I read the story on picture of the Lumberjacks and did some thinking about where the "Jacks" may have camped in the lumber camp talked about. As I said, I have walked some of the old grade while hunting. The old grade, as much as I know ran on a line that I have marked in red on the map. The old logging camps were named for the section that they were located in. I know that there was a sawmill in Chestonia, I skidded logs for them for a while during the summer, when I was still a Teenager. I don't know how long the old sawmill might have been there, or if it was a big enough operation to have a logging train. But I do know that the rails seemed to run that was, my son lives near Chestonis, and he said that there is an old railroad grade going behind his place, for what it might be worth.

Photo and text courtesy of John S Tipton Sr.
Visit his homepage (http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Lake/1465) for more wonderful history and photos of Antrim County Michigan. Thanks Sherm!

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