The record of deaths were taken from microfilm and the books of papers,
THE TRIMBLE DEMOCRAT for the years 1970 through 1979.

Everything enclosed in ( parentheses ) was added from another source, burial records, TRIMBLE COUNTY KENTUCKY CEMETERIES, some reference to 1870 census of Trimble County, and some from family research. All notes were added by and not contained in the obituary. Permission to use at the Trimble County Kentucky Genealogy site from the Trimble County Historical Society, Trimble County, Kentucky. I would like to thank them for making this resource available.

EGERTON, Anna E., 77, died 17 Jun 1979, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born 3 Nov 1901, d/o Oney and Bessie Dougherty Hood.) Survived by husband, HOWARD EGERTON, a bro., Walter Hood, half-sis., Mrs. Delmar Wingham, Mrs. Virgie Barnes, Mrs. Ethel Kelley and Helen Sampley. Preceded by sis., Thelma Garrett.

EGERTON, James William, Sr. 73, Bedford, died 25 Aug 1975, bur. IOOF Bedford. Born Carroll Co., KY (24 Aug 1902,) s/o George and Lena Mullikin Egerton, lived a great portion of his life in Trimble Co. He served as deputy sheriff under his late bro., Clarence Egerton. Survived by wife, FRANCES WILLIAMSON EGERTON, son, James W. Egerton, 3 dau., Mrs. Maureen Luhn, Mrs. Janice Congleton and Mrs. Mary Sue Lippet, bro., Howard Egerton, 3 sis., Mrs. Helen Taylor, Mrs. Visa Clapp and Miss Lucy Egerton.

EKER, Ora Tyra, 60, Bedford, died 28 Apr 1972, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Trimble Co. 9 Dec 1911,) d/o Alva and Ann (Pierce) Tyra. A teacher in Trimble Co., school system. m. 14 Aug 1936 to ROBERT EKER, he survives. Also 1 sis., Mrs. Shirley (Geneva) Long, 1 bro., James W. Tyra. Preceded by 1 bro., William Tyra.

EKER, Robert Franklin, 72, died 26 Mar 1974, bur. IOOF Bedford. Native of Georgia, (Born 24 Mar 1902,) lived most of his life in Trimble Co. m. ORA B. TYRA, 14 Aug 1936, she deceased.

ELDRIDGE, Luke Kavanaugh, 51, Bedford, died 1 Jan 1971, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Henry Co., KY 7 May 1919, s/o Marvin and Tressie Pearl Cox Eldridge.) Survived by widow, EMMA MAE ELDRIDGE, 2 sons, Frank and Virgil Ray Eldridge, dau., Mrs. Lorene Cash, his father, 2 bro., John Lee and Joe Moore Eldridge, 2 sis., Mrs. Sue Anna McCullins and Mrs. Melvina Voght.

ELDRIDGE, Mollie, 78, died 14 Oct 1970, bur. IOOF Bedford. Born Trimble Co. 18 Aug 1892, d/o John and Nancy Harley Rudder?. Data from funeral record. Note: Wife of EARNEST ELDRIDGE.

ELDRIDGE, Ruben Earnest, 83, Frankfort, KY, died 17 Jul 1979, bur. IOOF Bedford. Formerly of Trimble Co., (Born Henry Co., KY 27 Jan 1896, s/o Ruben Wiley and Mary Robinson Eldridge.) Survived by dau., Mrs. Ruby Smith, 3 bro., Bryan, Lloyd and Elvin Eldridge, 1 sis. Mrs. Eva Vest.

ESTES, Delia Mae, 86, Bedford, died 10 Jun 1976, bur Sulphur Cem. (Born Henry Co., KY 1 May 1890, d/o Thomas and Nancy Mahoney Louden.) Survived by 2 sons, Carl and Floyd Estes, 3 dau., Mrs. Ola Belle Morgan, Mrs. Edith Toombs and Mrs. Gladys Taylor. Preceded by husband, DELTH M. ESTES and 1 son.

ESTES, Delth M., 87, Bedford died 6 Apr 1976, bur. Sulphur Cem. (Born Trimble Co. 11 Sep 1888, s/o John Robert and Betty Miles Estes.) Survived by wife, DELIA LOUDEN ESTES, 2 sons, Carl and Floyd Estes, 3 dau., Mrs. Ola Bell Morgan, Mrs. Edith Toombs and Mrs. Gladys Taylor, 1 sis., Mrs. Lucy Cunningham. Preceded by son, "Wick."

ESTES, William Henry "Wick," 55, Bedford, died 1 Apr 1976, bur. Sligo. (Born Trimble Co. 22 Mar 1921,) survived by parents, Delth and Delia Louden Estes, 2 bro., Carl and Floyd Estes, 3 sis., Mrs. Ola Belle Morgan, Mrs. Edith Toombs and Mrs. Gladys Taylor.

EVANS, Jimmie Doyle, 16, Bedford, died 18 May 1972, bur. IOOF Bedford. Born Carroll Co., KY 28 Mar 1956, s/o Clayton and Estella Jackson Evans. Data from funeral record.

EVANS, Josie L. 90, Ohio, died 19 Oct 1973, bur. Ohio. Born Milton, KY (d/o Albert A. Broad.) Survived by 3 dau. Preceded by husband and 1 son.

EVANS, Samuel, Sr., 86, died 3 Jun 1976, bur. IOOF Bedford. Born Delsose, Tenn. (6 May 1890, s/o George Washington and Martha Ann Ashby Evans.) Survived by son, Samuel Evans, Jr., sis., Mrs. Paul Dunn. Preceded by wife, STELLA L. EVANS, 2 sons, Tom and Grover Evans and 2 dau.

EVANS, Stella B., 76, Campbellsburg. died 17 Dec 1975, bur. IOOF Bedford. Born 26 Aug 1899, Lincoln Co., Tenn. Data from funeral record.

EVANS, Thomas Gene, 45, Campbellsburg, died 2 Aug 1970, bur. IOOF Bedford. W.W.II veteran, (born Louisville 11 Dec 1924.) Survived by parents, Samuel and Stella (Dunn) Evans, 1 bro., Sam H. Evans.

EVERSOLE, Robert, 22, Bedford, died 19 Jan 1971, bur. _______. died Clay Co. s/o Virgil and Becky Eversole. Data from funeral record.

EWING, Charles R., 74, Milton, died 12 Nov 1976, bur. IOOF Bedford. Born 7 Nov 1902, s/o J. O. and Rebecca Coffin Ewing. Data from funeral record.

EWING, Mimrel M., 73, Evansville, IN, died 2 Jan 1970, bur. IOOF Bedford. Nee McMahan, native of Trimble Co. a school teacher for many years. Survived by husband, NOBLE EWING, 1 dau., Mrs. Geraldine Tilley, 1 bro., James McMahan, 3 sis., Miss Carrie McMahan, Mrs. Laura Hicks and Mrs. Vina Holmes. Preceded by 4 ch.

FALLIS, William Oscar "Jargo," 78, died 23 Mar 1972, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Henry Co. KY 13 Mar 1894,) s/o Herbert and Minnie Ward Fallis. Survived by sis., Mrs. Lurline Ambach.

FARLEY, Curtis Edward, 92, Indianapolis, died 7 Jan 1977, bur. IOOF Bedford. Born Trimble Co. (17 Mar 1884, s/o Wesley and Nancy Alice Stone Farley.) Survived by 2 sons, Arley and Paul Farley, dau., Mrs. Opal Stone, 1 bro., John Allen Farley, 3 sis., Mrs. Clara Mecham, Mrs. Hallie Miller and Mrs. Tracey Browning.

FERGUSON, Mayme Farley, 93, Madison, died 10 Mar 1978, bur. Moffett Cem. Native of Trimble Co. born 28 Jun 1884, moved to Madison, IN in 1940. Preceded by husband, DEWARD STOUP, 1 sis. Survived by 1 step-son, Floyd Ferguson, 1 dau-in-law, Mrs. Eleanor Stoup.

FEWELL, Marvin Lewis, 69, Pendleton, died 15 Nov 1979, bur. Campbellsburg. Born Henry Co., KY 13 Nov 1910, s/o Kirby and Anna Smith Fewell. Data from funeral record.

FINLEY, Timothy Lynn, 9, Bedford, died 10 Jun 1974, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Louisville, KY 8 Sep 1964,) survived by parents, David R. and Willena (Edwards) Finley, bro., David and sis., Susan Finley, grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Edwards, Mrs. Grover Dennison and Ralph Finley, great grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Coyle, Mrs. Nora Finley and Mrs. Josephine Simpson.

FISHER, Jesse Elmo, 75, Bedford, died 26 Oct 1971, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Trimble Co. 13 Oct 1896, s/o Joseph and Abigail Perkinson Fisher.) Survived include 3 sons, Bernard, Cecil and Eldred Fisher, 4 dau., Mrs. Mary Prather, Mrs. Norma Dunlap, Mrs. Lois Price and Mrs. Virginia Lambert, 1 bro., Jack Fisher.

FISHER, Nettie Gertrude, 75, Bedford, died 25 Apr 1970, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Trimble Co. 11 Mar 1895, d/o Rodman and Zantippe Toombs Callis.) Graduated from Trimble Co. High School in 1915, she taught in many of the schools in the county. Survived by husband, ELMO FISHER, 3 sons, Eldred, Cecil and Bernard Fisher, 3 dau. Mrs. Mary Prather, Mrs. Norma Dunlap and Mrs. Lois Price, 1 step-dau., Mrs. Virginia Lambert, 1 bro., Joe Callis, 2 sis., Mrs. Allie Wheeler and Mrs. Lola Rader.

FOREE, Wallace Hartman, 48, Sulphur, died 9 Sep 1978, bur. Sulphur. Veteran of the Korean War, born Trimble Co. educated at Sulphur. Survived by mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Foree, 4 bro., John, Sr., Kenneth, Joe L. and William Foree, 5 sis., Mrs. Lenora Barnett, Mrs. Frances Newman, Mrs. Warrena Reid, Mrs. Mary Baxter and Mrs. Anna Harren.

FOX, Brenda Couch, 28, Milton, died 28/29 Sep 1972, bur. Moffett Cem. (Born VA 21 Jun 1944, d/o Lee and Fay Childress Couch.) Survived by parents, husband, MIKE FOX, 1 sis., Mrs. Alice Skinn, 2 bro., David and Jack Couch, grandmother, Mrs. _____ Childress.

FOX, Mary Stanley, 72, Milton, died 27 Oct 1975, bur. Moffett Cem. (Born Henry Co. KY 3 Nov 1902, d/o Charlie and Ollie Perry Stanley.) Survived by 4 sons, Norvie, Charles, Jimmie and Michael Fox, 2 dau., Mrs. Wilma Bright and Mrs. Charlotte Purvis. Preceded by husband, EUGENE HOLLON FOX and 3 ch.

FRAZIER, Delia Agnes, 59, Bedford, died 25 Dec 1976, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Henry Co., KY 6 Feb 1917, d/o Arthur and Hannah Jane Purvis Knight.) Survived by husband, JOHN JAMES FRAZIER, her mother, 2 sons, Charlie Lee and Joseph Carl Frazier, dau., Betty Crawford, 3 bro., Carlos, Charles and James Knight, 3 sis., Lelia Brenner, LaVerne Warner and Hallie Bea Stamper. Preceded by dau., Wanda Justin.

FREEMAN, Anthony Wayne, 7, R.# 1, Bedford, died 29 Dec 1978, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Louisville, KY 8 Jun 1971.) Survived by parents, Joe and Dorothy Hamilton Freeman, grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. William Freeman, 2 half-bro. Billy and Burl Hess, 5 half-sis., Kathy, Julie, Sharon, Jackie and Sandra Hess.

FREEMAN, William David 32, died 3 Mar 1976, bur. IOOF Bedford. 1 of 16 children, (born 30 Mar? 1943) to William K. and Rosie Hayden Freeman. Survived by son, David Alen Freeman, bro. and sis., Anna Dukes, Bernice Ely, Maria Newman, Darlene Reed, Charles, Joe, Stanley, Tony, Larry Freeman. 4 bro. and sis. are deceased. (Only 13 listed here.)

FURNISH, Effie L., 81, Madison, IN, died 9 Oct 1972, bur. Moffett Cem. Born Trimble Co. (29 Nov 1891,) d/o W. A. and Mollie Alexander Luckett. Survived by husband AMANUEL FURNISH, 2 sons, Forrest and Joseph Furnish, 3 dau., Mrs. Reva Luckett, Mrs. Ruth Walker and Mrs. Bernice Duke- man, half-sis., Miss Bertha Luckett. Preceded by bro., Robert Luckett, half-bro., Matt Luckett, half-sis., Mrs. Irma Meade.

GAINES, Claude 66, Milton, died 20 Oct 1970, bur. Moffett Cem. (Born 6 Aug 1904, s/o James and Nancy Wright Gaines.) Survived by wife, BESSIE GAINES, 2 sons, James and Johnny Gaines, dau., Mrs. Shirley Sharon, sis., Mrs. Marie Parr, 4 bro., Elmer, John, Robert and Rufus Gaines.

GAMMON, Birdie Willie, 75, Bedford, died 22 Dec 1970, bur. IOOF Bedford. Born Trimble Co. (28 Dec 1894,) d/o W. S. and Reatta Luckett Peak. Survived by 2 sons, Parker and Udell Gammon, 2 dau., Mrs. Reatta Coombs and Jewell Backus, 2 sis., Mrs. Sallie Tingle and Mrs. Mary Bailey. Preceded by husband, PERRY GAMMON in Feb.

GAMMON, Perry Parker, 79, Bedford, died 13 Feb 1970, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Trimble Co. 28 Dec 1890 s/o Jasper Newton and Docia Harmon Gammon.) Survived by wife, BIRDIE GAMMON, 2 sons, Parker and Udell Gammon, 2 dau. Mrs. Rietah Coombs and Mrs. Jewell Backus, 1 bro., Carl Gammon, 3 sis., Mrs. Lena Whitaker, Ruby Gammon and Mrs. Lottie Kendall.

GARRETT, Georgia Lee, 70, died 5 Jun 1975, bur. IOOF Carrollton. Native of Owen Co. (Born 6 Aug 1904, d/o Charles and Daisy Taylor Mills.) Lived near Bedford most of her life. Survived by 2 sons, Julian and Billy Garrett, 3 dau., Mrs. Evelyn Stewart, Mrs. Nancy Harmon and Mrs. Sue Beverly, 4 sis., Mrs. Kathleen Brown, Mrs. Hazel Harmon, Mrs. Gracie Harmon and Mrs. Pat Sheets.

GARRETT, Helen Beatrice, 72, died 11 Nov 1978, bur. Mt. Carmel Cem. Native of Trimble Co. lived in Madison since 1943. (d/o George Rollin and Anna Florence Wingham Young.) Survived by dau., Gloria Garrett, sis., Mrs.Iona Bright, bro., Earl Young. Preceded by husband, JACK GARRETT, 2 bro. and 1 sis.

GARRETT, Helen C., 63, Milton, died 28 May 1975, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Trimble Co. 8 Mar 1912, d/o Lafe and Ella Arnett Rowlett.) Survived by husband, MORRIS GARRETT, 3 dau., Mrs. Ella Mae Mahoney, Mrs. Mary Jo Baker and Mrs. Barbara King, 2 sons, Wayne and Rev. James Garrett, 1 sis., Mrs. Pauline Ogden, 1 bro., Joe Rowlett.

GARRETT, Nathan, 91, Florida, died 9 Apr 1975, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Trimble Co. 17 Apr 1884, s/o Calvin C. and Emily Jane Barnes Garrett.) Survived by son, Morris Garrett, 3 dau., Mrs. Marie Meis, Mrs. Jewell Swan and Mrs. Kathryn Wise.

GARRETT, Virginia Ann, 92, died 17 May 1975, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born VA 8 Dec 1882, d/o David McFarland and Sarah Hopkins Newby.) Survived by 2 sons, Richard and William Garrett, 4 dau., Mrs. Ruby Leach, Mrs. Hazel South, Mrs. Amy Burrows and Mrs. Burnice Hubbard, 1 sis., Mrs. Elizabeth Pitman. (Husband OSCAR GARRETT, died 1964.)

GARRIOTT, W. R., 77, Louisville, died 1 Oct 1971, bur. IOOF Bedford. Native of Trimble Co. s/o John E. and Carrie Hamblen Garriott. Wife, the former KATHRYN MAY MAXFIELD died 19 May 1964. Survived by 2 dau., Mrs. Robert (Wilma) Young and Mrs. Robert (Zelma) Chesak, 5 sons, Thomas R., Paul, Richard, Glenn and James Garriott, 1 bro., Yandell Garriott.

GARRIOTT, Walter S. "Shorty," 81, died 8 Feb 1977, bur. IOOF Bedford. W.W.I veteran, served in France. (Born 5 Jun 1895, s/o Will and Chella Ogden Garriott.) He served 3 terms as magistrate in Milton and Trout precincts. Survived by wife, EDITH AUSTIN GARRIOTT, 1 sis., Lela Faulkman.

GARVEY, Bertha Bell, 40, Madison, died 16 Apr 1973, bur. Grandview Memorial Gardens. Born Trimble Co. 11 Aug 1932, d/o William and Minnie Oakley Bell. Married. Data from funeral record.

GATEWOOD, Ethel, 82, Cincinnati, OH, died 27 Jan 1976, bur. there. Trimble Co. native, lived here until 1942, d/o J. W. (and Mary Harmon) Hanlon. Survived by sons, W. C., Bryan and James Gatewood, 3 dau., Mary Tichter, Elizabeth Bucker and Irene Andrew. Preceded by 3 sis. and 5 bro.

GATEWOOD, Gilbert W., 80, Westport, died 19 Jun 1970, bur. there. Native of Trimble Co. born 1 Aug 1889, s/o Joseph and Eugena Hackney Gatewood. 1st married IRMA NOEL, in 1908, she died 20 Jan 1916. married 2nd to EMMA HUTTON, she survives. His children, Mrs. Joseph (Doris) Osterman, Mrs. Thomas (Marcelene) McClintock, Mrs. Richard (Artie) Cavagna, Mrs. Hubert (Wilma) Robertson, Carroll, Clem "Jim", Paul "Bill", Gayle, Jack, Floyd, Maurice and Charles Gatewood, 2 bro., Floyd and Lafe Gatewood, 2 sis., Mrs. J. L. (Lottie) Kendall and Mrs. Earl (Minnie) Pool(e.) Preceded by 1 child in infancy and dau., Mrs. Ann Crammer, 2 bro. and 1 sis.

GIDDENS, Dr. Robert E., 93, died 27 Dec 1979, bur. IOOF Carrollton,KY. W.W.I veteran, a Carrollton dentist for over 60 years. Native of Trm. Co. (s/o Robert and Betty Gillum Giddens.) Survived by wife DONNA DEAN GIDDENS, 1 dau. Mrs. Richard P. Henderson, 1 sis. Mrs. Elsie Jones.

GINN, Faynola W., 66, R.# 2, Bedford, died 22 Aug 1970, bur. IOOF Bedford. Born Carroll Co. (27 Jun 1904,) d/o James and Elizabeth Kelley Wallace. Survived by husband, CARLEY GINN, 13 children, Mrs. Jessie Roeder, Mrs. Mary Jo Cameron, Mrs. Wanda Wood, Mrs. Jeanette Alexander, Mrs. Donetta Plank, Mrs. Fay Powell, Mrs. Judy Burkhardt, Wilbur, Bernard, Dallas, Darrell, Jerry and David Ginn. Preceded by (1 son,) 1 bro., 1 sis., 2 half-sis. and 3 half-bro.

GOODE, James Hancock, 95, Bedford, died 3 Mar 1976, bur. IOOF Bedford. Born Trimble Co. (26 Aug 1880, s/o William R. and Virginia Cook Goode.) Survived by 5 sons, Marvin, Milburn, Chad, Fred and Glenn Goode, 3 dau., Mrs. Aubrey (Virginia) Craig, Mrs. Gordon (Marie) Taylor and Mrs. Mildred Parson. Preceded by wife, ELIZABETH DRAKE GOODE, 1 son, Robert Goode.

GORDON, Lillian, 72, R.3, Milton, died 14 Jan 1976, bur. Moffett Cem. (Born Trimble Co. 7 Mar 1903, d/o Charles and Eliza Preston McCord.) Survived by 3 dau., Mrs. Juanita Morse, Mrs. Loretta Stewart and Mrs. Georgia Coghill, 3 sons, Matthew, Eddie "Tim" and Charles Gordon, 2 sis., Mrs. Maggie Persell and Mrs. Beulah Garrett, 1 bro., Sam McCord. Preceded by husband, MACE GORDON in 1958 and 1 bro.

GOSMAN, Alfred, 77, Butlerville, IN, died 15 May 1973, bur. Vernon,IN. Native of Trimble Co. Survived by 4 sons, Eddie Ray, Carl, Tommy and Bobby Gosman, 3 dau. Mrs. Opal Beach, Mrs. Minnie Dowd and Mrs. Betty Herr, 2 sis., Mrs. Sadie Rowlett and Mrs. Mary Lee Underwood. Preceded by wife, EDRENA ANDREWS GOSMAN, son, Paul, sis., Mrs. Mabel Moore and a bro., Albert who died W.W.I.

GOSMAN, Clarence Ewell, 61, Madison, died 12 Nov 1974, bur. IOOF Bedford. Born Trimble Co. (9 Jun 1913,) s/o Leslie and Ethel Callis Gosman.) Resided in Indiana the past 15 years. Survived include 2 sons, Tommie and Denny Gosman, dau., Mrs. Lois Griffin, step-son, Jack Webster, 2 bro., Thurman and Robert Gosman, sis., Mrs. Thelma Pyles. Preceded by 1 bro. Mark Gosman.

GOSMAN, Thurman D., 67, died 19 Dec 1976, bur. IOOF Bedford. Born Trimble Co. (28 Jun 1908,) s/o Leslie and Ethel Callis Gosman. Survived by 3 dau., Mrs. James (Eunice) Black, Ann and Ruth Gosman, 2 sons, Gerry and John Gosman, 1 bro., Robert Gosman, 1 sis., Mrs. Thelma Pyles. Preceded by 2 bro., Ewell and Mark Gosman.

GOSMAN, William Robert, stillborn, interred 13 Apr 1973, IOOF Bedford. Infant s/o Denny and Dona Browning Gosman, Milton. Also surv. by 1 bro., Timmy Gaines, grandparents, Mrs. Mary Browning and Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Gosman.

GRAVES, Addie D. Morris, 85, Jericho, KY, died 16 Jan 1975, bur. Sligo. A native of Trimble Co. Husband, JOHN GRAVES died 1965. Survived by dau., Mrs. Don (Finetta) Hancock, 1 son, W. P. Graves.

GRAVES, Leona, 80, died 6 Nov 1978, bur. Moffett Cem. (Born 30 Oct 1898,) d/o Joseph and Clara Hussung McCord, lived in Milton area all her life. Survived by dau. Eula Clarkson, son, O'Dell Graves, sis., Mrs. Hilary Johnson, bro., Roland and Ansel McCord. Preceded by husband, HUBERT GRAVES, a son in infancy and 2 sis.

GRAY, Richard Samuel, 66, R.2, Bedford, died 27 Jun 1972, bur. IOOF Bedford. Born Franklin Co., KY (22 Oct 1905,) s/o George and Judy Landa Gray, had spent his lifetime in Trimble Co. Survived by wife, MINNIE BRIERLY GRAY, 7 children, Leota Farley, Mary Wilson, Norman, Ellis, Donald, James and Shirley Gray. Preceded by 5 bro. and 3 sis.

GREEN, Gilbert, 88, R.2 Milton, died 10 Apr 1971, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Trimble Co. 8 Nov 1882, s/o Stout B. and Mary R. Surber Green.) He 1st m. ROSIE FISHER, who died many years ago. 2 ch. J. R. Green now deceased and Mrs. Virginia Duncan, who survives. Also survived by wife, BLANCHE RAY GREEN and their son Ray L. Green, a sis. Mrs. Edith Roberts. Preceded by 5 sis. and 2 bro.

GREENWOOD, Albert Leslie, 71, died 26 Aug 1976, bur. Moffett Cem. Born Trimble Co. 25 Jul 1905, s/o William and Nora (McMahan) Greenwood, moved in 1947 to Crothersville, IN. Survived by wife DORIS GREENWOOD, 3 sons, Cecil, Richard and Denny Greenwood, 4 dau., Janet Amick, Diane Kessler, Sherry Walker and Linda Feltner, 1 bro., Jennings Greenwood. Preceded by son, Garry Ray Greenwood, 1 bro. and 1 sis.

GREENWOOD, Arthur Elmer "Jack," 94, Bedford, died 15 Mar 1972, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Trimble Co. 13 Mar 1878, s/o Joseph and Susie McMahan Greenwood.) Survived by son, Harold Greenwood, 1 dau., Mrs. Gladys Ransdell. Preceded by wife, EVA TINGLE GREENWOOD, 1 dau., Mary Greenwood, 4 bro. and 3 sis.

GREENWOOD, Carl B., 86, Bedford, died 16 Sep 1970, bur. IOOF Bedford. Born Trimble Co. (10 Feb 1884,) s/o Joseph and Susan McMahan Greenwood, he spent some 40 years in Calif. 1st married AMANDA TINGLE, after her death, married 2nd to MATTIE WENTWORTH who survives, 2 bro., Eugene and A. E. "Jack" Greenwood, 6 step-ch. Preceded by 2 bro. and 3 sis.

GREENWOOD, Garnett Y., 67, died 11 Feb 1974, bur. Sulphur Cem. Survived by mother, Mrs. Annie K. (Yager) Greenwood, 1 sis., Mrs. Elmo Garrett and 1 bro., John Greenwood.

GREENWOOD, Lloyd, 80, Madison, died 3 Feb 1979, bur. Moffett Cem. Native of Trimble Co. (Born 8 Sep 1898,) s/o William Butler and Nancy Hood Greenwood. Survived by wife. LOLA BARNES GREENWOOD, 1 dau., Myrna Myers, 1 son, Irvin Greenwood, sis., Martha Hill.

GREENWOOD, James T., 70, Raleigh, NC, died 5 May 1973, bur. there. Former resident of Trimble Co. s/o John D. and Dorcas Mitchell Greenwood, he left Trimble Co. in 1926. Survived by wife, DOROTHY POPE GREENWOOD, 1 sis., Mrs. Tony Pierce, a bro. J. E. Greenwood.

GREENWOOD, Joe E., 83, LaGrange, died 2 Mar 1977, bur Sulphur Cem. Native of Trimble Co. W W I veteran. (s/o John D. and Dorcas Mitchell Greenwood.) Survived by sis., Mrs. Gretchen Pierce.

GREENWOOD, Mattie Katherine Wentworth, 74, died 27 Feb 1979, bur. IOOF Bedford. Born Henry Co. KY (1 Nov 1904,) d/o Arthur and Minnie Kent Staples. Survived by 4 sons, Paul, Harry, Charles and James Wentworth, 1 dau., Mrs. Judy Baxter, 3 half-bro., Sam, L. B. and James Nichols.

GREENWOOD, William Allen, 48, died 1 Aug 1971, bur. IOOF Bedford. W.W.II veteran, born Trimble Co. (9 Apr 1923,) s/o late Jack and Mary Pryor Greenwood. Survived by son, Larry Greenwood, 2 sis., Mrs. Frances Davis and Mrs. Martha Montgomery.

GRIFFITH, Anna Blanche, 82, Bedford, died 10 Oct 1976, bur. IOOF Bedford. Born Brown Co., IN (20 Nov 1894, d/o Alexander and Ollie Anderson Tripp.) Husband GEORGE E. GRIFFITH, died 15 Jul 1933. Survived by 2 dau., Mrs. Ollie B. Smith and Mrs. Francis Tingle, 3 sons, Clarence, George H. and James E. Griffith.

GRIFFITH, Bradley Dondell, 17, Campbellsburg, KY, died 18 May 1972, bur. IOOF Bedford. Born Oldham Co. KY 16 Jan 1955, s/o P. E. and Linda Clem Griffith. Data from funeral record.

GRIMES, Kenneth, 81, Milton, died 29/30 May 1979, bur. St.Patrick Cem. in Madison, IN. W.W.I veteran, (born 30 Apr 1899, s/o Albert and Stella Crowler Grimes.) Survived by wife, CARRIE GRIMES, 1 dau., Mrs. Joan Callis, 2 step-dau., Mrs. Charolette DeVanderful and Mrs. Dorcas Dixon, 3 step-sons, Charles William, George and Robert Bebout, 2 sis., Mrs. Frances Henderson and Mrs. Margarite Finley, 2 bro., Wilbur and James Grimes. Preceded by 2 bro.

GROSS, Oscar, 60, R.3, Madison, died 11 Aug 1970, bur. Moffett Cem. Born Trimble Co. 30 May 1910, s/o Jessie and Dolly Cull Gross. Survived by wife, EDNA WINGHAM GROSS, married 1933, 4 sons, Joe, James, Thomas and Darrell Gross, 6 bro., Calvin, J. L., George, Wilbur, Perry and Norman Gross, 2 sis., Mrs. Mary Bell and Mrs. Vera Applegate. Preceded by 1 bro. and 1 sis.

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