Thelma Raisor, Mrs. Catherine Satchwell, Mrs. Opal Handlon, Mrs. Sylvia Handlon, Mrs. Dorothy Purvis, Mrs. Virginia Burkhardt, James, Tony and R. V. Richmond, 2 brothers, David and Joe Fred Boldery.

RICHMOND, Robert "Dick," (84,) died 29 Sep 1957 in Henry Co., nurial, IOOF Bedford. Resident of Eminence, former resident of Poplar Ridge community. (b. 1879 on stone with MARY E. RICHMOND his wife.)

RICHMOND, Sarah, 76, near Bedford, d. 7 Jan 1953, burial IOOF Bedford. b. 22 Mar 1876, Trimble Co. d/o William and Mary Robbins. m. 10 May 1899 to JOHN RICHMOND, who survives, 5 ch., Mrs. John Robbins, Mrs. Hubert Hackett, Mrs. Elmo Wise, Wilbur and Raymond Richmond, sis., Mrs. William Justice, 4 bro., Frank, Dora, Andy and Allen Robbins.

RINGO, Lula R., 90, d. 15 Aug 1956, bur IOOF Carrollton. b. 23 Sep 1866, Trimble Co. d/o W. A. and Lucy Mayfield Trout. m. 3 Sep 1890 to LAWRENCE S. RINGO, he died Mar 1942. Survivors include a nephew, Guy H. Trout. Preceded by 2 bro., Perry and Dr. Zibe Trout.

RITCHEY, Dwayne, 7 months, died 3 May 1953, burial Moffett Cem. b. 10 Oct 1952, parents are Paul and (Catherine Jo Powell) Ritchey, grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Powell.

ROBBINS, Carrie, 83, died 17 Apr 1951, burial IOOF Bedford. d/o Joseph (Jacob) and Ann Mershall, b. IN, 6 Mar 1868, m. HARRY ROBBINS in 1890, he died some 45 yrs ago, 6 ch. William died W.W.I, Minnie Bell also dec'd. Survivors include Ira, John, James Robbins and Katherine Martin. Preceded by 2 bro., Jake and Frank Mershall.

ROBBINS, William Allen, 84, died 10 Dec 1958, burial Mt. Carmel Cem. s/o Jake and Mary Richmond Robbins, b. Trimble Co., spent most of his life here. Wife, (ISABELL HERRON ROBBINS died 21 Aug 1947) died 12 yrs ago. Survived by 1 brother Dora Robbins.

ROGERS, Ashby, 63, Madison, IN, d. 29 Mar 1952, burial Moffett Cem. b. Owen Co., KY, (1 Oct 1888) s/o Barnett and (Judy Gardner) Rogers. m. SCOTTIE WELCH, she died 1917, m. 2nd to HAZEL WRIGHT who survives, 9 children, Mrs. Nathan Drennen, Mrs. Garrett Van Kamper, Mrs. Lawrence Bright, Mrs. Vance Lanning, Scottie, Dennis, William B., Kenneth and Mary Catherine Rogers, 2 brothers, Bee and Edward Rogers, a sister Mrs. Walter Giddens.

ROSEBERRY, Ollie, 70, died 9 Sep 1958, burial Moffett Cem. W.W.II veteran, (b. 29 Mar 1888, s/o W. C. and Jennie Knight Roseberry) Native of Salem, IN, resided in Milton since 1924, survived by wife, BESSIE COFFIN ROSEBERRY, 4 ch., Mrs. Randell Andrew, Mrs. Harold Kidwell, Mrs. Jack Dew and son, Cleo Roseberry, 2 sis. Miss Nell Roseberry and Mrs. Virgil Pritchett, a bro. Burton Roseberry.

ROWLETT, ( Lula Arnett, ) 71, died 28/29 Jan 1955, burial Moffett Cem. b. Bedford area, lived here until 26 yrs ago when she with her family moved to IN. Survived by husband (WILLIAM) CLARENCE ROWLETT, 2 ch. Hazel and George D. Rowlett, 2 sis., Mrs. Frances Jan Smith and Mrs. Mary Pryor Greenwood, a bro. Harvey Arnett.

ROWLETT, Effie (Ellen Elizabeth,) 62, d. 15 Feb 1953, burial Carrollton. b. Trimble Co. 18 Aug 1890, d/o John and America Pharm (Parham) Arnett. Survived by husband, LAFE ROWLETT, 2 sons, Tiny and Joseph Rowlett, 2 dau., Mrs. Morris Garrett and Mrs. Elgin Ogden. Note: Corrected names in brackets.

ROWLETT, Ella Berry, 84, died 7 Dec 1954, (burial IOOF Bedford.) d/o Michael and Agnes Bowman Berry, b. 6 Dec 1870. Survived by 3 bro., Frank, Walter and Eugene Berry. Preceded by husband W. O. ROWLETT in 1947, a child who died in infancy, 2 sisters and 5 brothers.

ROWLETT, Hallie, 53, N. Madison, d. 6 Dec 1957, burial Mt. Carmel Cem. Native of Carroll Co., spent much of her youth in Trimble Co. moving to Ind. ca 15 years ago. (d/o Alf and Nellie Jane Stockdale Wright) Survived by husband RAYMOND ROWLETT, 3 ch., Mrs. Lois Klopp, Glenford and Paul L. Rowlett, her mother Mrs. Nellie Wright, 2 sis. Mrs. J. C. Bradley and Mrs. Dallas (Doris) Ogden, a bro. Guy Wright.

ROWLETT, Harry W., 62, died 5 Oct 1952, burial Moffett Cem. (b. 7 Jan 1890) lived in Trimble Co. all his life, s/o James and Eliza McClure Rowlett. Survived by wife SADIE GOSMAN, ROWLETT m. 1911, sons Kenneth and Raymond Rowlett, 2 sis. Mrs. Elizabeth Gosman and Mrs. Katie Willis, 5 bro., Charles, Lafe, Kelly, Clarence and Code Rowlett.

ROWLETT, Helen McCord, 55, died 4 Jun 1958, burial Moffett Cem. b. Trimble Co. reared in Milton area, (d/o Joseph McCord.) Survived by dau. Mrs. Charles (Alma) Broad, her mother Mrs. Clara McCord, bro. Ansel and Rev. Roland McCord, 3 sis. Miss Bessie McCord, Mrs. Leona Graves and Mrs. Valery (Hilary) Johnson.

ROWLETT, William B., 89, died 13 Dec 1954, burial IOOF Bedford. Native of Trimble Co. (s/o David P. and Martha J. Rowlett) lived in Indiana for 7 yrs with son. Survived by children, Mrs. Leona Chandler, Shelby, Cleston and Rev. D. P. Rowlett.

ROWLETT, William Clarence, 71, died 28 Apr 1955, burial Moffett Cem. Native of Trimble Co. but for last 26 yrs had lived in IN on Ryker's Ridge. Wife LULA MAY ROWLETT, died 29 Jan 1955, survived by 2 children, George Rowlett and Hazel Rowlett, 4 bro. Charles, Lafe, Code and Kelly Rowlett, 2 sis. Mrs. Katie May Willis and Mrs. Elizabeth Gosman. Preceded by a brother, Harry Rowlett.

RYAN, Arthur, 65, died 17 Jan 1956, Wise's Landing, burial Sulphur. b. Carroll Co., KY, s/o James Ryan, m. 1910 to Josie Abbott, she died 1946. Survived by 3 sis. Mrs. Maude Taylor, Edna Perry and Stella Corley. He was a resident of Henry Co., KY until 7 yrs ago.

SACHLEBEN, Fred, 65, died 1 Jan 1952, burial Lutheran Cem. Wife ELIZABETH SACHLEBEN, dec'd. Survived by dau. Mrs. Orville Wright and 5 sons, Walter, Harry, John W., Charles and Robert Sachleben, 2 sis., Mrs. Mary Meier and Mrs. Andrew Detmer, 3 bro., John, Edward and William Sachleben.

SACHLEBEN, John H., 69, Columbus, IN, interred 3 Jun 1952, Lutheran Cem. in Hunter's Bottom. b. and reared Trimble Co. near Milton, moved some 11 yrs ago to IN. Survived by wife AUGUSTA SACHLEBEN, sons, Joe, Fred and Earl Sachleben, 2 bro., William and Edward Sachleben, 2 sis., Mrs. Emma Detmer and Mrs. Mary Meier. Preceded by 2 bro., Henry and Fred Sachleben.

SADDLER, Arthur "Cut," 93, died 6 Mar 1954, burial _____. s/o Jim and Ellen Saddler, both of whom were slaves. Jim Saddler "belonged" to the Miles family and Ellen to the Pryors. Survived by bro., Abner, Ed, Ollie and Lawson Saddler, a sis., 2 sons, Robert and Arthur William Saddler, step-son, Nathan Posey.

SANDERS, Margaret Louise Pierce, 81, died 18 Feb 1954, burial IOOF Bedford. b. 26 Jun 1872, d/o Addison and Cornelia Trout Pierce. m. 19 Dec 1895 to the late WILLIAM NOLAN SANDERS, 4 ch., W. Raymond, James P. and Cornelia Sanders. Son Benjamin Gilbert died in infancy. 2 sis. Mrs. Rhoda Ball and Mrs. Oscar Sibley, 3 bro., Baud, Fred and Tony Pierce.

SCARBOROUGH, Herbert H., 76, Barebone, died 17 Sep 1955, burial Alton, KY. b. Stanford, KY, lived in Lincoln Co., KY before coming to Trimble Co. 7 yrs ago. Survived by children, Mary Bush, Luttie Cox, Nellie Cable, Emma Houp, Jessie and James Scarborough, 2 sis., Hamicet and Sarah Stout.

SCHOLEY, Lena Niehouse, 83, died 16 Dec 1950, burial Lutheran Cem. b. Hanover, Germany 6 Sep 1867, came to this country at age 16. At age 20 m. FRED SCHOLEY, 9 ch. 6 survive, Mrs. Clara Walkenhorst, Mrs. Ezra Knox, Mrs. William Obertate, Mrs. George Pulliam, Henry and John Scholey.

SCHIRMER, Lucy Chella, 77, died 27 May 1956, burial IOOF Bedford. (b. 9 Nov 1878,) life resident of Trimble Co. d/o Reuben and Nannie Perkinson Barnes. m. 30 Nov 1898 to OTTO H. SCHIRMER, who survives with 4 children, Reuben and Dr. Robert Schirmer, Mrs. Thomas P. Vincent and Mrs. Robert (Lucille) Ashby, 3 bro., Lawrence D., Oather F., and Shelby Barnes, 2 sis., Mrs. Myrtle Wright and Mrs. Alice Ralston. Son Lester Lee Schirmer, 2 bro., Dona and Bealie Barnes are dec'd.

SCHURMEIER, Clara Louise, 71, died 16 Feb 1958, burial Lutheran Cem. b. Carroll Co,. KY, d/o Fred and Caroline (Cutter) Thieman. Survived by husband FRED SCHURMEIER, sis. Mrs. Louise Raker.

SCHURMEIER, Thelma Phagan "Judy," 47, d. 27 Jan 1956, burial Fairmont Cem., Madison. Native of Elwood, IN, d/o Mrs. Bertha Bathwell and the late Charles Moore. m. 1924 to the late TYNDALE "DOC" PHAGAN of Madison where she lived until 1950. 4 ch. Barbara Jean who died in infancy, living are, Mrs. Howard Beckman, Mrs. Clyde Bickers and James Phagan. m. 2nd in 1950 to WILLIAM SCHURMEIER of Milton who survives, also her mother, step-dau. Mrs. Edward Moore, 4 sis., Mrs. Dorothy Cochran, Mrs. Vera Lawson, Mrs. Erma Gavin and Mrs. Donna Cantrell, 3 bro., Russell, Gary and Van Moore.

SCHWERS, Ernest H., 59, d. 13 May 1959, Hunter's Bottom, burial Moffett. b. (21 Jun 1899) Carroll Co., KY, spent his life in Carroll and Trimble Co. s/o late John and Louise Thieman Schwers. Survived by wife LADONNA BARNES SCHWERS, dau. Mrs. Louise Love, a son Dr. Larry N. Schwers, a sister Miss Dora Schwers.

SCOTT,( Ira) Clarence, 71, died 15 Sep 1954, Wise's Landing area, burial IOOF Bedford. b. 23 Jun 1883 at Bedford, s/o L. M. and Mary Ellen (Simpson) Scott. m. 19 Aug 1905 to MINNIE D. SCOTT of Hannibal, MO. Survived by wife, 3 ch., Mrs. Lucy Wallace, Miss Clara Scott and Albert Scott, 2 sis., Mrs. Sherley Craig and Mrs. Julia Stewart, 1 bro. Prentice Scott. Preceded by 2 ch. who died in infancy.

SCOTT, Oscar Ralph, 66, died 24 Feb 1959, burial IOOF Bedford. b. Carroll Co., (17 Apr 1892,) s/o William and Rebecca Kendall Scott, family came to Trimble Co. when he was a yr old. m. 15 Oct 1910 to HALLIE BROWN, survived by children, Elerne, Leland and Sylvan Scott, Mrs. William B. Welty, Mrs. Roy Callis, Mrs. Olynn Ward and Mrs. Gleneva Neal, 3 sis., Mrs. Mildred Mahoney, Mrs. Dousia Abbott and Mrs. Lola Vestal. Preceded by dau., Verna Lee Scott who died in 1938.

SCOTT, Prentice, 83, died 7 Nov 1958, burial IOOF Bedford. s/o L. M. and Mary Simpson Scott. m. 1894 to LULA MCMANIS for 64 years, wife and 8 children survive, Mrs. Catherine Mitchell, Mrs. Birdie Sherrill, William, Beckham, Roy, Hurley, Virgil and Paul Scott, 2 sis., Mrs. Ike Stewart and Mrs. S. H. Craig.

SHEPHERD, Frances, 56, d. 15 Apr 1952, Indianapolis, IN, burial there. (d/o Archie W. and Mary E. Calvert Smith.) Former resident of Trimble Co. survived by husband ALBERT SHEPHERD, dau. Mrs. Tom Ray, 2 bro., C. B. and W. P. Smith, 1 sis., Miss Mattie Smith.

SHEPHERD, William Robert, 71, died 5 Sep 1950, burial IOOF Bedford. b. 6 Nov 1878, a veteran, served 21 months in Phillipine Islands. At age 24 m. Lula Mae Schnetyer, 7 ch. (only 6 names) Catherine, Elfreda and Merle Shepherd and Mrs. Elmer Dunn. Preceded by Mary Elizabeth and Margaret Shepherd. Also survived by 2 sis. Mrs. Mary Curran and Mrs. Cassandra Jenkins, 2 bro. Grover and Jesse Shepherd.

SIBLEY, Oscar, 77, New Castle, died 7 Apr 1958, burial IOOF Bedford. Former resident of Trimble Co. survived by wife, KATIE PIERCE SIBLEY, 3 ch. Mrs. Randolph Stivers, Coleman and Herbert Sibley, 2 sis. Mrs. C. H. Burnett and Mrs. Belle Blackerby.

SIMPSON, Charlie, 82, died 9 Jun 1958, burial IOOF Bedford. b. Trimble Co. lived all his life here, s/o Walter and Sarah Davis Simpson. m. OLA BELL MAHONEY, 2 ch. Leo and Velma Simpson all dec'd. Survived by son Cecil Simpson, 2 bro. Barney and Pete Simpson, 2 sis. Mrs. Lula McManis and Mrs. Virgie McClellen.

SIMPSON, Mary Margaret, 82, died 8 Apr 1956, burial IOOF Bedford. b. Trimble Co. d/o Robert and Bettie Miles Estes. Survived by husband WILLIAM P. SIMPSON, 2 sis., Dela Estes and Sallie Taylor.

SIMPSON, Virginia (Virgie,) __, interred 19 Nov 1959, Cave Hill Cem., Louisville. d/o J. O. and Mollie Crawford Snyder, lived in Milton area until after death of her husband when she moved to Madison. Survived by son George Simpson. Preceded by a dau. and an infant son.

SKIDMORE, George Jessie, 82, died 7 Apr 1952, burial IOOF Bedford. s/o Frank and Virginia Colbert Skidmore, always lived in Trimble Co. most of time in the Antioch com. m. 4 Feb 1890 KATIE B. SIBLEY, she died 1917, m. 2nd 28 Jan 1932 to FLORIE LEATHERMAN, who survives.

SKIRVIN, Susie, 71, died 15 Feb 1956, burial Mt. Carmel Cem. d/o John and Melvina Satchwell Furnish. Husband, JOHN SKIRVIN and 3 ch. dec'd. Surv. by son, Donald Skirvin and dau., May Mefford, 2 sis. Oma Furnish and Lyda Ford, 1 bro. Tom Furnish.

SMITH, Alvin M., 19, died 20 Nov 1959, burial IOOF Bedford. Survived by parents, Mr. and Mrs. William J. Smith, 3 sis., Mrs. Bessie Winkle, Mrs. William H. Gilley and Mrs. Robert Wentworth, 6 bro., R. C., James Andrew, Hiner T., Oliver W., Gus H. and Charles E. Smith.

SMITH, Charles B., 77, Palmyra com., d. 14 Jul 1957, burial Corn Creek Cem. Life resident of Trimble Co. (b. 12 Jul 1880, s/o Archie W. and Lizzie Calvert Smith. Surv. by sis. Mrs. Mattie Jenkins. Preceded by wife, (LENA ABBOTT SMITH,) sis. and 2 bro.

SMITH, Clisby S,. 7 weeks, died 21 Oct 1956. burial IOOF Bedford. Survived by parents, Mr. and Mrs. Otis Smith, and a sister.

SMITH, Lonnie Earl, 59, died 9 Aug 1959, burial IOOF Bedford. b. Trimble Co. (14 Jul 1900,) s/o William P. and Ida Holsclaw Smith. He served four years as Trimble Co. Tax Commissioner in mid 1930's. Survived by wife, HELEN COLBERT SMITH, dau., Mrs. Clifton Liter, 2 bro., Wilbur and Irl Smith, 1 sis., Mrs. Ora Ruediger.

SMITHA, James William, 80, died 6 Apr 1952, Indianapolis, burial there. Survived by 4 sons, Wilbur L., Ollie D., John A. and Roy A. Smitha, 2 dau., Mrs. Hallie Williams and Mrs. George Heveline, a brother, Alexander Smitha.

SNYDER, Milton Ramsey, Sr. 83, died 6 Oct 1951, burial Moffett Cem. b. Trimble Co. 10 Feb 1868, oldest s/o William and Adelia Hoagland Snyder. m. 27 Oct 1892, CARRIE WHALLON, 2 sons, 1 died in infancy and Milton R. Snyder II, Post Master at Milton. Family moved into home in Milton formerly occupied by late Dr. J. H. Calvert. Preceded by 4 bro., Hubert, Benjamin, James and William and sis. Sally.

SPILLMAN, Homer Harden, 6 months, born 13 Dec 1949, died Frankfort, KY 26 Jun 1950, burial IOOF Bedford. Survived by parents Leonard Allen and (Delores Harmon) Spillman, bro. Leonard Allen Jr., grandparents Homer Spillman, Mrs. Nell Spillman and Mr. and Mrs. Hurley Harmon.

SPILLMAN, Joseph E., 80, died 16 Oct 1959, burial IOOF Bedford. (b. Trimble Co. 2 Dec 1878,) s/o George M. and Harriet Browning Spillman, lived in Sligo com. Wife, MINNIE WRIGHT SPILLMAN died in April. Survived by 7 dau., Mrs. Lynn Burnett, Mrs. Art Reynolds, Mrs. Hubert Burrows, Mrs. Robert Gilbert, Mrs. Bruce Owen Hutcherson, Mrs. Josephine Arnold and Mrs. Ruth Erhman, (Ehrman) 2 sons, Glenn and James Spillman, a sis. Dolly Smiley. A. bro. Lee Spillman is dec'd.

SPILLMAN, L. C., 77, d. 1 Jul 1959, Louisville, burial Cave Hill Cem. s/o Francis Levi and Allie Gillis Spillman, b. Trimble Co., lived in Bedford and Milton until about 20 yrs ago. Survived by an adopted dau., a bro. A. G. Spillman, half-bro. Homer Spillman. Preceded by wife MABEL CAPLINGER SPILLMAN.

SPILLMAN, Lizzie McElwane, 86, Bedford, died 24 Dec 1959, burial IOOF Bedford. b. Trimble Co. 12 Jul 1873, d/o William and Bettie Spillman. She taught school for many yrs, lived in Ewingford and Bethel com. before moving to Bedford. Preceded by 2 bro., Walter and Clarence Spillman.

SPILLMAN, Minnie M., 74, died 25 Apr 1959, burial IOOF Bedford. b. Patton's Creek area of Trimble Co. (13 Sep 1884) d/o John H. and Alice Robertson Wright. Survived by husband JOE SPILLMAN, 7 dau., Mrs. Ethel Burnett, Mrs. Anita Reynolds, Mrs. Lucille Hutcherson, Mrs. Reva Burrows, Mrs. Josephine Arnold, Mrs. Wilma Gilbert and Mrs. Ruth Ehrman, 2 sons, Glenn and James Spillman, 4 sis., Mrs. Oswald Berry, Mrs. Ed Waller, Mrs. Virgie Clifford and Mrs. Barker Thurman, 1 bro. Cecil Wright. Preceded by 2 brothers and 1 sister.

SPILLMAN, Susie, 68, died 9 Mar 1952, burial Family Cem. near Union Grove. (d/o Ezra and Louise Sherman,) husband ISAAC SPILLMAN, died 1 Jan 1927. Survived by 4 ch., Mrs. Rand Hamilton, Mrs. Tom Carter, James Morris and William E. Spillman, sis., Mrs. Lucy Browning and bro., George Sherman.

SPRAGUE, Rev. Kenneth H., (ca 41,), d. 1 Nov 1959, Finley, IN, burial Moffett Cem. ( 1918-1959. ) Survived by wife ALICE COFFIN SPRAGUE, his mother, Mrs. Mary Sprague, 2 ch. Rebecca and Jonathan Sprague, 2 sis. Miss June Sprague and Mrs. Lillie Ingalls, 1 bro., Francis Sprague.

STANLEY, James Green, 71, Bedford, d. 20 Aug 1957, burial IOOF Bedford. s/o James and Mildred Spillman Stanley. m. KATE YEAGER, who died ca 17 yrs ago. Survived by sis., Mrs. Pearle Angell.

STANLEY, Dr. Laben "Phelps," __, d. 2 Mar 1950, VA, burial IOOF Bedford. b. near Ewingford, 9 Nov 1902, 3rd s/o Judge I. T. and Lena H. Stanley. m. MARY JOLIFFE, who with 2 ch. survive, Robert Philps and Mary Suzana Stanley, 5 sis., Mrs. M. G. Peak, Mrs. Gordon Beasley, Mrs. Perry Dean, Mrs. Bessie Herr and Mrs. K. G. Hudson, 3 bro., A. T., L. G. and I. T. Stanley.

STAPLES, Anna Maxfield, (ca 64,) died 13 Oct 1952, burial IOOF Bedford. b. Campbell Co., KY (6 Jun) 1888, m. 19 Oct 1919 to GEORGE STAPLES, who survives with 4 ch., Allen, Kenneth, Marshall Staples and Mrs. Robert Haney. Mrs. Staples is the last of 8 sisters. (Anna or Adelia d/o S. T. and Flora Pettit Maxfield.

STAPLES, Marshall, 23, died 9 Jul 1953, burial IOOF Bedford. Survived by father George Staples, 2 bro., Kenneth and Allen Staples. a sis. Mrs. Bob Haney.

STARK, Francis Ansley, 68, d. 23 Aug 1954, Louisville, burial Evergreen Cem. there. Native of New Haven, KY, m. FLORA RICHARDSON, d/o late Mr. and Mrs. James Richardson of Wise's Landing, in 1912. Living in that area several yrs before moving to Louisville. Survived by wife, 2 dau., Mrs. Talbott Allen and Mrs. Robert McCubbin, 2 sons, James and Paul Stark, 6 bro., William, Charles, Hubert, Matton, Leslie and Marcellus Stark, 4 sis., Mrs. Chester Newman, Mrs. John Parrish, Mrs. James Crowe and Mrs. Leslie Carter.

STARK, James M., 42, died 30 Jan 1958, Huntington, WV, burial ____. s/o late Ansley Stark, grandson of late Mr. and Mrs. James Richardson. Survived by mother, Mrs. Flora Stark, 1 dau., Judy Stark, 2 sis. Mrs. Talbott Allen and Mrs. Lee McCubbins, a brother Paul Stark. Preceded by bro. 2nd Lt. Russell K. Stark in 1943.

STATEN, Edward, __, interred 20 1957, Ontario, Calif., burial ____. s/o late Alfred and Malvina Staten, b. Providence area of Trimble Co. where he lived until 19 Jul 1906 when he m. ESSIE SANDERS, also of this county. Survived by wife, son, Joseph Staten, 1 sis., Miss Maude Staten, 2 bro., E. B. and Shell Staten.

STETHEN, Raymond, 43, died 24 Oct 1954, burial ______. b. 26 Sep 1911, s/o Ruth and William Stethen. m. SUSANNE DAVIS of Prestonville, Ky, in 1933, 2 sons, Raymond Douglas and Harold Thomas Stethen. Beside his immediate family he leaves 1 bro. Harold, sis. Mrs. Elmer Oak, step-mother Mrs. Lillian Stethen, 2 half-brothers, Norman Joe and James Edwin - Imogene and Betty Sue.

STETHEN, William "Bum," 54, died 17 Feb 1951, burial ___. b. Carroll Co.,KY, s/o Enoch and Jennie Mullen Stethen. m. Nov 1926 to LILLIAN WEBSTER who survives, 4 children, Norman Joe, Emma Jean Edwin, Betty Sue and Edwin Stethen, also 3 ch. from a former marriage, Harold, Raymond Stethen and Marie Oak, 1 bro. Clyde Stethen. He was preceded by 2 bro. George and Skidmore Stethen, sis. Mrs. Ona Ellis.

STEPHENSON, Callie Helen, 73, died 8 Jul 1951, burial IOOF Bedford. b. 20 Mar 1878, d/o John Quincey and Ceasie Adams. m. 12 Feb 1902 to JAMES HOLLY STEPHENSON, 2 dau., Mrs. Alva Wentworth and Mrs. Ernest Dunlap, 1 sis., Mrs. Albert Graves.

STEPHENSON, James Holly, 77, died 11 Feb 1958, burial IOOF Bedford. Preceded by wife the former Clara Helen Adams. Survived by 2 dau., Mrs. Genevieve Wentworth and Mrs. Ernest Dunlap, a bro., Frank.

STOCKDALE, Elza Earl, 70, died 18 Sep 1959, burial Moffett Cem. W.W.I veteran, U S Navy, b. 1 Jul 1889, s/o William A. and Frances Gross Stockdale. m. 27 Jun 1917 to GERTRUDE CONN, 2 ch., John W. Stockdale and Mrs. Doris Clem, 4 bro. Clarence, Henry, Otis and Joe Stockdale, 1 sis. Mrs. James Sommerville.

STOCKDALE, Frances, 86, died 2 Jul 1951, burial Moffett Cem. b. 29 May 1865, d/o Joseph and Caroline Gross. m. 12 Feb 1885 to W. A. STOCKDALE, 7 ch., 6 named: Henry, Elza, Otis, Joe, Clarence Stockdale and Mrs. James Somerville, a half-sis. Mrs. Julia Cox.

STOUT, Dean M.,__, Layne, Oh, interred 13 Jan 1953, IOOF Carrollton. b. 22 Feb 1901 in Henry Co., KY. Survived by mother Mrs. Blan Stout, 2 sons, Otis Lee and Buford Stout, dau. Mrs. Wilma DeWitt, 6 sis., Mrs. Lena Shelley, Mrs. Hazel Achburger, Mrs. Elizabeth Wainscott, Mrs. Mabel Fuller, Mrs. Margaret Harrell and Mrs. Bess Callis, 2 bro., R. C. and Richard Stout. A son, Blane Stout died in W W II.

STOUT, Elizabeth, 87, died 9 Dec 1958, burial Mt. Tabor Cem. Widow of GEORGE STOUT, b. Trimble Co. (30 Mar 1871 d/o John B.Welty.) Survived by dau. Rosa Stout, 2 sis. Mrs. Julia Schirmer and Mrs. Ernest Lehue, 1 bro., W. S. Welty.

STOUT, Rosa, 50, died 16 Jan 1959, burial Mt. Tabor Cem. d/o late George and Elizabeth Welty Stout, a life resident of Trimble Co.

STRAIN, Elizabeth, __, died 11 May 1958, burial IOOF Bedford. Lived in county most of her life, (d/o John B. and Josie Farley Whitaker,) widow of LEWIS STRAIN, reared a girl now Mrs. Josephine Copley, later took in Robert Johnson. Other survivors include sis. Mrs. Cora Hamilton, a bro. Joseph Whitaker, a half-bro. Charlie Boss.

STROTHER, Jerry, __, Indianapolis, in paper of 31 Jan 1952, burial there. b. and reared in Pleasant Retreat neighborhood, s/o late Richard and Lucy Strother, survived by widow, son, dau., sis. Mrs. Sallie King. Preceded by sis. Mrs. Kate Ashby.

STROUP, Charles Alva, 73, died 6 Jul 1955, burial (IOOF Bedford Formerly of Lebanon, IN. Was youngest of 4 ch., a sis. Mrs. Emma Wentworth died 1930. He died at home of sis. Mrs. Nettie Brooks.

SUDDITH, John A., 86, died 12 Jun 1953, burial IOOF Bedford. Served as sheriff of Trimble Co. for 1 term. Surv. by dau. Mrs. Ovie Pinell and Mrs. Harry Bowman.

SWISHER, Opal, 72, died 21 May 1958, burial IOOF Bedford. (Dorothy Opal, b. 26 May 1886, d/o Sylvester and Florence Ogden.) b. Austin, IN, been in this county most of her life. m. 1915 to ARTHUR SWISHER who died 1945, survived by dau. Mrs. Maurice Clem, 3 step-ch., Mrs. Lewis G. Bumen, Raymond and Leonard Swisher.

TANDY, Charles C., __, died 19 Mar 1950, Ashland, KY, burial there. b. and reared in Milton, s/o late Willis and Mattie Tandy. Preceded by sister, Mrs. Jessie Lemen. Survived by widow, 2 bro., Lewis Tandy and other bro. ____. (Birth on school census, 5 Apr 1894.)

TANDY, Roxie Logan, 86, died 8 Jan 1957, burial IOOF Bedford. b. in the Burrows section of Trimble Co., d/o James A. and Mary Ford Logan. m. W. D. TANDY, died ca 10 yrs ago. Survived by son, J. Logan Tandy, step-sis. Mrs. Ethel Ford. A bro. W. W. Logan dec'd.

TANDY, Emma Luckett, 90, died 15 Sep 1953, burial Moffett Cem. Lifelong resident of Trimble Co. b. Trimble Co. 25 Feb 1863, d/o William G. and Ellen Luckett, widow of late GEORGE M. TANDY, (m. 4 Mar 1886.) Survived by 2 dau. Mrs. B. T. Young and Mrs. George W. Conway.

TANDY, Lewis, 66, d. 6 Dec 1953, Campbellsburg, burial ____. Survived by wife, the former EDNA JONES who was at one time a teacher at Pleasant Retreat school, 2 children, Edward Tandy and Mrs. Faith Oney. He was a bro. of Tom Tandy and late Charles Tandy and Mrs. Jessie Tandy Lemen.

TANDY, Thomas Blanton, 68, Milton, d. 9 Mar 1957, burial Moffett Cem. s/o Willis H. and Martha Tandy, b. 9 Dec 1888, Carroll Co., KY, moved to Trimble Co. when young. Survived by wife, EDITH COUCH TANDY, 3 dau., Mrs. Earl Burger, Mrs. Richard Merriman and Mrs. H.A. Bennett, 4 sons, Richard, Charles, James and Robert Tandy.

TAYLOR, Charles Robert, ca 72, (died 22 Jan 1954 in Henry Co., KY. Stone dates, 1882 - 1954, burial IOOF Bedford. Check for data. (Wife GERTRUDE W. TAYLOR died 1968, children listed, dau. Lottie Faye Jones, 5 sons, Roy, Arlie, Gilbert, Raymond and Dillard Taylor.)

TAYLOR, Rev. Dan, 81, died 31 Jul 1958, burial Brooksburg, IN. Daniel Boone Taylor one of 13 ch. born to John and Sally Brunton Taylor, 15 Oct 1876 in Carroll Co. m. MABEL MILES who died (1914) 2 children, Griffith Keith Taylor and Mrs. Doris Callihan, m. 2nd on 4 Jan 1916 to ANNA LAURA MOSGROVE, who died 17 Jun 1944, their ch., Mrs. Lois Wright, Mrs. Pattie Imel and Dale Bates Taylor, also survived by sis. Mrs. Daisy Mills, bro. Butler Taylor. Rev. Dan Taylor founded and built the Callis Grove Tabernacle in Trimble Co. many years ago.

TAYLOR, Kinsie, 34, died 14 Nov 1954, (burial IOOF Carrollton.) s/o Harvey Taylor and the late Pauline Wright Taylor. Survived also by wife THELMA TAYLOR, dau. Carolyn Taylor, 4 bro., John Allen, Floyd, Jimmy D. and Thurston Taylor, 3 sis. Williana Jo Watson, Charlotte and Janet Taylor.

TEMPLE, Minnie Myrtle Ogle, 50, died 11 Jul 1952, burial IOOF Bedford. Wise's Landing, b. 14 Feb 1902, m. Aug 1922 to CHARLIE TEMPLE, 4 ch., Woodrow and Charles Temple, Mrs. Leroy Dougherty and Mrs. Jesse Ray Dougherty, 1 step-child, Clarence Temple, her mother Mary Ogle McLean, 2 sis. Preceded by 4 sis. 3 bro. and father, Thomas Ogle.

THIEMAN, Mary Ellen, 68, died 13 Jul 1951, burial Lutheran Cem. b. 31, Oct 1882, Hanover, Germany, d/o late Ernest and Elizabeth Raker. Came to the U. S. when a small child. m. 6 Feb 1907 to the late FRED J. THIEMAN, died 5 yrs ago. Survived by son Martin Thieman and 2 bro. August and Fred Raker.

THORNE, Olive Staples Ralston, 73, d. 23 Oct 1951, near St. Matthews, KY. d/o James and Sally Ann Staples, b. Trimble Co. lived in the Hickory Grove area until ca 20 yrs ago. m. 40 yrs. ago to Dr. RALSTON who died yrs ago. Survived by 2nd husband, ALBERT THORNE and 3 ch., b. to former union, 2 dau. Mrs. Gilbert Bieier, Mrs. Arthur Fulks and son, Paul Ralston.

TILLEY, Mary E., 79, died 18 Mar 1959, Carroll Co., burial Carrollton. Widow of SANFORD TILLEY, surv. by 9 ch., Mrs. Grace Butters, Mrs. Dollie Heberlin, Mrs. Lillian Duncan, Mrs. Beulah Westrick, Mrs. Cora Kelley, Nobel, Raymond, David and Earl Tilley, a bro. Victor Johnson, 2 sis., Mrs. Lula Rose and Mrs. Lillie Luhn.

TINGLE, Bessie Carie, 56, died 5 Feb 1950, burial IOOF Bedford. b. 19 Dec 1893 in Owen Co., KY, d/o late Alonzo and Mollie Yancy. m. WILL TINGLE in 1910, resided in Trimble Co. since marriage. 13 children, 9 survive, Raymond, James: Marvin, Paul, R. C., William, Mary, Doris and Wilbur Tingle, 4 bro., Lawrence, Tim, Billie and Lonnie Yancy.

TINGLE, Chester, 38, died 14 Apr 1954, burial IOOF Bedford. b. Trimble Co. lived in Louisville the last 10 yrs. Survived by 2 dau., Connie age 11 and Patty age 9, a sis., Mrs. Harry (Reva) Supplee.

TINGLE, Robert Jackson "Jack," 33, died 22 Sep 1958, Lynden, KY, burial IOOF Bedford. Survived by wife JOAN RUBY TINGLE, d/o Earl Ruby, 3 ch. Margaret Ann "Peggy", Jocelyn "Jolly," and John "Jackie" Tingle, his mother, Mrs. Mary Yager Tingle, father, Howard Tingle, grandmother Mrs. Jessie Jackson and a sis. Mrs. Evelyn Wilson.

TINGLE, Noble, 56, died 22 Jan 1951, burial IOOF Bedford. Survived by widow ALLENE TINGLE, dau. Norma Jean Tingle, 2 dau. from a former marriage, Mrs. Dorothy Bates and Mrs. Madelon Gardner, a bro. A. D. Tingle, 1 sis. Mrs. Florence Whitaker.

TINGLE, Raymond E., 45, Ghent, KY, d. 27 Oct 1956, burial IOOF Bedford. W.W.II veteran, 6 yrs, 3 in the Pacific Theater. b. Shelby Co. but lived most his life in Trimble Co. Survived by wife VIOLA TINGLE, a son by a previous marriage, Charles Tingle, his father William Tingle, 6 bro., James, R. C., Marvin, William, Paul and Wilbur Tingle, 2 sis., Mary and Doris Tingle.

TODD, Addie Ellen Wise, 75, died 15 Dec 1955, burial Moffett Cem. (b. 22 Oct 1880, d/o James and Susan Ogden Wood.) Native of Trimble Co., lived in Indianapolis for a time returned to Milton after death of her husband ERNEST TODD, 3 yrs ago. Survived by dau., Mrs. Hazel Harrod, 2 sons, Raymond and Cecil Wise, 2 step-ch. Mrs. Louise Gault and Edward Todd, 4 sis., Mrs. Fred Lichtenauer, Mrs. Alex Smitha, Mrs. Mamie Twyman and Mrs. Lina Twyman.

TROUT, Charles Henry, 94, died 18 Jul 1952, Lake Wales, Fla. burial __. Retired minister, b. on a farm in Trimble Co. near Milton 15 Nov 1857, s/o Isaac and America Peak Trout. m. 1 Sep 1887, FRANCES C. MORTON of Madison, IN, 4 sons, Ralph, Paul, David and James Carroll Trout. Mrs. Trout died May 1923 in Fla. m. 1924 to DANA EDWARDS of Indianapolis, IN, she died 1942.

TROUT, Lawrence Moreland, 70, died 12 Jan 1959, burial Moffett Cem. b. Trimble Co. 22 Oct 1888 s/o Benjamin and Della Moreland Trout. m. 3 Jun 1926 to JULIA MORTON BUCHANAN who survives 2 bro., Robert and Shirley Trout. Preceded by 2 bro., George and Joe Trout.

TROUT, Nellie M., 60, died 26 Apr 1955, Seymour, IN, burial Moffett. b. Milton, d/o late George W. and Elizabeth Moore Angel. m. 23 Dec 1914, to ROBERT B. TROUT, who survives, 1 bro., Shelby Angel, 1 sis., Mrs. Daisy Perkinson.

TYRA, William, 51, died 23 Jun 1953, Indianapolis, burial there. b. near Bedford, lived in Trimble Co. until a few years ago. Survived by wife ETHEL KING TYRA, 2 children, Albert Tyra and Mrs. Marjorie Pruitt, his father, Allie (Alva) Tyra, 2 sis., Mrs. Shirley Long and Mrs. Robert Ecker, a bro. James Tyra.

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