Antrim County Michigan photographs 1939 Alba School

Photo 10 ... The Blakely Family, Antrim County Michigan

Not sure what year this picture was made, Mother was born in 1895, Uncle Dan, first young boy in picture born May 1898, he must be 4 or 5 so this would be early 1900's.

Young boy Dan Blakely
G. Grandfather - Daniel Blakely
G. Grandmother - Mary (Martin) Blakely
Mother - Ruby Blakely
Aunt - Mary Eliza Blakely - died aged 16
Grandmother - Melissa Jane (Jennie) Foote Blakely
Grandfather - Dan D. Blakely

Notice Flag: How many stars??

Ms. Perkins writes: "This was where my grandparents lived and my Mother was raised, next door to the general store run, in my time, by people named Kaufman, I remember the post office was in the store too. The model T car was my Dad's, think about driving that thing from Petoskey!! Boggles my mind!"

This was the home of my grandfather, Dan Blakely, which is now torm down and has been replaced with another building.

Lois and Nellie - Lois my 1st cousin, daughter of Vernon Blakely Nellie was Uncle Vernon's first wife.
Grandma Blakely was Melissa Jane Foote Blakely, wife of Dan Blakely.
Winnie was my sister, Winifred Blakely Houts, first born of George and Ruby (Blakely) Houts. She married George Joseph Jablinski
Dad was George Ellsworth Houts
and me, Georgia Ellen Houts, I married James F. Perkins

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