Cottrell Family - Early Beginnings

Henry Hoofer (b 1746,Amsterdam).In 1753 while living in New York,he was captured by the Indians and kept for 3 years.He was then sold to a frenchman named Cottrell who adopted him.In 1891 he married a frenchwoman in Detroit and had 9 children .

George Cottrell,one of his sons (b ?) also had a son George.He was Captain of the schooner Harrison.He married Summit Ward,daughter of the Honorable Zael Ward.They had 5 children.

Frances Cottrell (b 4/30/1830) (brother of George) married Melinda Meldrum.They had 2 boys,Paul and Frances and 4 girls.

Frances Cottrell married Mary Zoe Rattell (both lived in Mt.Clemens).Mary was born in 1868.They had 7 children,Elizabeth,Zoie,Esther,Barbara(my grandmother)Walter,Alfred and Arthur.

Barbara (b 1907) married Leonard Smith and had one daughter Cheryl. Barbara and Leonard lived in Mount Clemens until Leonards death.

Mary Zoe Rattell's family (wife of Frances Cottrell) - Paul Rattell married Pauline Socia,they had 9 children. Paul Rattell,(b 1844) married Zoie Marsack (b 1848).They had 15 children

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