Miscellaneous information on the Bentleys, Brinkerhoffes, Bennetts and related families in Macomb County

John Brinkerhoffe married Rebecca Lott and they had three children. Brinkerhoff, Brinkerhoffe, Brinckerhoff and Brinckerhoffe are the most common variations found for the spelling of this family's name.

Their daughter Marschertan (Marguritte) was born 11 Aug. 1792 in Flushing, N.Y.

She married Isaac Bennett who was 2 years younger than she, they had 4 children, John, Eliza, Sarah and Isaac, Jr. Marschertan (spelled at least 5 different ways in family notes) died 20 May 1878 at No. 67 Grand River Street, Detroit, Michigan. Isaac was killed by a falling tree in 1828.

Eliza was born in 1821 in Jamaica, N.Y. and in 1837 married Allen Peter Bentley (son of Preston D. Bentley and Sophia James) in Rochester, N.Y. they had 6 children, Emulus, Farina, Tunis, Zellah, Sylvia and Allenette. Emulus was born in Detroit (or perhaps Mt. Clemens) in 1842. Farina was born in Mount Clemens, Macomb County, Mich. 2 Mar., 1844. and was married in 1859 in Bloomfield, Iowa to John Henry Lucas.

One obscure note indicates that Allen Peter Bentley and/or his parents moved to Detroit in 1840. Apparently Allen moved from Detroit to Mt. Clemens between Oct. 1842 and Mar. 1844.

The photograph of Allen Peter Bentley and two other men in front of a Post Office may be in Mt. Clemens. The post office seems to be on the south side of the street judging by the streak of light across the boardwalk and the road.

Allen Peter Bentley:
Received elementary education attending winter schools. His father's occupation as a farmer was distasteful to him and with his mother's consent he left home (1830) when 14 yrs. of age and found emplyment as "printers ________ at______________NY. Here he lived at employer's home and had access to big private library of good books. He studied and also learned the printer's trade.

1837 When 21 yrs. he took position in printing office Rochester Ny. He married Eliza Ann Bennett 8/13/1837. During 1840 he and his wife accompanied her Father's family by train and wagon to Detroit, Mich and obtained position in office "Detroit Free Press".

1842 Emillius Allen born to them 10/22/1842.
1843 From Detroit removed to Mt. Clemons, Macomb Co., Mich where they lived 10 years.
1844 Farina Maria B. 3/2/1844 Mt. Clemens
1846 James b. 3/14/1846 "
1846 James died 3/24/1846 "
1847 "Trina" b.3/13/1847 "
1848 Dora b. 5/9/1848 "
1851 Mary Eliza b. 8/27/1851 "
Helen Bartlett (daughter probably of Pliny Baartlett and Lucy Morgan)
was adopted about this period (the and probably about 1947 or 8. She was about 9 years old. (Her brother John Pliny married her cousin, E. Chapin who was Farina's chum. Helen did not marry until after Farina left home in 1960.)

1851 Allen's father Preston D. Bentley died 4/8/1851 at Mt. Clemens, Mich
1851 Allen's brother Miller moved to Mt. Clemens and settled on a farm.
1853 From Mt. Clemens mich ApB moved family to Macomb, Mich, a nearby town where he operated a country_______ store, was Postmaster and proprieter of the village blacksmith shop.

1854 Sylvia Louise b. 4/30/1854 Macomb. From Macomb they moved to Council Bluffs, Iowa where Apb went to take charge of the county newspaper. They travelled by land to head waters of the Wabash River--took boat down Wabash to Ohio River and sown Ohio to Mississippt to Missouri R.. Up Missouri to Council Bluffs. They stayed but 10 mo. here and moved across state of Iowa to Bloomfield, David Co where he edited the county newspaper, "The Clarion".

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