Brown - Macomb County, Michigan

Brown Family Information

JESSE BROWN 1767 VT, MA, ONT, PA m Peaceable - Ch: Henry 1788 m Charity Bresee, David H. Brown 1794 m Lucinda Bachelor, Thompson 1796 m Patience Chapin, Rebecca 1799 m Jonathan Fulford, Hiram J. 1804 m Sally, Calvin Jesse 1808 m Mary Bishop. (David H., Hiram J., Calvin J. moved to Macomb Co. MI.)

DAVID H. BROWN b 1794 MA s/o Jesse Brown & Peaceable m LUCINDA BACHELOR b 1798 VT d/o John Bachelor & Sarah Bullard - lived Bastard Leeds, Ontario moved to Shelby, Macomb MI. - Ch: Minerva 1818 m William B. Smith, Experience Almeda 1820 m German Ellsworth, Peaceable 1822 m 1)Milo King 2) Daniel Ellsworth, Jonathan David 1824 m Elinor Ann Stocking, Edward Rose 1826 m Sarah C Worden, Lucy Ann 1829 m R. Lyman Russell, Norman H. 1832 m Emily J. Ross. David H. Brown m 2) Elizabeth Smith - Nancy E. 1835 m Israel Mott, Prudence M 1837 m Henry B. Fulford.

Minerva Brown 1818 m William B Smith - Ch: Elizabeth J 1840, Edward Henry 1841, Nelson Newton 1843, Mary E. 1856.

Experience Almeda Brown b 1820 m German Ellsworth - Ch: Elizabeth 1839, Ephraim Edgar 1841, Eveline 1842, Esther 1844, Minerva 1846, Israel 1848, German 1849.

Peaceable Brown b 1822 m 1)Milo King 2)Daniel Ellsworth - Ch: William Oliver 1843, Lydia Marie 1844 m John Lathrop, William 1846, David 1851 m Emma Mott, Ann, Daniel Edward 1853, m Ella LaVine Bruce, Ida Caroline 1859, Amy Elizabeth, Sherman, Frederaick

Jonathan David Brown 1824 m Elinor Ann Stocking - Ch: Lewis J. 1851. Elinor m 2) Leander Dimick- Ch Alvin Stocking, Anna.

Edward Rose Brown 1826 m Sarah C. Worden - Ch: Albert S. 1854, Edward N 1856, Kendrick T. 1859, Herbert 1864, Charles 1867, Winnie M 1873, Norman H 1877, Ella, Uzell E. 1856 m Kate E., Holley N 1878.

Lucy Ann Brown 1829 m Robert Lyman Russell - Ch: Bryant 1851, Gertrude E. 1851 m Willard R. Olds.

Nancy E. Brown 1835 m Israel Mott - Ch: Elizabeth 1856, Byron H. 1858

Prudence M. Brown 1837 m Henry B Fulford s/o Jonathan Fulford and Rebecca Brown (d/o Jesse & Peaceable) - Ch: Edward B., Edna E. 1867, Lucy L. 1869

Hiram J. Brown 1804 b LC m Sally - Ch: Ann 1828, Elijah 1830, Eleazor or Edgar 1832, Albert 1836, Esther 1838, Moroni 1840, Emma 1842, Wm 1845

Calvin J. Brown 1808 b Ont m Mary Bishop - Ch: Abigail 1833 m William I. Cross, Sarah 1835, William Henry 1839 m Merica Wilson, Peaceable Jane 1841 m Willian Rainey, Rachel A. 1842 m James McRell, Harry H. 1845 m Rachel L Hitchcock, Richard Hutson 1847 m Almira Grove, Emily Caroline 1849. .

This tree has been made possible through the research of Colleen E. Johnson, who passed away in 2002. Please enjoy this research in her memory. If you would like to make contact with a member of this family, you can contact Kay Hunter at this email -

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