Bachelor - Macomb County, Michigan

Bachelor Family Information

John BACHELOR (Nehemiah, David, John, Joseph of Canterbury, Eng) b 1757 CT m Sarah BULLARD - Lvd Ct, Vt, Ont. Children (many moved to Macomb Co. early from Bastard, Leeds Ont) Susan 1780 m Nathan Wakley,Joseph 1782, Jonathan 1785, Asa B. 1787 m Mary Rosetta Vaudre, Experience 1792 m Walker, Simeon 1795, Alfred 1797 m Lodema Messenger, Lucinda 1798 m David H. Brown, Sylvenus 1802, Charles 1807 m Diana Huntley, Elijah 1808 m Eunice Wales.

Asa Bachelor b 1787 Pittsford, Vt m Mary Rosetta Vaudre - lived Utica Ch: Amanda 1825 m Caleb Leonard Saddler, Phebe R 1828 m Thomas Brabb, William 1834 and poss Eliza Jane m Ira Kellam

Amanda M Bachelor b 1825 m Caleb Leonard Saddler - lvd Attica -Ch: Clarissa 1847, Lena 1850, Erwin 1852, Emma 1854, Dorothy 1857, Melvin 1859

Charles Bachelor b 1807 Bastard, Leeds, Ont m Diana Huntley - lvd Dryden & Attica - Ch: Charles Duran 1828, m Nancy L. West, John Myron 1831 m Sally Jane Adams, Mary W. 1833 m Almon W. West, Elijah J. 1836 m Amelia Russ, Alfred 1839 m Margaret Britton, Martha Malvina 1841 m George E. Bevers, Byron Smith 1844 m Nancy Huddleston, Eugene Anthony 1846 m Anne Huddleston, Elizabeth 1852.

Martha Malvina Bachelor 1841 m George E. Bevers - Ch: Nancy May 1867, Diana 1868, Adilla 1870, James Marion 1872.

Charles Duran Bachelor 1828 m Nancy L. West - Ch: Benjamin Franklin 1849, Celestia 1850.

Elijah Bachelor 1808 Ont m Eunice Wales d/o Solomon Wales - lvd Sterling. Ch: June 1832 m Perry Wooton, Franklin 1839, Urenia 1841, Morton 1843, Wright 1845, Elvin 1847, Albert 1849.

This tree has been made possible through the research of Colleen E. Johnson. I regret that she changed email addresses & we were not informed so I am unable to give you contact information.

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