The record of deaths were taken from microfilm and the books of papers,
THE TRIMBLE DEMOCRAT for the years 1980 through 1989.

Everything enclosed in ( parentheses ) was added from another source, burial records, TRIMBLE COUNTY KENTUCKY CEMETERIES, some reference to 1870 census of Trimble County, and some from family research. All notes were added by and not contained in the obituary. Permission to use at the Trimble County Kentucky Genealogy site from the Trimble County Historical Society, Trimble County, Kentucky. I would like to thank them for making this resource available.

EDWARDS, James Louis, 67, Milton died 28 Feb 1988, bur. Moffett Cem. (Born Trimble Co. 17 Sep 1920 s/o Joseph and Minnie Kelley Edwards.) Survived by wife ELIZABETH STOCKDALE EDWARDS, 1 dau. Mrs. Janice Gross, 1 son John Edwards, 1 sis. Mrs. Josephine Turner. Preceded by sis and bro.

EGERTON, Howard, 82, Bedford died 10 Jan 1983, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Carroll Co. 16 Jun 1900 d/o George W. and Lena D. Mullikin Egerton.) Survived by sis. Mrs. Visa Clapp. Preceded by wife ANNA HOOD EGERTON (d. 17 Jun 1979,) 3 bro. Clarence; Roy and William Egerton, 4 sis. Helen; Lucy; Hallie and Josephine.

EGERTON, Lucy, 75, Louisville, KY interred 28 Jun 1981, IOOF Bedford. Born Carroll Co. (24 Sep 1905) lived in Louisville the past 40 years. d/o late George and Lena Mullikin Egerton. Survived by sis. Mrs. Visa Clapp, bro. Howard Egerton. Preceded by 3 bro. and 3 sis.

ELDRIDGE, Byron, 91, Campbellsburg, KY died 6 Sep 1989, bur. IOOF Bedford. (s/o Ruben Wiley and Mary Robinson Eldridge.) Survived by wife MARGARET ELDRIDGE, 2 sons Fred Eldridge and Ollie Thomas, 2 dau. Donna Proctor and Judy Lyons, 1 bro. Lloyd Eldridge. Preceded by 1 dau Pauline Limpert, 3 bro. A. D.; Ernest and Elvin Eldridge, and 2 sis.

ELDRIDGE, Elvin, 88, Henry Co. died 18 Nov 1982, bur. IOOF Bedford. A native of Estill Co. a former resident of Trimble Co. Survived by wife the former LOVIE ELLEN COOLEY, 2 daughters: Mrs. John (Thelma) Boyd and Mrs. Norma E. Perkinson, 1 son Milburn Eldridge, 1 sister Mrs. Eva Vest, 2 brothers Lloyd and Bryan Eldridge.

ELDRIDGE, Lovie E., 89 LaGrange died 31 Mar 1987, bur. IOOF Bedford. Native of Trimble Co. d/o late John and Bessie Jones Cooley. Preceded by husband ELVIN ELDRIDGE, son Carroll Eldridge, Survived by son J. Milburn Eldridge and 2 daughters, Mrs. John {Thelma) Boyd and Mrs. Norma Perkinson.

ELDRIDGE, Randall Forest, 33, Oklahoma City, died 1 Sep 1984, bur. IOOF Bedford. Born LaGrange, KY 10 Oct 1950 s/o Jesse and Dorothy Andrew Eldridge. Data from funeral record. Name could be Aldridge.

EVERHART, Howard R., 74, Bedford died 30 May 1985, bur. Grandview Memorial Gardens, IN. (Born Columbus, IN 14 Jan 1911 s/o Charles E. and Mabel Arbuckle Everhart.) Survived by wife ANNA GRACE EVERHART, 4 sons William; Howard R. Everhart; John E. and Allen Newberry, Jr., 4 dau. Mrs. Mary Lee McDonald; Rose Mary Newberry; Joyce Ann Floyd and Melinda Irene Bladen, 3 bro. Raymond; James and Charles Everhart, 5 sis. Mrs. Elsie Goins; Mrs. Agnes Bamsett; Mrs. Ruth Towbridge; Mrs. Florence Cardinel and Mrs. Helen Coons.

EWING, Goldie, 90, Louisville, KY died 1 Jul 1987, bur. Mt. Carmel Cem. (Born Trimble Co. 30 Apr 1897 d/o John and Mabel Holsclaw Bird.) Survived by 4 dau. Mrs. Rhema Mitchell; Mrs. Betty Tandy; Mrs. Nelda Cannon and Mrs. Evelyn Glass, 2 sons, J. L. and Merlin Ewing, 1 bro. Howard Bird. Preceded by husband CHRISTOPHER LEROY EWING in 1964 and 3 bro.

EWING, Noble Pryor, 91, Bedford died 1 Jan 1987, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born 19 Dec 1895 s/o John and Rebecca Coffin Ewing.) Survived by wife JANET EWING, 1 dau. Mrs. Geraldine Tilley. Preceded by 1st wife MIMERAL McMAHAN EWING, 1 son John and 2 bro. (bro. Charles d. 1976.)

FELTNER, Dora, 55, Carrollton, KY died 24 Oct 1982, bur. IOOF Bedford. Born Hazard, KY (9 Mar 1927 d/o Sam and Anna Huff.) Survived by 3 sons Roger and Stanley Williams and Kelly Dean Feltner, 3 dau. Easter Hente, Blanch Kwasiborski and Trena Kay Felton, 2 bro. Arnold and Clarence Huff, sis. Frances Ball. Preceded. by parents, 3 bro. and 2 sis.

FENDLEY, Barney R., 92, Louisville, KY died 4 Nov 1988, bur. Sligo Cem. Former resident of Patton's Creek in Trimble Co. s/o late L. Turner and Sophie Jeffries Fendley. Survived by wife GRACE WILLHITE FENDLEY, 1 dau. Ruth Fendley Jessie.

FENDLEY, Daisy Bell, 84, Westport, KY died 15 May 1985, bur. LaGrange, KY. Native of Trimble Co. d/o Millard F. and Hester Ellen Abbott Clifford. Survived by 2 dau. Mrs. Bush (Violet) Williams and Mrs. William F. (Doris) Kriel, 2 sons John O. and Shelton B., Sr. Preceded by husband CLIFTON FENDLEY in 1973.

FENDLEY, Grace W., 88, Louisville, KY died 21 Nov 1989, bur. Sligo Cem. Native of Trimble Co. d/o R. O. and Annie Ward Willhite. Survived by dau. Mrs. Ruth Fendley Jessie, 1 bro. Carroll A. Willhite. Preceded by husband BARNEY R. FENDLEY.

FEWELL, Webb Suter, 75, Indiana died 13 Sep 1988, bur. Campbellsburg Cem. Born Trimble Co. (20 Aug 1913 s/o Kirby and Anna Smith Fewell.) Survived by wife EDITH MOORE FEWELL, 3 sons Phillip Suter; David Bradley and Larry Gilbert Fewell, 2 bro. Paul and Ernest Fewell. Preceded by 1 son Maurice Franklin Fewell.

FISHER, Herbert, 86, Bedford died 15 Jan 1982, bur. IOOF Bedford. W.W.I veteran, (born Trimble Co. 28 Feb 1896 s/o William and Sally Ogden Fisher.) Survived by wife IRENE JOYCE FISHER, several nieces and nephews. Preceded by 1 sis. and 2 bro.

FISHER, John W., 86, Sulphur, KY died 26 Nov 1986, bur. Sulphur Cem. Native of Trimble Co. Survived by son Jack R. Fisher. (s/o Joseph and Abigail Perkinson Fisher. Ref. 1900 and 1910 census.)

FISHER, Verna, 61, Bedford died 24 Sep 1985, bur. IOOF Bedford. Born Trimble Co. (14 Nov 1923.) A registered health nurse for 37 years. Survived by mother Mrs. Glenita Wheeler Jackson, 1 son Gregg Fisher, 2 bro. Robert Graham and Allen Wayne Jackson, 1 sis. Patricia Ann McMannis. Preceded by father Finnell Jackson, 1 dau. Mrs. Sue Suter.

FITZGERALD, Carl D., 78, Pleasureville, KY died 5 Oct 1988, bur. New Castle, KY. W.W.II veteran. Survived by 4 sis. Mrs. Robert (Sally) Brierly; Mrs. Orville (Nelda) Kelley; Mrs. Norman (Martha) Bain and Mrs. Ishmael (June) Sutherland, 2 bro. Luther C. and Ralph W.

FITZGERALD, Norman, 67, Eminence, KY died 21 Aug 1984, bur. Franklinton Cem. Survived by wife ANN BRIERLY FITZGERALD, 2 sons Norvin and Allen Dale Fitzgerald, 1 dau. Mrs. Larry (Darlene) Chilton, 3 bro. Ralph; W.; Carl D. and Luther C. Fitzgerald, 4 sis. Sally Brierly; Martha Bayne; Cornnealia Kelley and June Sutherland.

FOREE, Elizabeth Jane, 94, Bedford died 21 Aug 1984, bur. Sulphur Cem. Born Sligo, KY, Survived by 4 sons John; Kenneth; Joseph Lynn and Bill Foree, 4 dau. Lenora Barnett; Frances Newman; Warrena Reid and Anita Herron. Preceded by husband WARREN K. FOREE, son Wallace Foree, 2 dau. Mary Baxter on 16 Aug 1984 and Harriett Foree.

FORD, Leslie B., (ca 77,) Salem, IN died 19 Feb 1986, bur. Salem, IN. Former resident of Trimble Co. Survived by wife HAZEL BENNETT FORD, 2 sons Glen and Leon Ford of Indiana, 1 bro. Ben Ford of Milton.

FOX, Clarence, 75, Milton died 13 Feb 1984, bur. Moffett Cem. W.W.II veteran, (born Trimble Co. 25 Aug 1908 s/o Jerry and Edith McCord Fox.) Survived by bro. Ory Fox.

FOX, Edith, 98, Milton died 21 Sep 1980, bur. Moffett Cem. (Born Trimble Co. 28 Jul 1882 d/o Fannie McCord.) Edith and her husband JERRY FOX, went to housekeeping in 1902 down on Canip Creek. He died in 1941. Survived by 2 sons Ory and Clarence Fox, 1 half-sis. Mrs. Susie Taylor, 1 half-bro. Lewis Fox. Preceded by 2 sons.

FOX, Jerry M., 64, Milton died 1 Feb 1980, bur. Moffett Cem. W.W.II veteran, (born 8 Aug 1915 s/o late Jerry V. Fox) and Mrs. Edith McCord Fox who is past 98 years old. Also Survived by 2 bro. Clarence and Ory Fox. Preceded by 1 bro. (Ernest d. 20 Aug 1933.)

FOX, Louis Beckham, 86, Milton died 8 Oct 1986, bur. Moffett Cem. (Born Trimble Co. 16 Jul 1900 s/o Frank and Fannie McCord Fox.) Survived by 1 dau. Mrs. Becky McQueary. Preceded by wife FAY FOX in 1955, 4 sis. and 1 bro.

FOX, Norvie Lee, 64, Madison, IN died 27 Jan 1987, bur. Moffett Cem. (Born Trimble Co. 1 Jan 1923 s/o late Eugene and Mary Stanley Fox.) Survived by wife MARY FOX, 3 dau. Mrs. Inez M. Smith; Mrs. Connie R. Beach and Mrs. Donna J. Snell, 2 sis. Mrs. Charlotte Purvis and Mrs. Wilma Bright, 3 bro. Charles; Jim and Mike Fox. Preceded 1 sis. and 2 bro.

FRANKS, Ronald Gene, 28, Bedford died 20 Feb 1983, bur. IOOF Bedford. Born Norfolk, VA (14 Jan 1955.) Survived by mother Mary (Carey) Franks and father Albert Eugene Franks, 1 bro. Bobby Franks, 1 sis. Mrs. Connie Joseph, g-mother Mrs. Katie Carey and Mrs. Beadie Franks, a grandfather Hardin Franks.

FRAZIER, Flora Brown, 78, Eminence, KY died 15 Oct 1989, bur. IOOF Bedford. Born Laurel Co., __. Survived by dau. Mrs. Janne West, 1 bro. John Thomas and 1 sis. Rosie True.

FRAZIER, Johnny James, 81, Prestonville, KY died 12 Aug 1986, bur. IOOF Bedford. Born Owen Co. (3 Feb 1905 s/o William Anderson and Melinda Mason Frazier.) He was a former resident of the Wise's Landing com. Survived by 2 sons Clarence and Joe Frazier, 1 dau. Mrs. Betty Crawford, 3 bro. Smith; Frank and Jess Frazier, 1 sis. Mrs. Mary Burke.

FREEMAN, Rosie Belle, 67, Madison, IN died 5 Apr 1986, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Madison, IN 17 Dec 1918 d/o Robert and Annie Ferguson Hyden.) Survived by husband WILLIAM K. FREEMAN, 7 sons Charles Robert; Joseph; Tony; Stanley; James; Richard and Larry Freeman, 4 dau. Mrs. Anna Duke; Mrs. Bernice Ely; Mrs. Darlene Reed and Mrs. Mary Newman. Preceded by 5 sons William; John; Ronnie; Louie and David Freeman.

FRESH, Norman Jewell, 59, Madison, IN died 26 Feb 1988, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Trimble Co. 3 Sep 1928 s/o Cleo and Opal Brown Fresh.) Survived by wife MARY ANN FRESH, 2 sons Kenneth Fresh and Harold Kinman, 2 sis. Mrs. Lucille Boldery and Mrs. Drucilla Thompson. Preceded by 1 sis.

FRESH, Wilmer, 73, Milton died 16 Jul 1980, bur. Moffett Cem. (Born 30 Nov 1906) s/o John and Lucy Jones Fresh. Survived by 3 sons John L,; Charles and P.A. Fresh. Preceded by 1 bro. Cleo Fresh.

FULKMAN, Robert E., 59, Milton died 28 Mar 1986, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born PA 21 Apr 1926 s/o Clarence R. and Edith Spoon Fulkman.) Survived by wife LELA GARRIOTT BARNES FULKMAN, 1 sis. Mrs. Mary Hamilton, 1 bro. Charles Fulkman. Preceded by parents and 1 bro.

FURNISH, Amanuel, 97, Madison, IN died 25 Jan 1981, bur. Moffett Cem. Born Trimble Co. (5 Jul 1883 s/o George Furnish.) Survived by 3 dau. Mrs. Reva Luckett; Mrs. Burnice Dukeman and Mrs. Ruth Walker, 3 sons Forest; Joseph and Pascal Furnish. Preceded by half-bro. Jacob Furnish, 3 bro. and 2 sis. Note: His wife EFFIE LUCKETT FURNISH d. 9 Oct 1972.

FURNISH, Jacob H., 86, Carrollton, KY died 12 Apr 1982, bur. there. W.W.I veteran, (born Owen Co. 27 Jun 1895 s/o George and Betty Miller Furnish.) A former resident of Trimble Co. Survived by wife BUZETTA SANDERS FURNISH, 1 son Floyd Furnish, 3 dau. Mrs. Doris Peay; Mrs. Freda Willis and Mrs. Louise Bowling, 1 bro. Pascal Furnish, 2 sis. Stella Shamlz and Myrtle Schock. Preceded by son Howard Furnish.

FURNISH, Jesse Franklin, 49, died 11 Jun 1982 at Hospital in Houston, TX. body cremated, Korean War veteran, born Bedford 26 Feb 1933. He left Trimble Co. at age 13 years. Survived by mother Lena Melvin Furnish, sis. Mary Furnish Kimberlin, his wife PAMELA FURNISH, 2 dau. Freda and Debbie and his father Forest Furnish.

GAMMONS, Cecil Dale, 33, Madison, IN died 1 Sep 1982, bur. IOOF Bedford. Vietnam War U.S. Navy veteran, (born Trimble Co. 9 Nov 1948.) Survived by wife GLENNA JEAN GAMMONS, his mother Mrs. Lucille (Staples) Black, stepfather Roy Black, his father Cecil Gammons, grandmother Mrs. Stella Staples, 1 bro. Michael Gammons, 2 sis. Mrs. Joyce Webster and Mrs. Brenda Griffith, 3 half-bro. Steve; Greg and Stanley Black, 1 half-sis. Dena Black.

GARRETT, Elmo Barkley "Mose," 70, Sulphur, KY died 24 Dec 1981, bur. there. Native of Trimble Co. s/o Columbus and Hulda Garrett. Survived by wife MILDRED GREENWOOD GARRETT, 1 sis. Mrs. Harold (Helen) McManis, 1 bro. Wilbur Garrett. Preceded by dau. Carol Barkley.

GARRETT, Hettie B., 88, LaGrange, KY died 8 Sep 1984, bur. Sligo Cem. The former Hettie B. Morgan, native of Trimble Co. Survived by dau. Mrs. Elizabeth Hensley, son Andrew Garrett, 2 sis. Mrs. Josie Carlisle and Mrs. Mae Caldwell. Preceded by husband MARSHALL N. GARRETT in 1970. (d/o William and Mollie Rolston on 1900 census.)

GARRETT, Sarah Ford, 86, LaGrange, KY died 7 Sep 1985, bur. there. Native of Trimble Co. d/o John Jason and Mary Elizabeth Shepherd Ford. Widow of BEN A. GARRETT. Survived by 4 dau. Mrs. Louise Tiller; Mrs. Kathryn Moneyhon; Mrs. Garland Roberts and Miss Elaine Garrett, 1 son Lewis A. Garrett.

GARRETT, Vada L., 79, Milton died 18 Apr 1988, bur. IOOF Bedford. Born Trimble Co. 28 Oct 1908 d/o Thomas and Maggie Andrew Leach. Survived by 2nd husband MORRIS GARRETT, 1 dau. Mrs. Darlene Clapham; 3 step-dau. Mrs. Ella Mae Mahoney; Mrs. Mary Jo Baker and Mrs. Barbara Ann King, 2 step-sons Wayne and James M. Garrett. Preceded by parents, her 1st husband LUTHER HOLLAND, dau. Norma Jean Holland.

GARRETT, W. L., 77, Ballardsville, __ died 25 May 1983, bur. Louisville Memorial Gardens. W.W.II Navy veteran, native of Trimble Co. s/o Columbus and Hulda Garrett. Survived by wife MARY ELIZABETH FREY GARRETT. 2 dau. Mrs. Donald F. (Edith) Douthill and Mrs. James R. (Joan) Sanders, 3 sons Bill; Charles L. and Allen D. Garrett, sis. Mrs. Harold B. (Helen) McManis.

GARRIOTT, Beverly C., 82, Pendleton, KY died 17 Feb 1981, bur. Sligo. Native of Carroll Co. Survived by sis. Mrs. Beatrice Kinzler. A. bro. Rev. L. A. Garriott died 16 Feb 1981.

GARRIOTT, Clara M., 61, Madison, IN died 20 Mar 1981, bur. IOOF Bedford. Born KY (6 May 1919) lived in IN circa 5 years, d/o Charles and Maude Trinkle Sullivan. Survived by husband WAYNE GARRETT. 5 sons Freddie; Paul; Gary; William and Richard Garriott, 3 dau. Mrs. Mary Ruth Jackson; Mrs. Barbara Craig and Mrs. Joyce Caldwell, 2 bro. Louis and Frank Sullivan.

GARRIOTT, Rev. L. A. (Lemuel,) 84, Bedford died 16 Feb 1981, bur. IOOF Bedford. Born Carroll Co. 27 Apr 1896 (s/o William L. and Emma Smith Winburn Garriott.) Rev. Garriott was granted a license to preach 67 years ago. He had 40 years of ministering to several churches throughout Kentucky. He served the Bedford United Methodist Church from 1951 until 1955. He retired from the active ministry in 1963. Survived by wife OPAL M. GARRIOTT, 1 dau. Mrs. Emma Florence Clark, 1 bro. Beverly Garrett and 1 sis. Mrs. Beatrice Kingler.

GARRIOTT, Lewis B., 78, Bedford died 20 Apr 1985, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Midway, KY 21 Apr 1906 s/o Andrew Jackson and Laura Greenwood Garriott both Born Trimble Co.) Survived by wife DOROTHY HANCOCK GARRIOTT, 1 son Louis Garriott, Jr., 1 dau. Mrs. Betty G. Andrew, 4 sis. Mrs. Margaret Kelly; Mrs. Elsa Krum; Mrs. Gretchen Forbes and Mrs. Barbara Napier.

GARRIOTT, Paul G., 70, Madison, IN died 1 Mar 1986, bur. Moffett Cem. (Born Trimble Co. 1 Apr 1915 s/o William and Katherine Maxfield Garriott.) Survived by wife ELIZABETH JONES GARRIOTT, 2 sis. Mrs. Wilma Young and Mrs. Selma Chesak, 3 bro. Richard; Glen and James Garriott.

GARRIOTT, Vera C., 89, Bedford died 7 Nov 1980, bur. IOOF Bedford. Born Trimble Co. (26 Jul 1891) d/o Samuel Y. and Elvia Gillis Cutshaw. She was a former teacher and began teaching in the county's one-room school system. married 20 Dec 1916 to KNOBLE GARRIOTT, who Survived Preceded by 2 bro. Chan and Clarence Cutshaw.

GARRIOTT, Wayne, 84, Hanover, IN died 23 Jan 1988, bur. IOOF Bedford. Born Carroll Co. (3 Dec 1903 s/o Lawrence and Cathryn Handlon Garriott.) Lived in Trimble Co. many years. Survived by 5 sons Freddy; Garry; Billy; Paul and Richard Garriott, 3 dau. Mrs. Barbara Craig; Mrs. Mary Jackson and Mrs. Joyce Owen. Preceded by wife CLARA SULLIVAN GARRIOTT.

GATEWOOD, William Cephus, Jr., 69, Calif. died 6 Jun 1989, bur. ______. W.W.II veteran serving with the C.B.'s. Born Bedford 28 Jul 1920. He lived most of his life in California. Survived by wife LOUISE (SHIPP) GATEWOOD, 3 sis. Mary Richter; Elizabeth Bucker and Irene Andrew, 2 bro. Bryan and James Gobel Gatewood. Preceded by his father William C. Gatewood, Sr. and his mother Ethel Handlon Gatewood.

GERBER, Susie Carol, 14, Milton died 29 Jun 1983, bur. Moffett Cem. Survived by parents Arthur and Kathryn (Polley) Gerber, 1 sis. Sharai and 1 bro. William Anthony Gerber.

GIDDENS, Dr. Robert E., 93, died 27 Dec 1979, bur. IOOF Carrollton, KY. W.W.I veteran, a Carrollton dentist for over 60 years. Native of Trimble Co. (s/o Robert and Betty Gillum Giddens.) Survived by wife DONNA DEAN GIDDENS, 1 dau. Mrs. Richard P. Henderson, 1 sis. Mrs. Elsie Jones.

GINN, Carey Marshall, 82, Bedford died 12 Jul 1982, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Trimble Co. Born 1 Jul 1900 s/o Claude M. and Sallie Rodgers Ginn.) Survived by wife OLA EMMA WINGHAM GINN, 2 dau. Mrs. Virginia Taylor and Mrs. Genon Broad, 3 sis. Mrs. Irene Brown; Mrs. Alene Banks and Mrs. Geneva Wingham, 4 bro. Carley; Kelley; Kenneth and Hubert Ginn.

GINN, Emma Jean, 50, Bedford died 2 Nov 1987, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Trimble Co. 28 Feb 1937 d/o Love and Flora Walker or (Lora Huston) Carder.) Survived by 3 sons Steven Marshall; Daniel Edward and Richard Allen Ginn, 2 bro. James and Jack Carder, 4 sis. Mrs. Mary Frances Coates; Mrs. Dorothy Spence; Mrs. Nancy Clifford and Mrs. Sue Jones.

GINN, Hubert C., 76, Carrollton, KY died 4 Dec 1989, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Trimble Co. 9 Oct 1913 s/o Claude M. and Sallie Rodgers Ginn.) Survived by wife ANNA MAUDE MURPHY GINN, 5 dau. Shirley Anderson; Genon Hensley; Sandra Guerin; Carla Hughes and Connie Dermon, 2 sons Hubert P. and Michael Ginn, 2 bro. Kelley and Carley Ginn, 3 sis. Irene Brown and Alene Banks.

GINN, Kenneth L., 78, Milton died 6 May 1986, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Trimble Co. 15 Jun 1907 s/o Claude M. and Sallie Rodgers Ginn.) Survived by wife EDITH HALL GINN, 1 son Robert M. Ginn, 2 dau. Mrs. Dorothy Snyder and Mrs. Byrl Moore, 3 bro. Carley; Kelley and Hubert Ginn, 3 sis. Mrs. Irene Brown; Mrs. Alene Banks and Mrs. Geneva Wingham.

GINN, Ola Emma, 83, Madison died 21 Mar 1986, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Trimble Co. 28 Jan 1903 d/o Ira and Abbie Smith Wingham.) Survived by 2 dau. Mrs. John Allen (Virginia) Taylor and Mrs. Bernard C. (Genon) Broad, 4 sis. Mrs. Leana Hamilton; Mrs. Leona McCutchen; Mrs. Josephine Stockdale and Mrs. Hulda Perry, 2 bro. Everett and Delmar Wingham. Preceded by husband CAREY M. GINN, sis. Rosa Welch, 2 bro. Bradford and Bud R. Wingham.

GOODE, Delora Overby, 61, Bedford died 12 Sep 1984, bur. IOOF Bedford. Born Clay Co.,KY (16 Nov 1922 d/o Robert and Samantha Overby.) Survived by husband HOMER COOK GOODE, her mother Samantha Harkins, step-father Tip Harkins, 2 sons Junior and Lonnie Goode, dau. Mrs. Patsy Smith, 5 bro. Charlie Overby; Clayton; Harold; Alfred and Albert Harkins.

GOODE, Nettie Mae, 84, Bedford died 6 or 16 Jan 1983, bur. IOOF Bedford. Born Trimble Co. (16 Mar 1898 d/o Will and Cora Pittman Devine.) She was a private duty nurse for 30 years. Survived by son Homer Cook Goode.

GOOSE, Virginia, 76, Louisville, KY died 25 May 1987, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Trimble Co. 7 Oct 1910 d/o Eugene and Virginia Hancock Tandy.) Survived by husband LUTHER M. GOOSE, Preceded by bro. Don Tandy, sis. Katherine Brodbeck. (d. 1980.) Note: They were half-sis.

GOSMAN, Carl G., (__), Indianapolis, IN died 20 Oct 1984, bur. there. Formerly of Trimble Co. moved to Indpls. in 1930's. s/o Alfred (d. 1973) and Edrena "Sis" Andrews Gosman. Survived by 1 son and 3 dau.

GOSMAN, Mary Edna, 75, Milton died 22 Apr 1989, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Trimble Co. 7 Feb 1914 d/o Richard and Anna Perkinson Wise.) Survived by husband ROBERT GOSMAN, 3 dau. Orena Underwood; Ethel Mae Kline and Marilyn Dunlap, 4 sons Carroll; Dennie; Bernie and Bobby Gosman, 1 sis. Vada Abbott, 2 bro. Oscar and Elmo Wise. Preceded by dau. Carolyn Sue, 4 sis. and 1 bro.

GOSSOM, James Glenford "Chip," 55, Milton died 4 Feb 1989, bur. Moffett Cem. An Army veteran, (born Trimble Co. 19 Nov 1933 s/o Cliff and Nora Horine Gossom.) Survived by wife BETTY BURKHARDT GOSSOM, 1 dau. Mrs. Tanya Nix, 2 sons Tony and Reggie Gossom, 1 bro. C. L. Gossom, 6 sis. Mrs. Norma Grover; Mrs. Stoy Bradley; Mrs. Jeanie Spillman; Mrs. Nonda Alexander: Mrs. Pat Simmons and Mrs. Elizabeth Ann Obertate. Preceded by parents.

GOSSOM, Nora L., 91, Milton died 2 Jul 1988, bur. Moffett Cem. (Born Trimble Co. 16 Oct 1896 d/o James Mortin and Rosalee Jeffries Horine.) Survived by 6 dau. Mrs. Norma Grover; Mrs. Stoy Bradley; Mrs. Jeanie Spillman; Mrs. Nonda Alexander; Mrs. Pat Simmons and Mrs. Elizabeth Obertate, 2 sons Cliff and James Gossom, 1 half-sis. Mrs. Opal Parker and 1 step-sis Mrs. Esther (Dean) McCutchen. Preceded by husband CLIFF GOSSOM in 1966, 1 sis. and 5 bro.

GRAVES, Norvel L., 92, Sulphur, KY died 29 Sep 1982, bur. Sulphur Cem. Born Trimble Co. (1 Mar 1890 s/o John Lewis and Azora Spillman Graves.) Survived by 2 sons L. C. and Malcolm Graves, 1 dau. Miss Christine Graves. Note: Preceded by wife NELLIE C. SHEPHERD GRAVES in 1966.

GRAVES, Oma Odell, 63, Milton died 24 Aug 1986, bur. Moffett Cem. W.W.II veteran, (born Trimble Co. 10 Apr 1923 s/o Hubert Oma and Leona McCord Graves.) Survived by wife DOROTHY GRAVES, 3 dau. Susie Napier; Linda Surratt and Karen Graves, 1 son Larry Graves, 1 sis. Eula Clarkson. Preceded by 1 bro.

GREENE, Lloyd T., 86, Bedford died 11 Jun 1989, bur. IOOF Bedford. Born Carroll Co. (12 Sep 1902 s/o Louis Talton and Elizabeth Louden Greene.) Survived by wife LORENA ELIZABETH GREENE, 1 son Harold Lloyd Green. Note: Name Greene or Green?

GREENWOOD, Annie K., 98, Suplhur died 3 Mar 1986, bur. Sulphur Cem. Survived by dau. Mrs. Mildred G. Garrett. Note: On tombstone with ERSIE R. GREENWOOD, who d. 1962.

GREENWOOD, Clyde "Jack," 65, Milton died 20 Jun 1986, bur. Moffett Cem. W.W.II veteran, native of Trimble Co. A County judge for 24 years and newspaper editor for 11 years. (Born 6 Jan 1926 s/o Jennings and Ethel Culver Greenwood.) Survived by wife BERNICE GREENWOOD, 1 son Garry Greenwood, 1 dau. Donna Mayfield. Preceded by parents.

GREENWOOD, Ethel Lee, 88, died 18 Aug 1985, bur. Moffett Cem. (Born 2 Dec 1896 d/o Robert and Sophia Gillum Culver.) She was a former teacher. Widow of late JENNINGS B. GREENWOOD. Survived by son Clyde E. Greenwood, 1 bro. Roy Culver. Preceded by bro. Wm. Culver.

GREENWOOD, Jennings B., 85, died 14 Mar 1982, bur. Moffett Cem. W.W.I Navy veteran, born Trimble Co. (8 Nov 1896) s/o William and Nora McMahan Greenwood. Survived by wife ETHEL CULVER GREENWOOD. 1 son Clyde E. Greenwood. He was last of a family of 8 bro. and sis.

GREENWOOD, John S., 64, Pendleton, KY died 13 Sep 1980, bur. Sulphur Cem. W.W.II veteran. Survived by wife VIRGINIA SANDERS GREENWOOD, 2 dau. Mrs. Kenneth (Dorcas) Gilley and Mrs. Peter S. (Cindy) Wood, his mother Mrs. Annie Yager Greenwood, sis. Mrs. Elmo "Mose" (Mildred) Garrett.

GREENWOOD, Lola Blanche, 83, Madison, IN died 4 Sep 1982, bur. Moffett Cem. Former resident of Trimble Co. (Born 18 Sep 1898 s/o Donie and Chella Smith Barnes.) Survived by 1 dau. Mrs. Myrna Myers, 1 son, Irven Greenwood, 1 bro. Marvin Barnes, 1 sis. Mrs. Erma Wilson. Preceded by husband LLOYD GREENWOOD in 1979.

GREENWOOD, Lucy Dean, 82, died 22 Feb 1987, bur. Campbellsburg Cem. Formerly of Trimble Co. and Campbellsburg, KY. Survived by step-dau Patty Lou Baxter. Note: Lucy married ROBERT DUDLEY GREENWOOD, he d. 1966.

GREENWOOD, Virginia C., 88, Indianapolis, IN died 16 Jan 1982, bur. there. Born Bedford, lived in Indpls. 61 years. d/o late Charles W. and Julia Bear Hood. Widow of JOSEPH C. GREENWOOD. Survived by dau. Mrs. Vivian D. Gatheridge, 1 son Joseph C., Jr., 1 bro. Keith Hood.

GRIFFITH, Andrew Jackson, 63, Campbellsburg died 25 Sep 1989 bur. IOOF Bedford. W.W.II veteran, born Anderson Co., KY (21 Jun 1926 s/o Elijah Fitch and Vera Nell Cattlett Griffith.) Survived by bro. William Edward "Winkle" Griffith, 3 sis. Ethel Juanita Adams; Eva May Wilson and Anna Frances Fewell. Preceded by 2 sis. Sarah Brooks and Mary Edna Adams, 1 bro. Fitch Griffith, Jr. and his parents.

GRIFFITH, Mary Alice, (__), Carrollton, KY died 16 May 1981, bur. ___. Born Carroll Co. 23 Jan 1900 d/o Prentis and Stella Coblin Griffith. Survived by son Prentice Griffith, a sis. Martha Booth.

GROSS, Calvin, 76, Milton died 18 May 1983, bur. Moffett Cem. Life long resident of Trimble Co. (s/o Jesse W. and Dollie Cull Gross.) Survived by wife BERNICE WESTRICK GROSS, 1 dau. Mrs. Ruth Craig, 1 sis. Mrs. Mary Bell, 5 bro. Jesse L.; Perry T.; Norman; George and Wilbur Gross. Preceded by parents, 2 sis. and 2 bro.

GROSS, Jesse Lawrence, 79, died 9 May 1988, bur. Moffett Cem. (Born 7 Nov 1908 s/o Jesse W. and Dollie Cull Gross.) Survived by 4 bro. Perry; Norman; Wilbur and George Gross. Preceded by 3 sis. and 3 Bro. GROSS, Myrene Leach, 35, Milton died 2 Jun 1984, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Oldham Co., KY 2 Feb 1949 d/o late Andrew) and Mrs. Vina Staples Leach. Survived by husband DOUGLAS E. GROSS, 2 sons Aaron and Mathew Gross, mother, grandmother Stella Staples, 3 bro. Johnny; Buford and Gary Leach, 3 sis. Mrs. Mary Napier; Mrs. Connie Burnett and Mrs. Linda Fewell.

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