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Photo 26 - Lancaster Family 1908 Antrim Co., MI
Contributed by Kathleen Halloran of Traverse City. Please see her note after the photo

Flora and the Lancasters was taken in Central Lake in about 1908. The porch of this house has since been enclosed, but we think it is the home on the corner and across the street just behind Mortensen's Funeral Home (I think that would be Brooks and Herrick?). My second cousin, Kathy YoungeDyke Youmans lives down another block (or two) from that house.

From L-R are Tula Lancaster's husband (don't know name), Tula Lancaster seated with young child at her knee, Arthur Lincoln, my great-grandmother Flora Lancaster Knight Lincoln, Bethel V Knight (YoungeDyke). On the porch L-R is another daughter of Tula Lancaster, my grandmother Ruth V Knight (Halloran), Flora's brother Roy Lancaster and his wife Nora Belle Randall (Lancaster), my great-great-grandparents Amelia E Ross Lancaster (holding Roy's daughter Ruby Lancaster) and Thomas Lancaster with Roy's son Leland Lancaster. Sitting in front are Mabelle Knight (Moore) and Roy's son Lyle Lancaster.

Thank you to Kathleen Halloran for contributing these photos of her family.
She found this photo with her father's (John Wesley Halloran) things after he died in 2006.
I am sorry but we no longer have an email address for her.p>

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