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The record of deaths were taken from microfilm and the books of papers,
THE TRIMBLE DEMOCRAT for the years 1960 through 1969.

Everything enclosed in ( parentheses ) was added from another source, burial records, TRIMBLE COUNTY KENTUCKY CEMETERIES, some reference to 1870 census of Trimble County, and some from family research. All notes were added by and not contained in the obituary. Permission to use at the Trimble County Kentucky Genealogy site from the Trimble County Historical Society, Trimble County, Kentucky. I would like to thank them for making this resource available.

HACKNEY, Curtis, 73, Bedford, died 27 May 1960, bur. IOOF Bedford. b. Trimble Co., (25 Sep 1886,) W W I veteran, s/o Richard and Susie Richmond Hackney. Survived by wife, ANNA HACKNEY, 4 half-bro., M. L., Willard, Lee and Ernest Hackney, 1 half-sis., Mrs. Eva Chandler.

HACKNEY, Iva Edward, 65, died 11 Nov 1966, bur. IOOF Bedford. Native of Trimble Co. (b. 27 Dec 1900, s/o L. S. and Nannie Bain Hackney.) Survived by wife, VIRGIE ADAMS HACKNEY, 4 bro., Lee, Ernie, Willard and Claude Hackney, a sis. Mrs. Rosie McMee.

HACKNEY, Morton Leslie, 64, Bedford, died 2 May 1961, bur IOOF Bedford W.W.I veteran, b. 7 Sep 1996, s/o L. S. and Nannie Bain Hackney. Married. Data from funeral record. Note: his wife was EMILY MIKESELL HACKNEY.

HALL, Emmett, 78, Milton, KY, died 1 Apr 1962, bur. Moffett Cem. b. Carroll Co., KY. Survived by bro., Smither Hall, 1 bro-in-law, Elmer Cull. Preceded by wife, KATIE HALL.

HALL, Goldie Mae, 57, died 21 Aug 1966, bur. Charlestown, IN. She left Trimble Co. 30 years ago, lived in Jeffersonville, IN. Survived by husband, SAM HALL, m. about 20 years ago, 2 sons, Suter Lee Perkinson and Charles Ralston, 1 sis., Mrs. Lawrence Andrew, 1 bro., Andrew Leach and 3 step-children.

HALL, Lena R., 72, died 15 May 1962, South of Bedford, bur. IOOF Bedford. b. Trimble Co., 6 Apr 1890, d/o Virginia and Joseph Ball. Survived by husband, ROBERT HALL, 3 dau., Mrs. Kenneth (Edith) Ginn, Mrs. Mark Collis Butler and Mrs. Ira Pyles, 1 son, John Hall, 3 sis., Mrs. Edwin Gatewood, Mrs. Carrie Dougherty and half-sis., Mrs. Russell (Elizabeth) Pryor. Prec. by son, Joseph, dau., Mrs. Guy Jennings.

HALL, William Thomas, 67, died 4 Dec 1966, bur. IOOF Bedford. W.W.I veteran, b. Oldham Co., KY, (1 Mar 1899, s/o John T. and Ida Morris Hall.) Moved to Trimble Co. 30 years ago. Survived by wife, MILDRED MAE HALL, his mother, 5 dau. Mrs. Zelma Bell Abbott, Mrs. Louise Stethen, Mrs. Wilma Jones, Mrs. Virginia Phillips and Mrs. Carolyn Sue Louden, 3 sons, Milton Alonzo, Todd Lawrence and William Thomas Hall, Jr., 2 bro., Amos and Marvin Hall, 1 sis., Mrs. Nola Booth.

HAMILTON, Carrie Emma, 84, Milton, died 31 Jan 1962, bur. Moffett Cem. b. Trimble Co., (23 Sep 1877, d/o Edward and Martha (Sams) Cox.) Widow of JOHN EDWARD HAMILTON, died 1938. Survived by dau., Mrs. Nora Joyce, a son, Nolan Hamilton. Preceded by 3 sis. and 2 bro. She was the last of a family of 4 sis and 2 bro.

HAMILTON, Earl, 75, (Otis Earl,) died 8 Aug 1962, Moffett Cem. Native of Trimble Co., (b. 30 Apr 1887, s/o William and Ellen Parham Hamilton.) Lived in Louisville, Ky and later in Cincinnati, OH. Survived by wife LULA ROWLETT HAMILTON, 5 dau., Mrs. Leona Taylor, Mrs. Hazel Bird, Mrs. Irene Thrasher, Mrs. Louise Coleman and Mrs. Nadine Wolf, 3 sons, Otis, Jesse and Owen Hamilton, 2 sis., Mrs. Amy Gosman and Mrs. Lillian McClure, 2 bro., Iva and Bertice Hamilton.

HAMILTON, James Forman, born and died 7 Sep 1962, Milton, bur. Moffett Cem. s/o Forman and Norma Mahoney Hamilton. Data from funeral record.

HAMMONS, Carrie, 75, died 26 Dec 1965, bur. Moffett Cem. b. Illinois, (18 Jul 1890,) she spent most of her life in Trimble Co., d/o Charles and Delpha Jane Wood King. Survived by husband, JAMES HAMMONS, 5 dau. Mrs. Della Coffin, Mrs. Thelma Crafton, Mrs. Louise Leach, Mrs. Darrell Mahoney and Mrs. Marie McDole, 3 sons, Owen, Elmer and Randall Hammons, bro., Sid King and 1 sis. Mrs. Effie Jones.

HAMMONS, James O., 77, died 30 Nov 1967, bur. Moffett Cem. b. 30 Sep 1890. Data from funeral record.

HANCOCK, Ernest Glen, 58, Newport, KY, died 24 Aug 1963, bur. Newport. b. and reared in Trimble Co., s/o Inez Hancock and the late Ernest Hancock. Also survived by wife, LILLIAN HALEV HANCOCK, an adopted dau., a sis. Mrs. Louis Garriott, 2 bro., Bob and Neil Hancock.

HANCOCK, Hallie Callis, 76, died 26 Feb 1962, bur. IOOF Bedford. (b. Trimble Co., 19 Nov 1887,) d/o Ben and Greta Shepherd Callis. m. 1926 to CLAUDE HANCOCK, who died May 1946. Survived by step-dau., Mrs. Charles Cook, 1 bro. Addison Callis.

HANCOCK, Inez Carr, 88, (87) died 1 Jul 1964, bur. IOOF Bedford. b. near Madison, IN, (31 Aug 1876, d/o John and Anna Carr.) Lived in Wises Landing area about 26 years. Survived by dau., Mrs. Louis Garriott, 2 sons, Robert and Neil Hancock.

HANCOCK, Neil Byron, 50, Louisville, d. 1 Apr 1968, bur. IOOF Bedford. W W II veteran, native of Trimble Co., (b. 29 Aug 1917, s/o Ernest and Inez Carr Hancock.) Survived by wife CHARLOTTE HANCOCK, 2 step-children, John D. Campbell and Mrs. Nancy Lee Alloco, 1 bro., Bob Hancock, 1 sis., Mrs. Dorothy Garrett (Garriott.)

HANDLON, Andrew, 62, Milton, died 25 Mar 1962, bur. Moffett Cem. b. Trimble Co.,( 31 Dec 1899, s/o Isiah and Dora Ellen Liter Handlon.) His wife, LETHA WINGHAM HANDLON died years ago. Survived by 2 sis. Mrs. Bessie Gibson and Mrs. Jessie Handlon, a half-bro., Robert Scott.

HANDLON, Dora Edward, 51, died 10 Jul 1965, Indiana, bur. Moffett Cem. b. Trimble Co., (8 Mar 1914.) Survived by parents, Ed and Jessie Handlon, Wife, EVELYN DOLBY HANDLON, 8 children, John Henry, Robert, Chester, Steve, Michael, Sharon and Barbara Handlon, and Mrs. Levila Morris, 1 bro., Rev. Paul Handlon.

HANDLON, Jessie L., 71, Madison, died 13 Feb 1968, bur. Moffett Cem. Native of Trimble Co., (b. 4 Jul 1896, d/o Isaih and ____ Liter Handlon.) Lived in Indiana 25 years. Survived by husband, EDWARD HANDLON, 2 sons, ____ and John Handlon, 1 sis., Mrs. Bessie Gibson. Note: A line was left out.

HANDLON, Virgil L., 40, Chicago, died 28 Apr 1967, bur. IOOF Bedford. W.W.I veteran, b. and reared, Norwood, OH, (12 Mar 1927, s/o Virgil T. Handlon) lived in Chicago, IL the past 2 or 3 years. Survived by widow, GOLDIE HANDLON, 1 son, Virgil Handlon, Jr., his mother, Mrs. Kizzie Handlon, 3 sis., Mrs. Dorothy Roberts, Mrs. Vivian Clements and Mrs. Doris Whitaker.

HANKINS, Fred Walker 87, Sligo, died 8 Apr 1964, bur. Sulphur, KY. Lifelong resident of Trimble Co., surv. by wife, PEARL HANKINS, son, Harvey B. Hankins, 3 sis., Mrs. Ted Brueggan, Mrs. Ben Angert and Mrs. Pearl Crenshaw.

HANKINS, Pearl Bell, 92, near Sligo in Trimble Co., died 22 Sep 1968, bur. Sulphur Cem. (b. Henry Co. 14 Jul 1876, d/o William and Eliza Chandler Campbell) Survived by son, Harvey Hankins. Preceded by husband, FRED HANKINS, who died 2 years ago.

HARMON, Anna Bulah, 76, died 31 Oct 1966, bur. IOOF Bedford. b. Trimble Co., 3 Jan 1890, d/o James B. and Lula Welty Clem, lived in the county all her life. Survived by 2 children, Mrs. Dorothy Parson and Rev. J. B. "Jasper" Harmon, 1 step-son, John Harmon, 2 bro., Joe and Homer Clem, 1 sis., Mrs. Ruth Kendall. Preceded by 1 bro., Charlie Clem, 2 sis., Mrs. Rosa Knight and Miss Katie Clem. Note: Husband was the late CLARENCE HARMON.

HARMON, Calvin E., 47, Milton, died 1 Jun 1962, bur. IOOF Carrollton. (b. 23 Jun 1914.) Survived by wife, BERTHA (Vories) HARMON, 3 sons, Paul, Douglas and James Harmon, 2 dau., Joyce Ann and Brenda Harmon, his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Harmon, 4 bro., Harold, Elmer, Gaines and Marcus Harmon, 3 sis., Mrs. Florence Bartlett, Mrs. Mary Ruth Smith and Mrs. Po Ann Walker, (Joann.) Note: He was preceded by a bro. Wheeler, 1939.

HARMON, Ernest, 15, died 15 Apr 1966, bur. Mt. Carmel Cem. (b. 15 Feb 1951,) s/o Lloyd and Lola Brown Harmon. Survived by parents, 5 bro., Gayle, Bobby, John, Steven and Keith Harmon, 3 sis., Diane, Joy and Nadine Harmon.

HARMON, George Parker, 73, Monitor Com., d. 3 Jan 1961, bur. IOOF Bedford. b. Trimble Co., (15 Feb 1887,) s/o Christopher Columbus and Amanda Gammons Harmon. m. to ROXIE WELCH, after her death m. 2nd, PEARL McDOWELL, who survives, 4 dau., Ida McDowell, Mrs. Joe (Sada) Clem, Mrs. Sherman (Maretta) McDowell and Nancy Harmon, 1 son, G. W. Harmon, 3 sis., Lillie Kupper, Belle Cummins and Ida Law.

HARMON, Harry, 80, died 25 Jan 1967, (bur. Mt. Carmel Cem.) Native and resident of Carroll Co., W.W.I veteran. Survived by wife, LILLIE HARMON, 2 dau., Mrs. Mary R. Smith and Mrs. Joann Walker, 4 sons, Elmer, Marcus "Brownie," Harold "Buck" and Gaines "Batty" Harmon.

HARMON, Hazel, 64, Bedford, died 21 Jul 1968, bur. Moffett Cem. b. Trimble Co., (3 Jun 1904,) d/o Henry and Effie Green Wingham. Survived by husband, JOHN HARMON, 2 dau., Virginia Harmon and Mrs. Bonnie Taylor, 3 bro. Paul, Ted and Bill Wingham, 5 sis., Mrs. Hester Raker, Mrs. Della Taylor, Mrs. Dorothy Buhlig, Mrs. Charlotte Kendall and Mrs. Edna Gross. Preceded by a son, Kenneth on 17 May 1968, 1 bro., Clifford Wingham in 1959.

HARMON, Kenneth Forrest, 43, Bedford, died 17 May 1968, bur. Moffett Cem. W.W.II veteran b. Trimble Co., (8 Oct 1925.) Survived by wife, ANN HARMON, 3 sons, John Eddy, Rodney Allen and Patrick Dwayne, 1 dau., Wynna Louann Harmon, his parents, John E. and Hazel Virginia Wingham Harmon, 2 sis., Mrs. Bonnie Taylor and Miss Virginia Harmon.

HARMON, Lowman, 38, S. C., died 6 Jul 1964, bur. there. Survived by wife, SADIE HARMON, 2 children, William Loman, Jr. and Sherry Lane Harmon, and Amy Harmon, age 9 years by a previous m., his father, Byron Harmon, 2 bro., Keith and Kenneth Harmon, 2 sis., Mrs. G. W. Taylor and Mrs. Meredith Scott. Preceded by his mother, Elizabeth Harmon and a bro. James Harmon.

HARMON, Mattie, 82, died 7 Nov 1965, bur. IOOF Bedford. Native of Trimble Co., widow of VICTOR HARMON. Survived by 4 sons, Wilbur B., William H., Otis and P. C. Harmon, 3 dau., Mrs. Robert Lowry, Mrs. J. E. Patterson and Mrs. R. G. Mann, 2 sis., Mrs. Benton Ball and Mrs. Addison Callis. Note: Victor C. Harmon m. Mattie J. Morgan.

HARMON, Ray, 70, Milton, died 16 Oct 1967, bur. Moffett Cem. b. Trimble Co., (19 Aug 1897, s/o Gathright and Betty Richmond Harmon.) Survived by widow, EDNA HARMON, 1 son, Ralph and 1 bro., Leonard Harmon.

HARMON, Sarah Elizabeth, 62, died 12 Apr 1966, Indianapolis, bur. _____. d/o Charlie and Lillie Tingle, b. Trimble Co., where she spent most of her life. m. HARVE JACOBS, lived in Palmyra Com. before moving to Indianapolis where he died. She m. 2nd to GILTNER HARMON, who survives. Also a son, Robert Jacobs, 1 bro., Henry Tingle, a half-sis. Jessie Carroll Ralston, 2 half-ro., James and R. C. Boatwright.

HARRIS, Edward, 88, Barebone, died 4 Oct 1961, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Colored,) b. Woodford Co., KY. (10 Mar 1873, s/o Louis and Mariah Harris.) Had been married.

HARROD, Hazel Frances, 66, Milton, died 12 Feb 1968, bur. Moffett Cem. b. Trimble Co., (12 Jan 1902,) d/o Redford and Addie Wood Wise. Survived by dau., Mrs. Doris Greenwood, 2 bro., Cecil and Raymond Wise, half sis., Mrs. Dorothy Hadley, 2 half-bro., Marshall and Larry Wise, 3 step-children Preceded by dau., Mrs. Fredia Banks, a bro. Goble Wise.

HARSON, Jarol D., 27, Hunter's Bottom, d. 19 Nov 1960, bur. Moffett Cem. (b. 3 Dec 1931,) s/o Hobart Harson of Utah and the late Elma (Reba King) Harsin. Survived by 2 sis., Mrs. Reba Buchanan and Ann Harsin, 6 bro., Jack, Thurman, Robert, Norman, Alvin and Alton Harson.

HAYDEN, Aline Gentry, 40, died 10 Nov 1962, Alexandria, VA, bur. IOOF Bedford. Native of Hart Co., __. Survived by husband, JEAN BARTLETT HAYDEN, 2 children, Sarah Kathryn and Michael Jean Hayden, her mother, Mrs. Sarah Gentry, 3 sis., Pauline, Mrs. Lucille Morgan and Mrs. Louise Church, 1 bro., Loren Gentry.

HEATON, Bryon D. "Jack," 64, died 9 Sep 1967, bur. IOOF Bedford. b. Shelby Co., (13 Jan 1903, s/o James and Nancy Taylor Heaton.) Moved to Trimble Co. about 22 years ago. Survived by wife, MYRTLE HEATON, 2 sons, Dennis G. and Rodger D. Heaton, 1 dau., Mrs. James E. Logan, 3 bro., W. D., John S. and Owen T. Heaton, a sis. Mrs. Charles Wagenkecht.

HENSLEY, Elmer C., 61, died 27 / 28 May 1961, bur. IOOF Bedford. b. Grant Co., (13 Dec 1899,) s/o Clarence and Nannie Cook Hensley, lived in Trimble Co. 8 months. m. BURNETT POYNTER on 15 May 1930 at Georgetown, KY. Survived by wife, 2 sons, James Bliss and Earl Glenn Hensley, 3 bro., Carl, Omar and Ward Hensley, 4 sis., Mary Hensley, Lucy Ashcraft, Ola Hensley and Beatrice Trinkle. Preceded by bro. Otha Lee Hensley.

HERR, Bessie H., 71, died 17 Mar 1960, bur. IOOF Bedford. b. Trimble Co., d/o I. T. and Lena Stanley, 1st m. to BERNARD HUDSON, 1 dau., Mrs. William Bennett. Mr. Hudson was the first auto fatality of the county. She m. 2nd to FRANK M. HERR, who died 1 Dec 1945, 2 dau., Mrs. Joseph R. Perry and Mrs. Vernon (Lena) Craig, 1 step-son Harold F. Herr, 4 sis., Mrs. M. G. Peak, Mrs. Perry Dean, Mrs. K. G. Hudson and Mrs. G.H. Beasley, 3 bro., A.T., L.G. and I.T. Stanley.

HEVELINE, Frank M., Sr. 74, Corn Creek, died 17 Jul 1965, bur. IOOF Bedford. Lifelong resident of Trimble Co., (b. 14 Jul 1891, s/o John and Anna Conner Heveline.) Survived by wife WILLENA STAPLES HEVELINE, son, Frank Heveline, Jr., 1 bro., George Heveline, 4 sis., Mrs. Bertha Percell, Mrs. Mary Alexander, Mrs. Faye Conn and Mrs. Blanch Purvis.

HILL, Dollie R., 95, Bedford, died 18 Aug 1967, bur. IOOF Bedford. Native of Trimble Co., (d/o James W. and Margaret Trout Latty.) Survived by 1 son, Norman Hill, a sis. Mrs. Eva Dougherty. Note: Dollie Latty, m. A. G. HILL, he died 1939.

HILL, Junita, 74, Bowling Green, d. 29 Jan 1965, bur. Campbellsburg Cem. b. Trimble Co., d/o William N. and Henrietta Brent Hill. Survived by 1 bro., James M. Hill, 2 nieces, 1 aunt, Mrs. Dollie Hill.

HOFFMAN, Mona, 88, Nashville, IN, died 14 Dec 1965, bur. IOOF Bedford. d/o Joel J. and Eliza Barnes Lynch, widow of LOUIS J. HOFFMAN. In early life, she was a school teacher in Trimble Co. schools. After her marriage, moved to Indianapolis. Survived by dau., Mrs. Mildred Cadle, 2 bro., Oather and Oscar Lynch Preceded by son, little Oscar, a foster son, William Hoffman.

HOLCOMB, Ralph R., 77, near Madison, d. 21 / 22 Jul 1961, bur. Moffett Cem. b. N. Y. (or PA, 14 Oct 1888) and was a former resident of Trimble Co. Survived by step-son, R. T. Holcomb. Preceded by wife, LILLIAN HOLCOMB, 2 Oct 1948. Note: dates don't match Age 72 ?

HOLDERFIELD, Grover Cleveland, 82, died 25 Feb 1969, bur. Moffett Cem. (b. 27 Sep 1887, s/o James and Fannie Holderfield.) Survived by wife, (MARY TEMPLE Powell Holderfield,) whom he m. 60 years ago, 1 son, Harold Holderfield, 4 dau., Mrs. Joe (Helen) Browning, Mrs. Owen (Frances) Oglesby, Mrs. W.C. (Celea) Montgomery and Mrs. Robert (Ida M.) Covington, sis. Mrs. Laura Barnes. Preceded by a son, J. W. Holderfield.

HOLLAND, Luther L., 63, died 29 Jul 1969 in Michigan, bur. IOOF Bedford. b. 5 Feb 1906 near Mt. Sterling, KY. Survived by wife, VADAH HOLLAND, a dau. Darlene. He was a farmer and truck driver.

HOLSCLAW, Alvin W. (Abby,) 63, Madison, IN, died 31 Jan 1961, bur. Mt. Carmel Cem. Native of Trimble Co., survived by wife, BILLIE WILLIAMS HOLSCLAW, son, Charles A. Holsclaw, 1 dau., Mrs. Horace Farley, 3 sis., Mrs. Gladys Staton, Mrs. Dorothy Hardesty and Mrs, A. L. Bird, 1 bro. Jack Holsclaw. Preceded by parents, Barney and (Florence B. Wood) Holsclaw, a son, Richard Holsclaw in W.W.II.

HOLSCLAW, Nora M., 70, Milton, died 29 Dec 1967, bur. Moffett Cem. Life time resident of Trimble Co., d/o Sylvester and Lana Huff Jackson, m. to DAVID HOLSCLAW, who died 17 years ago. Survived by sis., Mrs. Fannie Lindsay. Note: Is name Lana, Lena, Lina or Lyna Huff Jackson ?

HOOD, Bert, 73, Madison, IN, died 6 / 7 Sep 1961, bur. Moffett Cem. b. Trimble Co. (18 Sep 1887) and lived here until a few years ago, s/o Daniel and Mary (Hill) Hood. Survived by wife, VIRGIE GARRIOTT HOOD, sons, Elmo and Glenford Hood, dau., Mrs. Corine Horine, a sis. Mrs. Mona Sterling.

HOOD, Gustavia, 74, Madison, IN, died 30 Dec 1969, bur. Moffett Cem. b. Woodford Co., KY, (7 Mar 1895, d/o F. P. Z. Goodlett.) m. the late WILBUR HOOD. Survived by 3 sis., Mrs. Mary Hollenbach The only one named.

HORINE, Rev. Irvin D., 60, Vallonia, IN, died 12 Dec 1963, bur. IOOF Bedford. Native of Trimble Co., lived away the last 38 years. Survived by wife, ETHEL ANN McCUTCHEN HORINE, 2 sons, James A. and Marvin L. Horine, dau., Mrs. Hazel Sadler, a bro. Raymond Horine, a sis. Mrs. Nora Gossom, 2 half bro. and a half sis.

HORTON, Hobart Harrison, 72, Madison, IN, d. 28 Nov 1969, bur. Moffett Cem. W.W.I veteran. Surv. by widow, GERTRUDE CHANDLER HORTON, 3 sons, Douglas, Ben and Charles Horton, 4 dau., Mrs. William Cannon, Mrs. Robert Wallace, Mrs. Dorothy Pounter and Mrs. William Richmond, a sis. Mrs. George Lewis.

HOSLEY, Hugh J., 69, Florida, died 12/13 Aug 1963, bur. IOOF Bedford. W W I veteran, born and reared in Trimble Co. (8 Feb 1894, s/o Ed and Elizabeth Hosley.) Survived by 1 son, Joseph Hosley, a bro. Jim Hosley, a sis. Mary Chinn.

HOTFIL, William Frederick, 72, 2 / 3 Jan 1962, bur. Lutheran Cem. b. Carroll Co., KY (15 Sep 1889,) s/o Henry and Lena Kruse Hotfil. Survived by wife ANNA MEIER HOTFIL, 2 sons, Henry and Frederick Hotfil.

HUBBARD, Ida Mae, 83, Bedford, died 31 Mar 1963, bur. IOOF Carrollton. b. Trimble Co., 5 May 1886, d/o Richard and America Taylor Garrett. Data from funeral record. Note: 1st m. ALONZO "Lonnie" BANKS, after his death, m. 2nd to ELMER STAPLES, 1 son, Robert Staples, m. 3rd to _____ HUBBARD.

HUDSON, (Blanche S.,) 66, Poplar Ridge Com., died 31 Oct 1961, (bur. IOOF Bedford.) b. Trimble Co., d/o Judge and Mrs. I. T. Stanley. Survived by husband, KNOBLE G. HUDSON, 2 sis., Mrs. M. G. Peak and Mrs. Perry Dean, 2 bro., A. T. and L. G. Stanley. Prec. by 2 sis., Mrs. Gordon Beasley and Mrs. Bessie Herr, 2 bro., Dr. Laban T. and I. T. Stanley.

HUDSON, Knoble G., 75, Poplar Ridge, d. 2 Jan 1965, bur. IOOF Bedford. (b. Trimble Co. 11 Aug 1889, W W I veteran,) s/o Fletcher and Elizabeth Barnes Hudson, his wife, BLANCHE STANLEY HUDSON, deceased Survived by sis., Mrs. Oscar Ogden, bro., Dell Hudson. Prec. by 2 sis., Mrs. Mary Lou Coombs and Gladys Hudson, 2 bro., Bernard and Emmett Hudson.

HUDSON, Rosetta 53, Madison, IN, died 14 Apr 1961, bur. Moffett Cem. b. Trimble Co., (24 Apr 1897) then moved to Henry Co., KY, lived in Madison last 3 years. d/o Riley and Mary Richmond Hood. Survived by dau., Mrs. Baden Hop, a son David Hudson, 3 step-sons, Noble, Jess and Leonard Hudson, 2 sis., Mrs. Ada Leatherman and Mrs. Betty Wentworth, 2 bro., Shelby and William Hood. Note: Husband JIM HUDSON, d. 1958.

HUDSON, Waunita, 55, Bedford, died 7 Feb 1969, (bur. IOOF Bedford. b. Trimble Co. 6 Feb 1914,) d/o Lola Wheeler Callis and the late Chester Callis, she served as Trimble Co. Circuit Clerk a number of years. m. Dec 1933 to WALTER HUDSON, he also survives with 3 dau., Mrs. Mary Stethen, Mrs. Helen Gosman and Mrs. Jerry Hamilton, 5 sons, Robert, Barclay, Donald, Glenn and Chester Hudson, 4 bro. Roy, Wyman, Howard and Dale Callis, and her grandmother, Mrs. Letia (Lee Etta) Wheeler.

HUGHES, Emmett Marvin, 49, died 17 Dec 1967, bur. IOOF Bedford. b. Trimble Co. (30 Apr 1918,) s/o Emmett and Lena Ford Hughes. Survived by widow EDITH TAYLOR HUGHES, 1 son, Garry Lee Hughes, 1 dau., Mrs. Sherlie Ann Johnson, sis., Mrs. Mary Ann Marvel. Prec. by parents.

HUGHES, Lena, 77, Trimble Co., died 1 Jul 1961, bur. IOOF Carrollton. b. Carroll Co., d/o Ulysses and Mary E. Wyatt Ford, m. EMMETT HUGHES, who died 1948. Survived by dau., Mrs. Mary Ann Marvel, 1 son, Marvin Hughes, 1 bro., Ira Ford. Preceded by 3 sis., Mrs. Rosa Wallace, Florrie Ford and Clara Ford.

HUNDLEY, Joseph P., 74, died 23 Sep 1963, bur. Sligo Cem. b. Trimble Co., 21 Feb 1889, s/o Newt and Sarah Craig Hundley. Data from funeral record.

HUNT, John Rolland, 50, Wises Landing, died 6 Aug 1968, bur. IOOF Bedford. W W II veteran, b. Carroll Co., KY, (15 Jul 1918,) lived last 9 years in Trimble Co. Survived by parents Jesse and Lucille Hunt, 3 bro., Bob, James William and Elmer Lee Hunt, 1 sis., Mrs. Richard Webster. Note: Another record has his name John Robert Hunt.

HUNTER, Belle W., 80, Ohio, died 24 May 1963, bur. LaGrange Cem. d/o Washington Beabout, b. Milton, KY. m. HARMON C. ENGLEMAN, in 1903, he died 1940, m. 2nd to T. P. HUNTER, in Aug 1945, he died 1956. Survived by 1 son, Milton Engleman.

HUNTER, Jasper Lee, 80, died 28 May 1961, bur. IOOF Bedford. b. Trimble Co., (20 Jun 1880,) a retired Baptist minister, s/o William B. and Melissa Stark Hunter. m. ELLA PERKHART, now deceased Survived by 2 sis., Mrs. Naomi McEndre and Mrs. Minnie Pearl Beetem, 3 bro., Shirley, Berry and Grover Hunter, a nephew, William Berry Welty.

HUNTER, Richard Hurt, 56, died 1 Sep 1967, bur. IOOF Bedford. Native of Glens Valley, IN, (b. 3 Jan 1911,) lived most of his life in Bedford, s/o Richard and Ellura Hunter. Survived by widow, EDITH HUNTER, a son Kenneth Hunter, step-son, Carroll Jacobs, step-dau., Mrs. Betty Johnson, 4 sis., Mrs. Janet Lloyd, Mrs. Clara Armour, Mrs. Pearl Patterson and Mrs. Betty Bush, a bro., Raymond Hunter.

HUNTER, Ruby E., 55, Bedford, died 7 Oct 1969, bur. IOOF Bedford. A resident of Trimble Co. most of her life, (b. 16 Apr 1904, d/o William Estes.) Survived by son, Donald Lewis Hunter, 3 dau., Mrs. Doris Garrett, Mrs. Barbara Reardon and Mrs. Shirley Ann Barnes, 2 sis., Mrs. Ludie Tharp and Mrs. Goldie Tharp, 1 bro., J. T. Estes.

HUNTER, Shirley S., 82, died 27 Apr 1967, bur. IOOF Bedford. Lifelong resident of Trimble Co. (b. 2 May 1884, s/o William and Melissa Stark Hunter.) Survived by 2 bro., Grover and William Hunter, a sis. Mrs. Minnie Beetem.

HUNTER, Stella, 76, Ewingsford, died 29 Nov 1963, bur. IOOF Bedford. (b. Trimble Co., 10 Jan 1887, d/o George and Ida V. Hancock Wright.) Wife of SHIRLEY S. HUNTER, m. 1905. Also survived by 3 sis., Mrs. Hallie Vories, Mrs. Georgia Colbert and Mable Wright.

HUNTER, William S., 91, Indianapolis, died 27 May 1966, bur. _____. b. and reared in Trimble Co., s/o Martha and Henry Hunter, he left Trimble Co. at an early age. m. ELSIE HAMILTON, of Morgan Co. Survived by 2 sons, Cleo Morgan and Edward Hunter, a sis. Mrs. Rose Tingle. Preceded by 1 child, Ruby Coghill. Mr. Hunter was one of nine children, 5 brothers and 3 sisters, all but one, Mrs. Tingle are deceased.

JACKSON, Anthony "Tony," 8 died 8 Jul 1960, bur. Mt. Carmel Cem. (b. 5 Apt 1952.) Survived by parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Jackson, sis., Jerrilee, his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Bird.

JACKSON, Carrie Allen, 71, Missouri, d. 6 Feb 1961, bur. IOOF Bedford. (b. 2 Sep 1888,) d/o Vachel and Nannie Bryan Jackson, spent her childhood years in Bedford. Survived by sis., Mary Jackson Hood.

JACKSON, Charles Gregg, 83, died 22 Sep 1960, bur. Moffett Cem. b. Wises Landing Com. (11 Jan 1877,) s/o William and Margaret Young Jackson. m. 1903 to EFFIE VARBLE, who survives with 3 sons, Clifton, Robert and Merle Wayne Jackson. Preceded by 1 son, Claude Russell Jackson at 18 mo., 1 bro., Tabner Jackson, 1 sis., Effie Hudson and 2 half-bro.

JACKSON, Edith, 33, New Hope Com., died 9 Aug 1960, bur. Moffett Cem. b. Hanover, IN, (5 Aug 1927,) d/o Robert and Mary Ellen Bennett who survives. Also survived by husband GRAHAM JACKSON, 3 children, Robert Lee, Joyce Sue and Lou Gehrig Jackson, 2 sis., Mrs. May Bowling and Mrs. Bernice Vestal.

JACKSON, Finnell Gregg, 64, died 18/25 Jul 1965, bur. IOOF Bedford. b. Trimble Co., (29 Mar 1901,) s/o late Thomas and Lydia Smith Jackson. Survived by wife, GLENITA WHEELER JACKSON, 2 dau., Mrs. Eldred (Verna) Fisher, and Mrs. Douglas (Ann) Stark, 2 sons, Allen Wayne and Rev. Robert Jackson, 2 bro., Smith and Henry Jackson, 3 sis., Mrs. Charlie Coffin, Mrs. Everitt Wingham and Mrs. Joe Lehue.

JACKSON, Jessie Kate, 88, Bedford, d. 23 Jul 1967, bur. IOOF Bedford. Native of Trimble Co., (b. 10 Oct 1887, d/o Dr. Jesse C. and Kate Yager Hancock.) Survived by son, Bill Jackson, 1 dau., Mrs. Mary Yager Tingle, 1 sis., Mrs. Virgie Tandy. Note: her husband was WILLIAM ROWAN JACKSON who died 1937.

JACKSON, Lucy E., 85, died 1 Nov 1963, bur. Louisville, KY. A lifelong resident of Trimble Co., in the Wises Landing Com. Survived by sons, children by 3 marriages, Norvin Latta: Virgil Shelton and Charles Hicks, a half-bro., Charlie Boss. Preceded by 3 bro. and 2 sis.

JACKSON, Robert Sidney, 37, Florida, died 16 Mar 1964, bur. IOOF Bedford. Former resident of Trimble Co. Survived by wife, BARBARA JACKSON, formerly of Charlstown, IN, and 6 children, Richard, Donna, Mike, Steve, Stormy and Eric Jackson, his father, Sidney Jackson.

JACKSON, William F., 41, died 22 Mar 1968, (bur. IOOF Bedford.) b. Trimble Co. (9 Feb 1927,) s/o Walter and Bertha Stone Jackson, other survivors are: widow, MARY GARRIOTT JACKSON, 5 children, Diana, Teresa, Lounita, Dwayne and Kenneth Jackson, 4 bro., Sidney, Alfred, Lloyd and Calvin Jackson, 3 sis. Mrs. Gladys Martin, Mrs. Lois Adair and Mrs. Ellen Wilhoite, grandmother, Mrs. Cora Hamilton. Prec. by 2 bro. and 2 sis.

JEFFERIES, Willie Pearl, 71, R.# 1 Pendleton, died 2 May 1969, bur. IOOF Bedford. He was a life time resident of Trimble Co. (b. 10 Nov 1898, s/o Tom and Lida Mae Perkinson Jefferies.) Survived by 2 sons, Ranny and Billie Jean Jefferies, 1 dau., Mrs. Phyllis Carter, 1 bro. Hurley Jefferies.

JENKINS, Mattie Smith, 90, died 28 Sep 1963, bur. Corn Creek Cem. See data under Mattie Smith.

JOHNSON, Girl, stillborn interred 13 Nov 1962, IOOF Bedford. d/o Mr. and Mrs. Buford Johnson, also survived by bro., Buford Neal and Gary Thomas Johnson, sis., Beverly Lee Johnson, grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hunter and Mr. and Mrs. Newt Johnson.

JOHNSON, John C., 80, Bedford, died 29 Dec 1960, bur. IOOF Bedford. b. Henry Co., (2 Jan 1880,) s/o Samuel and Anna Ayers Johnson, m. 5 Mar 1919 to NORA HENSLEY, who survives, a bro., Newt Johnson, 2 sis., Effie Jenkins and Margaret Tharp.

JONES, Carolyn Ann, 5 months, died 25 Feb 1960, bur. _______. b. 14 May 1959, d/o Floyd and Learlene Barrickman Jones. Data from funeral record.

JONES, Charles E., 78, Palmyra Com., d. 26 May 1969, bur. Moffett Cem. W.W.I veteran, native of Carroll Co., s/o William J. and Louise Casper Jones. Survived by wife, ELSIE GIDDENS JONES, 2 dau., Mrs. Doris Eggenspiller and Mrs. Jeanette Smith, 2 bro., Aubrey and Rowan Jones, 2 sis., Mrs. Sallie Carrico and Mrs. Edith Ginn.

JONES, John Alvin, 75, Bedford, died 30 May 1969, bur. Mt. Carmel Cem. b. Carroll Co., KY (12 Jun 1894, s/o Alonzo and Delia Kendall Jones.) Survived by widow, LULA WELCH JONES, 1 son, John Earl Jones, 1 bro., Robert Jones, sis., Mrs. Nellie Alexander. Prec. by 1 bro. and 2 sis.

JONES, Lila Allen, 46, (36,) Madison, 8 Aug 1968, bur. Moffett Cem. Survived by parents, Herman and (Jennie C. Crafton) Jones, sis., Mrs. Louise Frazier, 3 bro., Fieldon, Billy Gene and Franklin Delone Jones. Note: Stone and funeral records show birth date, 27 May 1932.

JONES, Myrtle, 56, Liberty Rd., died 17 Dec 1961, bur. Moffett Cem. b. 27 Aug 1905, Trimble Co. (d/o George and Cora Lee Preston Richmond.) Survived by husband, ORVILLE JONES, 3 dau., Mrs. Norman Young, Mrs. Dorothiann Green and Mrs. Marilyn Stevens, 2 sis., Mrs. Lola Cooley and Miss Geneva Richmond, 1 bro., Ray Richmond.

JONES, Paul B., 61, Milton, died 16 May 1969, bur. Moffett Cem. (b. 18 Feb 1908,) lifetime resident of Trimble Co. Survived by widow, MARY JONES, 2 sons, Joe and Jack Jones, 1 bro., Ora Jones, 4 sis., Mrs. Cordie Gossom, Mrs. Hallie Morris, Mrs. Alice Martin and Mrs. Hazel Swick. Preceded by parents, Dudley and Mary Richmond Jones, 1 bro. Egbert Jones and 2 children, who died in infancy.

JONES, Robert Gene, 29, Milton, died 19 Jan 1962, bur. Moffett Cem. b. Henry Co., 1 Jun 1932, s/o John and Margaret Jackson Jones. Survived by wife, GENEVA CANADA JONES, sons, Mark, Dannie and Ronnie Jones, and his mother. Preceded by his father.

JONES, Sanford Bryan, 68, Locust, died 10 Aug 1967, bur. Moffett Cem. Native of Trimble Co., (b. 21 Apr 1899, s/o James and Margaret Crafton Jones.) Lived in Carroll Co. for the past 2 years. Survived by wife, MAUDIE JONES, 1 son, Paul Jones, 2 dau., Mrs. Hazel Abner and Mrs. Myrtle Josephine Joyce, 1 sis., Mrs. Obie Jane Betts.

JONES, Willard P., 73, Madison, died 3 Sep 1966, bur. Moffett Cem. (b. 31 Aug 1893,) Trimble Co. s/o W. T. and Alice Crafton Jones. Survived by wife, LULA (Parker) JONES, 5 dau., Mrs. Cleston Liter, Mrs. Don Creech, Mrs. Donald Zering, Mrs. Floyd Snell and Mrs. Estil Webster, 5 sons, Claudie, William, Junior Ray: Preston and Marvin Jones, 2 sis. Mrs. Atha Gividen and Mrs. Adie Cox, 2 bro., Jack and Zibe Jones.

JONES, Zella, 97, Bedford, died 15 Aug 1969, bur. IOOF Carrollton. Native of Carroll Co., b. 10 June 1872, d/o Ira Bell and Frank Dunn, lived in Bedford area all her life. Widow of FRANK JONES, m. 1894, he died 30 Oct 1948. Survived by 4 children, Mrs. Claude (Sada) Ball, Mrs. Otto (Alice) Mitchell, Mrs. Wayne (Mabel) Morgan and Alfred Jones. Preceded by a dau. Vada, died 1916, 3 sis. and 2 bro. Note: Zella's parents full names were Francis M. "Frank" Dunn 1844 -1921 and Arabella "Bell" Adams Dunn 1847 - 1915.

JOSLIN, Elizabeth Dee, 20, died 16 Mar 1963, bur. Moffett Cem. b. Harlen Co., KY, d/o Rev. Harry S. and Madalon Lehue Wood. Survived by parents, husband, DAVID JOSLIN and a 2 yr old son Stevie Joslin, 3 sis., Mrs. Earl Forbes, Mrs. Bernard Taylor and Mrs. Gary Wright, 3 bro., David, Peter and John Wood, her grandfather Ernest Lehue.

JOYCE, Frances Terrell, (90,) died 11 Aug 1963, bur. Springdale Cem. b. 13 Mar 1873, d/o Mariah D. Chandler and George W. Terrell. Widow of FRANK JOYCE. Survived by 1 sis., Mrs. Joe Bray, 1 bro., Dann V. Terrell. Preceded by 1 dau., Hazel, 4 bro. and 1 sis.

JOYCE, Nora, 64, R.# 2, Milton, died 31 Aug 1968, bur. Moffett Cem. (b. 17 Nov 1903,) d/o John and Carrie Cox Hamilton. A life time resident of Milton area. Survived by husband, RALPH JOYCE, dau., Mrs. Jeanette Bell, 1 bro., Nolan Hamilton.

JOYCE, Wilson Brook, 69, Milton, died 5 Jun 1965, bur. Moffett Cem. Native of Trimble Co., W.W.I veteran, (b. 13 Jan 1896, s/o Beecher and Nancy Hudson Joyce.) Survived by wife HELEN LUCKETT, 3 dau. Mrs. James T. Ethridge, Mrs. Emory Smith and Mrs. Edward Hord, 2 sis., Mrs. Oather Lynch and Mrs. Oscar Lynch Preceded by bro., Allen Joyce.

JUSTICE, James, 75, Bedford, died 19 Nov 1963, bur. IOOF Bedford. (b. 7 Apr 1889, s/o William N. and Sythia Jones Justice.) Survived by wife, MABEL RICHMOND JUSTICE, 1 son, Lawrence Justice, 4 dau., Mrs. Helen Lee Hayes, Mrs. Fay Cox, Mrs. Ella May and Mrs. Marjorie Nelly. Note: James 1st wife LIZZIE ROBBINS, d. 1920.

JUSTICE, Omer D., __, died 24 Jun 1960, funeral at Providence, bur. __. Lifetime resident of Trimble Co. m. 1 Feb 1935 to BEULAH PENDLETON, Survived by wife, 2 bro., Jim and Will Justice, 3 sis. names not given.

KELLY, James Larry "Shorty," 65, d. 10 Dec 1962, bur. Mt. Carmel Cem. b. 30 May 1897, Lima, Ohio, (s/o Samuel Kelly,) lived in Trimble Co., the past 40 years. Survived by wife, ETHEL KELLY, 9 children, Mrs. Sarah Louise Tincher, Mrs. Martha Bernice Anderson, Mrs. Martha Wells, Mrs. Anna May Nichols, Judy Kelly, Richard Eugene, James Larry, Jr., William Joseph and Samuel Kelly.

KEMP, Flossie A., 57, Bedford, died 21 Jan 1965, bur. IOOF Bedford. b. Bethelehem, IN, (14 Dec 1907, d/o John and Alice Byrd Stroughn.) She had lived in Bedford area the past 39 years. Survived by husband, ELBERT LEE KEMP, 1 dau., Mrs. Alice Rowlett, 1 sis., Mrs. Helen Cash, 3 bro., S. L., Bill and Jesse Straughn.

KEMP, George Burl, 77, d. 15 Mar 1962, Patton's Creek area, bur. (IOOF Bedford., b. Trimble Co., 10 May 1885,) s/o Sanford and Florence Wheeler Kemp. m. JESSIE ROBERTSON, she died years ago (1957.) Survived by sons, Clarence and Elbert Lee Kemp, 2 dau., Jeannette Christine Morgan and Helen Kemp.

KENDALL, Alda, 89, Bray Ridge, died 28 Jan 1963, bur. IOOF Bedford. b. Trimble Co., 1 Oct 1873, d/o Charles and Elizabeth Hood Bare. Data from funeral record. Note: Alda m. ELIJAH KENDALL who died 1937. They had a daughter Marjory Louise wife of Hurley Craig and a son Ruby Kendall.

KENDALL, Hettie Burrows, 83, died 29 Sep 1964, bur. IOOF Bedford. b. Trimble Co., (16 Mar 1881, d/o John Henry and Etta Orr Burrows.) Survived by 2 sons, Orion (Oren) and Cleon Kendall, dau., Mrs. Norma Cull, 2 sis., Mrs. J. H. Lindsey and Mrs. Ed Bates. Preceded by husband, GRANVILLE KENDALL, 2 sons, Roland and Eulric Kendall.

KENDALL, John Roland 56, Louisville, died 16 Jan 1962, bur. ____. (b. Trimble Co., 10 Nov 1905.) Funeral at Hickory Grove. Surv. by wife, NORMA CORLEY KENDALL, 2 sons, Johnnie C. and Owen R. Kendall, sis., Mrs. Norma Cull, 2 bro., Oren and Cleon Kendall, his mother, Mrs. Hetty Kendall.

KENDOLL, Ruben "Ruby" Kelly, 66, died 20 Apr 1964, bur. IOOF Bedford. (b. 8 Jan 1898,) s/o Lige J. and Alda Bare Kendoll. Survived by sis., Mrs. Marjorie L. Craig. Note: Name is KENDALL in other records.

KENNEDY, Edgar M., 73, died 9 May 1968, bur. IOOF Bedford. (b. Trimble Co., 26 Jun 1894, s/o James and Maggie Kennedy.) Survived by widow, CLARA JOYCE KENNEDY, 1 dau., Mrs. Hope Sanders, 1 sis., Mrs. Earl (Ethel) Young. Preceded by 1 sis., Mrs. Anna Carrico.

KENT, Andrew W. "Wash," 88, died 2 Nov 1966, bur. IOOF Bedford. b. Trimble Co. (20 May 1878,) s/o David and Mary Morgan Kent. Survived by 3 dau., Mrs. Annie Rowlett, Mrs. Ruby Raisley and Mrs. Oladoris Gosman, 2 step-sons, Chester and Olen Ward. Prec. by 3 bro. and 2 sis.

KENT, Orville, 60, Bedford, died 6 Sep 1962, bur. IOOF Bedford. (b. Trimble Co. 3 Aug 1902, s/o Washington and Lavinia Wentworth Kent.) Survived by father, A. W. Kent, 2 sis., Mrs. Granville Rowlett and Mrs. Ruby Raisley, 2 half-bro., Chester and Oldham (Olen) Ward, half-sis., Mrs. Clarence Gosman.

KERFOOT, Beulah, 77, died 13 Aug 1966, Buckner, bur. Shiloh Cem. Native of Trimble Co., d/o Tobe and Elizabeth Singer, she was a resident of Oldham Co., KY most of her life. Survived by husband, R. E. KERFOOT, 6 dau. Mrs. Monroe Purvis, Mrs. Thelma Davidson, Mrs. Robert Marrs, Mrs. William Morrison, Mrs. Frank Morrison and Mrs. Roscoe Poulter, 2 sons, Lawrence Bramble and Roy L. Kerfoot, 3 sis., Mrs. Charles Burrows, Mrs. Ruby Green and Mrs. Grace Young, 2 bro., John and Jack Singer. Note: Other records give parents names Whitefield and Lula McGee Singer. Whitefield died 1937 and Lula died 1924.

KIDWELL, Angela, 3 weeks, Bedford, died 5 Jan 1967, bur. IOOF Bedford. b. 13 Dec 1966, d/o Thurman and Gloria Martin Kidwell. Data from funeral record.

KIDWELL, Clarence H. "Uncle Dud," 82, died 27 Apr 1968, bur. IOOF Bedford. Lifelong resident of Bedford, (b. 24 May 1885.) Survived by widow, ELIZABETH KIDWELL, son, Marshall Kidwell, 2 dau., Mrs. James House and Mrs. John Hall, 4 step-sons, Leroy, Clifton, DeVon and Randall Morgan. Note: His 1st wife, CARRIE McCUTCHEON died 11 Sep 1924 leaving 3 children, Beatta, Marshall and Grovena.

KIDWELL, Gloria Martin, 18, died 5 Jan 1967, bur. IOOF Bedford. Died in auto accident, dau., Angela, age 1 mo also killed. Survived by father, Avery Martin.

KIDWELL, Nannie Butler, 87, Patton's Creek, d. 22 Jul 1961, bur. IOOF Bedford. b. Trimble Co., d/o James Henry and Margaret Craig Butler. m. 25 Feb 1892 to TOM KIDWELL, he died 7 Jun 1945. Survived by dau. Mrs. Wyatt Powell, Mrs. J. Weston Powell and Mrs. Joe Powell, 2 sons, Leslie and Senator Alvin Kidwell, sis., Mrs. Harvey Wiseman, 2 bro. James and Lemuel Butler.

KIDWELL, Sallie Alice, 91, died 1 Jul 1961, bur. IOOF Bedford. d/o William and Emily Miles. m. WILLIAM KIDWELL, who died 1945. Survived by 1 bro., Lee Miles. Preceded by sis., Lula and Pheobe, bro., Alec, Lawrence and Dick Miles.

KIDWELL, Thurman, 26, died auto accident, 5 Jan 1967, bur. IOOF Bedford. (b Trimble Co., 10 Dec 1940,) s/o Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kidwell. Survived by parents, 3 bro., Robert, Buford and Hurley Kidwell, 3 sis., Mrs. Catherine Pyles, Mrs. Elaine Justice and Miss Brenda Kidwell. Note: Wife, GLORIA and baby, Angela also killed.

KING, Ferd, __, died 5 Oct 1960, Hanover, IN, bur. Moffett Cem. Former resident of Trimble Co. (s/o Charlie and Delphia Jane Woods King, his age ca 85, taken from 1910 census, his wife, ETHEL KING survives.)

KING, Robert L., 55, Sparta, KY, died 2 Oct 1967, bur. Moffett Cem. (b. 10 Dec 1911,) Trimble Co., s/o late Harvey and (Anna Bray) King. Survived by his mother Mrs. Annie Spurling, 1 bro., Ralph King, half-bro., William Spurling, 2 half sis., Mrs. Nell Robinson and Mrs. Laucia Robinson.

KING, Ruby, 49, Milton, died 1 Oct 1966, bur. Moffett Cem. b. Trimble Co., (23 Jan 1917, d/o Joseph and Hattie Handlon Myers.) Survived by husband, RALPH KING, dau., Mrs. Janice Webster, 2 sons, Glenn and Gene King.

KING, Sidney "Sid," 84, died 22 Feb 1966, bur. Moffett Cem. Single, s/o Charlie and Jane Wood King, b. Trimble Co. Survived by sis., Mrs. Effie Jones.

KINNETT, Margaret Helena, 93, d. 6 Jun 1964, bur. IOOF Bedford. b. Trimble Co., (18 Feb 1871, d/o Hugh J. and Rebecca Canada Gavagin.) Spent her life in this county, (husband, MELVIN KINNETT died 1937.) Survived by 3 dau., Mrs. Hallie Underwood, Mrs. Virginia Perkinson and Mrs. Grace Rowlett, 3 sons, Charles Melvin, Chester Ellis and Earl Kinnett. Preceded by 2 dau., 1 bro. and 2 sis.

KNIGHT, Rosa Clara, 64, Union Grove, d. 7 Nov 1960, bur. IOOF Bedford. b. Trimble Co., (11 Sep 1896,) d/o J. B. and Lula Welty Clem. m. E. T. KNIGHT "Ed", deceased Survived by sis., Mrs. Clarence (Beulah) Harmon and Mrs. Robert (Ruth) Kendall, 3 bro., Charlie, Joe and Homer Clem, 1 step-dau., Thelma Hicpox, a foster son, Thomas Vining. Preceded by a bro., Ralph Clem and ( sis., Miss Katie Clem, d. 28 Sep 1948,) Note: Ralph Clem was a nephew of Rosa Knight, he died 18 May 1956.)

KRUSE, J. C., 37, Milton, died 1 Dec 1960, bur. Lutheran Cem. b. 13 Apr 1923, s/o Henry and Margaret Neal Kruse. Note: This record taken from funeral records.

KRUSE, William Henry, 72, died 1 / 2 Sep 1966, bur. Lutheran Cem. b. Carroll Co. 29 May 1894, s/o Casper and Elizabeth Taylor Kruse. Survived by wife, HELEN KRUSE, 4 dau., Mrs. Robert Greiner, Mrs. Matt Hoffman, Jr., Miss Marie Kruse and Mrs. Cliff Valentine, 1 son, Casper "Buddy" Kruse. Preceded by 1 son, J. C. Kruse.

KRUSE, Wilma Cripe, 76, died 11 / 15 Nov 1964, bur. Springdale Cem. b. Clinton Co., IN (5 Sep 1888, d/o John and Mary Wiley.) Survived by husband, HENRY KRUSE, 4 dau., Mrs. Leroy Ansalvish, Mrs. Emmett Danner, Mrs. Jacob Miller and Mrs. Mose Cochran.

KUHLMAN, Robert, 45, Chocago, IL, d. 28 Jun 1967, bur. Mt. Carmel Cem. W.W.II veteran, b. St. Paul, Minn. Surv. by mother, Mrs. Nora Warman Kuhlman, a sis. Mrs. Mary Jane Young.

LANDERS, Lilly E., __, Mt. Washington, KY, in paper of 20 Jul 1967, bur. IOOF Bedford. Widow of SIDNEY F. LANDERS, both formerly of Bedford. Note: Birth date on stone, b. 14 Sep 1875.

LANHAM, Marquita June, 12 hours, died 22/23 Feb 1968, bur. Moffett Cem. b. 22 Feb 1968, infant d/o Billy and Peggy Hamilton Lanham, her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hamilton and Mr. and Mrs. Elonzo Lanham.

LAW, C. B. "Jack," 86, Milton, died 29 Sep 1965, bur. Moffett Cem. b. Trimble Co. (20 Aug 1880,) s/o George and Jane/Virginia Harmon Law. Survived by dau., Mrs. Pansy Law White, 3 sons, Lester, Woodrow and Hobbie Law. Preceded by wife, RACHEL BOLDERY LAW, sons, Mack and Claude Law. Mr. Law was the last of a family of 3 girls and 4 boys.

LAW, Charles Robert, 81, died 12 Jul 1960, Indiana, bur. Springdale Cem. (b. KY 14 Dec 1878,) s/o George and Martha C trafton Law, lived in Union Grove Com. for a number of years. Survived by 2 children, Robert Cull Law and Mrs. Robert (Agnes Emily) Picard, 1 bro., Lewis Law. Preceded by wife, (ELTA LAW, 17 Nov 1959.)

LAW, Claude,53, Milton, died 17 Sep 1965, bur. Moffett Cem. b. Trimble Co., (26 Oct 1911,) s/o Jack and Rachel Boldery Law. Survived by wife, BERTHA CRAIG, 1 dau., Mrs. Mortie Durand, son, Larry Law, his father, 1 sis., Mrs. Patsy White, 3 bro., Lester, Woodrow and Hobby Law. Preceded by his mother, 1 bro., Mack Law.

LAW, Frances Temple, 88, Bedford, died 2 Mar 1962, IOOF Bedford. (b. Trimble Co., 27 Dec 1874,) d/o Nathan B. and Elizabeth Whitaker Temple. m. 1898 to JOHN OLIVER LAW. Survived by son, Mack Law, 2 dau., Mrs. Reva Tyler and Mrs. Allene Spillman.

LAW, Lewis / Louis L., 82, Trout Ridge, d. 23 Aug 1963, bur. IOOF Bedford. b. Trimble Co. (16 Mar 1881, s/o George W. and Martha Crafton Law.) Survived by wife, IDA LAW. He was last of a family of six children

LAW, Malcolm "Mack," 38, Milton, died 10 Jul 1961, bur. Moffett Cem. b. Trimble Co. (4 Oct 1922,) s/o Columbus "Jack" Law and the late Rachel (Boldery) Law. Also survived by 4 bro., Lester, Claude, Hobbie and Woodrow Law, 1 sis., Mrs. Ray White.

LAW, Robert Lewis, 48, Madison, died 7/8 Feb 1969, bur. IOOF Bedford. b. Trimble Co. (2 Dec 1916.) Survived by mother, Ollie Ada Kent Law Waller, 6 sis., Mrs. Gertrude Geidras, Mrs. Irene Legler, Mrs. Lizzie Carter, Mrs. Ruth Long, Mrs. Betty Jean Holt and Mrs. Verrel (or Vera) Hertz. Preceded by his father Roy F. Law, 1 bro., Goodridge Law. Note: Some records: Irene Long not Irene Legler.

LEACH, Estella Ward, 83, Bedford, d. 16 Jan 1966, bur. IOOF Bedford. (b. Trimble Co., 28 Apr 1882, d/o William and Margaret McWitty (McQuithy) Ward.) m. 29 Jan 1902 to JAMES S. LEACH, deceased 15 Dec 1946. Survived by 5 dau., Mrs. Clarence Mahoney, Mrs. Leonard Morgan, Mrs. Roy Liter, Mrs. David Craig and Mrs. Jake Conard, 4 sons, Arthur, Elmo, Walter and Cleston Leach.

LEACH, Marshall, 52, Indianapolis, d. 24 Feb 1968, bur. IOOF Bedford. b. Trimble Co., 26 Jan 1916, s/o Thomas and Maggie Andrews. Data from funeral record.

LEATHERMAN, Shell, 75, died 2 Feb 1967, Madison, bur. Campbellsburg. b. Trimble Co., s/o Dan and Nannie Sidebottom Leatherman, widowed. Data from funeral record.

LEE, Robert Edward, 88, died 22 May 1964, bur. IOOF Bedford. b. Trimble Co., (1 Jun 1875,) s/o Judge John W. and Sarah Gillis Lee. Survived by dau., Mrs. A. B. Hutcherson, bro., Hurley Lee, sis., Mrs. Dick VanZante. Preceded by wife, ANNA CALVERT LEE.

LEHUE, Ada Ballard, 78, died 5 May 1968, bur. IOOF Bedford. (b. Trimble Co., 26 Apr 1890, s/o John Ballard and America Harmon Lehue.) Survived by widow, PAGE DAUGHERTY LEHUE, 2 dau., Mrs. Harold Bryan and Mrs. J. C. Bray.

LEHUE, Erma Ruth, 68, Bedford, died 19 Nov 1962, bur. IOOF Bedford. (b. Trimble Co. 5 Oct 1894,) d/o J. B. and America Harmon Lehue. Survived by 2 bro., A. B. and Ernest Lehue.

LEHUE, Ernest, 82, Bedford, died 10 Dec 1963, bur. IOOF Bedford. b. Trimble Co. (28 Jun 1881,) s/o John B. and America Harmon Lehue. m. DOLLY WELTY, who died in 1958, m. 2nd to EDITH PHILLIPS, who survives Also survived by 2 dau., Mrs. Guy Wright and Mrs. Harry Wood, 3 sons, J. B., Joe and Lincoln Lehue, 1 bro., Ada Lehue.

LITER, Allie, 75, Canaan, IN, died 6 Jun 1964, bur. IOOF Bedford. b. Trimble Co. (31 Mar 1889, d/o Daniel and Lucy Crafton Adams.) Spent most of her life here. Widow of ESTELL LITER, survived by 2 dau., Mrs. Dorothy Wentworth and Mrs. Opal Coghill, son, Willard Liter. Preceded by 5 bro. and 2 sis.

LITER, Alvin, 83, died 4 Mar 1961, bur. Mahoney burial grounds in Mt. Pleasant Com. b. Trimble Co., (12 Mar 1878) s/o John and Rebecca Bowman Liter. In 1900, m. to DELPHA MAHONEY, wife and 2 children, Myrtle and Alvin Harwood Liter preceded him. Survived by 3 dau., Mrs. Ralph Wentworth, Mrs. Charles Rowlett and Mrs. D. M. McMahan, 7 sons, Virgil, John, Homer D., Clifton, Cleston, Russell and Roy Liter, 2 sis., Mrs. Alice Adams and (Mrs. Shelby Rowlett,) bro., Eugene Liter.

LITER, Clyde J., 80, died 29 Sep 1963, bur. IOOF Bedford. Native of Trimble Co., (b. 31 Aug 1883) s/o William and Mattie Morrison Liter. Survived by bro., Victor Liter, 3 sis., Mrs. Alma Robbins, Mrs. Jennie Rogers and Mrs. Susie Mathews.

LITER, Eugene, ca 87, died 1968, bur. IOOF Bedford. b. 1881. In Cemetery Book. Note: He was s/o John and Rebecca Bowman Liter. A bro. Alvin died Mar 1961.

LITER, Irvin T., 62, Madison, died 24 Oct 1961, bur. IOOF Bedford. b. Trimble Co., (31 Jul 1899,) moved to IN 20 years ago, s/o William and Martha (Morrison) Liter. m. 5 May 1918 to LULA GARRETT, who survives, also 2 sons, William "Trigg" and Darrell Liter, dau., Mrs. Bernice Holwager, 2 bro., Clyde and Victor Liter, 3 sis., Mrs. Chan Robbins, Mrs. Bee Rodgers and Mrs. Susie Matthews.

LITER, Margaret, 54, Bedford, died 8 Aug 1961, bur. IOOF Bedford. b. Henry Co., KY, (20 Mar 1907,) d/o Trigg and Lillie Garrett. Survived by husband, VICTOR LITER, dau., Mrs. Barbara Taylor, 2 sons, Paul D. and Curtis Liter, 3 bro., Henry, Willie and D. R. Garrett, 2 sis. Mrs. L. E. ("Dick") (Alyene) McAlister and Mrs. Irvin (Lula) Liter. Preceded by a sis., Ada and a bro. Roy Garrett.

LONG, Maude, 83, died 16 Oct 1967, bur. IOOF Carrollton. Native of Carroll Co. Survived by dau., Mrs. Agnes Harsin, 3 sons, Ben, Harold and Robert W. Long.

LONG, Vannie, 61, Milton, died 12 May 1966, bur. IOOF Carrollton. b. Carroll Co., (25 Oct 1904, s/o William H. and Gertrude Coghill Long,) has lived in Trimble Co. the past 32 years. Survived by wife, MYRTLE EGERTON LONG, 4 sons, J. C., Howard, Jewell "Skeeter" and Denny Long, a dau. Mrs. Libby Johnson, 2 sis., Mrs. Mabel Kirby and Mrs. Muriel Hahn.

LOUDEN, Addie Mae, (61,) died 2 Oct 1967, Campbellsburg, KY, bur. English Cem. b. Trimble Co., 15 May 1906, d/o Ben and Mattie Hunter, survived by husband, WILLIAM B. LOUDEN, 1 son, William Louden, Jr. 5 dau., 1 bro., Roy Hunter.

LOUDEN, Isaac Nathaniel, 17, died 13 Oct 1968, bur. IOOF Bedford. Native of Henry Co., (b. 11 Nov 1950,) lived in Wise's Landing area for the past 2 years. Survived by parents, Mr. and Mrs. Howard T. Louden, 4 bro., James Russell, David Earl, Larry Lydon and Joseph Allen Louden, 3 sis., Mrs. Wanda Lorrine Moreland, Mrs. Delores Evelyn Roberts and Mrs. Charleen Aldridge, his grandmother, Mrs. Eula Spurr.

LOUDEN, Sarah O'Neal, 60, died 19 Dec 1969, bur. Campbellsburg Cem. Survived by husband, HOWARD LOUDEN, 2 dau., Scottie McCarty and Irene Minor, 2 bro., John and Norman O'Neal, mother, Mrs. Scottie O'Neal.

LOWE, Velma Mahoney, 48, N.Y., died 8 Sep 1963 or 7 Aug 1963, bur. Mahoney Cem. Survived by husband, RUSSELL LOWE, her mother, Mrs. Dennis Mahoney, 3 bro., Lloyd, Duane and (Cecil,) sis., Mrs. Bradford (Georgia Mae) Wingham, Mrs. Forman Hamilton, Mrs. Russell Morgan, Mrs Louise Murphy and Mrs. Harry Butts.

LYNCH, Oscar Thomas, 78, died 7 May 1966, (bur. IOOF Bedford.) b. Trimble Co., 23 Jul 1887, lifelong resident of Trimble Co. (s/o Joseph J. and Eliza Barnes Lynch) in the Mt. Pleasant Com. m. 1915 to LORAH JOYCE, who survives with dau., Mrs. Viola Ward and a bro. Oather Lynchildren

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